12 Things That Would Happen If Peter Kavinsky Was 'The Boy I Loved'

12 Things That Would Happen If Peter Kavinsky Was 'The Boy I Loved'

To All The Boys I've Loved Before made its debut on Netflix and became a huge sensation overnight. It is obvious that it lead to every girl in the world collectively fantasising about dating Peter Kavinsky aka Noah Centineo, the lead of this adorable movie. The protagonist, Lara Jean writes letters to the boys she's had a crush on, and Peter somehow ends up being her fake boyfriend in the process. If you haven't had a chance to watch the movie yet, you can catch a glimpse of him in the trailer. 

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I'm single and have always wondered what a perfect boyfriend would be like. Incoming, Peter Kavinsky, with his 100 watts smile and pickup lines, stealing my heart and kicking every real-life boy out of the race. Here is a list of why he would be the best boyfriend ever. 

1. We'd master the art of whoa whoa whoa together. Because I'd never get enough of how adorable he looks when he says it. And learning it from him would be a great reason for him to repeat it again and again. 


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2. He won't be afraid to apologize and explain himself. Peter comes without the baggage of the male ego, and will never let misunderstandings come between us. He will always go out of his way to make sure I know the truth. Just like he did when Lara Jean found out about him going to his ex's room late at night. 

3. He'd post cute AF pictures of us together! Noah's Instagram is every girlfriend's dream, with those adorable captions and heartwarming pictures. Social media PDA at its best, he'll always be proud to show me off. 


She melts my heart

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4. He'll keep my letter in his front pocket and his hand in the back of mine. Did you know that this was an improvised scene? Noah just casually put his hand in her back pocket and the director loved it. Basically, he's the perfect flirt and there will never be a dull moment around him. Have I mentioned how much I love PDA? 

5. We'd cuddle for days in and out between shots. Just like in this picture that a crew member took while the actors were taking a nap. Since I'm approximately the same height as Lara Jean, his arms will forever embrace me into tight hugs. 

6. He'll never hide his feelings. This is a boy who is clearly not afraid to speak his mind, from calling out bullies to telling Lara Jean how he feels about her. Once he knows what he wants (me), he'll never play games. 

7. Peter's infectious energy and gorgeous smile will always make my day. Dating someone who is so freaking good looking is just an added bonus, especially when he's so happy and positive all the time. 


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8. His charming pick-up lines will make my heart swoon. Peter always has a bunch of pick-up lines at disposal and will casually drop them around when we're together, making me blush and fall harder for him. 

9. He'll look at me and I'd drown in those deep deep eyes. I don't think I'd get much talking done around him, because I'd constantly be distracted by his expression, his eyes and don't even get me started about that hair...


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10. He'd basically be the best fake boyfriend ever. He'll never take advantage of you unless you want him to and will go out of his way to make sure you are comfortable with the situation. Though why anyone would ever want to be his 'fake' girlfriend is confusing to me. 

11. I'll never be second best. Peter made his fake girlfriend feel so special, can you imagine being a real one? He'll always put me above everyone else and make sure I feel secure in the relationship. 


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12. He'll always push me out of my comfort zone. Even if I'm shy or having second thoughts about a certain decision of mine, he will always have faith in me. Peter, my darling, will have my back even when I don't think I deserve the support. 

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