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The Romcom Gods Have Heard Our Prayers: LJ & Peter Are Giving Us A Sneak Peek Into TATB 3!

The Romcom Gods Have Heard Our Prayers: LJ & Peter Are Giving Us A Sneak Peek Into TATB 3!

Ever since the lockdown was announced, all I’ve been wanting to do is curl up with my laptop and watch sweet teen romcoms. Maybe it’s all the anxiety about coronavirus and uncertainty about the future, but romcoms have a way of making us feel calm and safe. It’s probably because we know from the get-go that the movie is going to have a happy ending, and we all could use a little bit of those in our turbulent times right now.

If you’re a romcom fan like me, then To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is your bible (if the bible came in a movie form). But sadly, turns out there IS such a thing called ‘too much of a good thing’ (who knew?), and after watching the movie five times in the past three months, I was left yearning for some new LJ and Peter content.

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And it looks like the romcom gods have heard my prayers because actors Lana Condor and Noah Centineo announced yesterday that they were going to do a live table read of scenes from all three movies. Yes, that includes their upcoming movie, To All the Boys: Always and Forever, Lara Jean. And the best part? They’re doing it for a good cause!

The event, which will include a round of Q&A at the end, is being held to raise awareness about the fight against racial injustice. Inspired by the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality in the United States,  this virtual event is being held by Favored Nations, a philanthropic organisation Centineo launched with a friend earlier this year. The organisation was established to provide information and resources to Generation Z about important causes, such as the environment, mental health, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Noah and Lana are all set to announce details about this event on June 22. We think it’s a wonderful way for fans to learn about important causes as well as get some fun insight into their favourite characters. So if you’re a TATB fan, we’d suggest you set an alarm for June 22, because you don’t wanna miss this announcement.

And if you’re wondering about when the actual third movie will hit your Netflix screens, we’d say patience is a virtue. All we know for now is that the movie has already wrapped up production, but no premiere date has been announced as yet. But don’t worry, if you want someone bad enough, you’re bound to get it sooner or later. After all, the romcom gods are listening!

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17 Jun 2020

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