Move Over Peter Kavinsky, 7 Reasons John Ambrose Is The Boy I Am In Love With!

Move Over Peter Kavinsky, 7 Reasons John Ambrose Is The Boy I Am In Love With!

This is not a drill--the much-awaited sequel to To All The Boys I've Loved Before is finally out! Yes, last night the Netflix Gods blessed us by releasing To All the Boys I've Loved Before: P.S. I Still Love You and obviously we got the popcorn ready, got all the girls together and swooned over the teenagers falling in and out of love.

In this film, we're introduced to a new guy in Lara Jean Covey's life--John Ambrose McClaren and he's as dreamy as they come. Remember, Lara Jean wrote five love letters? One of them was for John Ambrose from Model United Nations and turns out that back in the sixth grade he liked her too, but it was a love story that never took off.  

Disclaimer: Beware of Spoilers 


Looking at the heatthrob John Ambrose, I'm convinced that he's my forever love and here are 7 reasons why he's the new boy I love

Yeah yeah, Peter Kavinsky is still just as hot and his smile still makes me weak in the knees but guys, John Ambrose is giving our homeboy tough competition. 

He writes the most heartwarming love letters and who will not swoon when they read those?


As soon as he gets Lara Jean's letter, he writes her back talking about the times they spent together in middle school. Flashback: They were just 11 years old but the connection they felt for each other was real. Back to the present: He compliments her not only on her beauty but appreciates the fact that she is capable of complex thoughts and emotions even at that tender age. 

His smile. His hair. He's so gorgeous that I actually got butterflies when he first came on screen.


The first time we meet John Ambrose, fate brings them together as they both volunteer at Belleview, which is an elderly people shelter home. Looking at him, our leading lady gets so shocked that she slips and falls. He greets her with a warm, toe-curling smile and all it makes me want to do is snuggle up with him. His curly hair makes me wonder what it would be like to run my hands through it, oh God, how I wish. But I'm getting ahead of myself, aren't I?

Even at 11 he knew how to be punny on Halloween. We love a boy with a good sense of humour!


Flashback again: At the age of 11, both Lara Jean and John Ambrose realised that they were lame in a cool way and that's because both of them wore a kinda dorky costume on Halloween when the other kids in their school had already stopped dressing up. Our curly-haired cutie dressed up as a devilled egg where he wore the costume of a boiled egg along with devil horns and everything. OMG, this boy just does everything right!

He's a Potterhead, need I say more!?


Harry Potter has been my true love since I got to know he existed and even now it is high up on my list of tick marks for boys and John really is! Lara Jean and he would sneak away to their beloved treehouse and read Harry Potter novels till it got dark and that's the dream bachpan ka pyaar I always wanted. Muggles just won't understand, right!?

He's so mature and can even take a jealous below the belt comment in his stride


They are all cooped up in the treehouse Peter Kavinsky makes a comment about the stutter John used to have while he was growing up. Trust me, Peter's remark would bring out toxic masculinity in any other man I know, but not JA (I gave John Ambrose a cute li'l nickname). He takes it in his stride and thanks Peter for noticing. He also says that his speech therapist would really appreciate it.

The music he plays on the piano stir something deep within my soul


He can play the piano too! What can this guy not do? He plays such a beautiful melody as he sits alone in the basement of Belleview and just as Lara Jean walks in he continues to let us enjoy his musical abilities. That tune is still playing on repeat in my head.

He looks drop-dead-kiss-me-right-now-handsome in a tuxedo


That look in the white tuxedo sealed the deal for me and his goofy antics in the snow, making a snow fairy without a care in the world convinced me that he is the man I'm head over heels in love with. Not gonna lie, that kiss was as magical as it gets.

TBH, I'm just glad how it ends cause that means there's still hope for me! Have you guys watched the film? Are you Team Peter or Team John Ambrose, tell us!

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