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28 Fun Dares For Friends to Play True or Dare To Enjoy The Time!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Aug 22, 2016
Dare for Friends

There are two types of people – one, who swear by the truth and the other, who are always up for an adventure. Yes, we’re talking about people who enjoy the thrill of taking on dares and acing them like bosses in the dare games. For your epic next night out with your friends or partner, make sure that you give these super fun dares for friends (dare challenges for friends) a shot. Here you go!

Dares for Friends for Truth or Dare Game

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Embarrassing Dares For Friends  
Easy Dares For Truth or Dare  
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Whether it is a house party or any normal get together, being with friends is always fun. You can play funny dare games, prank and do all sorts of fun with friends and one common game that we all surely love is to play dare games like truth or dare and dare is the favourite part for all the people who are giving it. So, if you are going to play this amazing game on your next get together, then given below are some of the best dares for friends that you can make them do. We have a list of some really good dares for truth and dare game which you must be looking for: Funny dares, Embarrassing dares, Romantic dares, Tough or Easy dares! So let the game of dare challenges for friends begin… have a look! 

Funmy Dares For Friends

Want to add that fun factor to the game? Here are some funny dares to give your friends that you all can enjoy with them.

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Down a glass of milk in 15 seconds!
Or whichever is your favourite poison… 😉

Call your crush up and ask him out.
Trust us, he’s been waiting for this day for a long time now. 😀

funny dare ideas

Give yourself a haircut!
OR, give your bestie one!

Try applying makeup without looking into the mirror.
Don’t forget to click a selfie soon after.

dares for friends

Take a shower or dip in the tub full of cold water with your clothes on!
And you thought that the ice bucket challenge was tough, eh? 😀

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Poke some random dude on Facebook.
That awkward moment when he pokes back… *cringe*

dare challenges for friends

Try eating a snack without using your hands.
The messier, the better! Cheesy fries anyone?

Ring your neighbour’s doorbell and randomly ask for a cup of sugar in full Bollywood style.
And if that doesn’t work out, just dance your way back home. #Swag

Embarrassing Dares For Bestie

Who does not like making fun of their friends? Well, it a friend’s job to embarrass their friend but only in a fun way. So, here are some embarrassing dares for friends that you can give.

Belly dance, twerk or do the moonwalk in front of everyone.
Shake it like Shakira, Miley and MJ, baby!

dare to friends

Hand over your phone to one of your besties, and let them send one text to anyone in your contact list.
This is going to be so much fun! *evil grin*

Quote or enact your favourite Bollywood celebrity!
And record a video of it! Come on, you’re a natural!

Take another player on a piggyback ride!
For at least a minute – no falling!

Try putting your entire fist in your mouth!
Oh, wait! And you can’t just give up within 5 seconds!

Share an old picture from your FB album on your current timeline!
Once your friends see it, they can NEVER unsee it.

dares for truth or dare

Easy Dares Challenges For Friends

There are some friends who actually select dare from the choice of truth and dare, but later on, denies to accept it. So, for them here are some easy dares for truth and dare that you can give.

Recite the alphabets successfully in descending order.
Z, Y, X, W, V, U…what the?!

dares for friends - Alphabets

Until your next turn, do a finger mustache.
Or a duck face!

Say two honest things about every player in the group.
The good, the bad AND the ugly!

Exchange clothes with your bestie for the next 3 rounds.
Just for kicks. 😉

dare challenges for friends - exchange clothes

Romantic Dares to Friends

Playing truth and dare with friends is surely fun, but when there is a couple in the team, adding some romantic dares for friends can be even more fun. So, for the secret crushes and couples in the room, here are some amazing romantic dares to give your boyfriend or crush.

Dares For Girls in Truth & Dare 

Sit on someone’s lap for 10 minutes or more.
Imagine it is your crush *blushes*

Call a guy of your group and tell him that he is the most handsome guy you have ever seen
Maybe it comes as a match

funny dares for friends- Call a guy

Kiss a guy you feel most comfortable with
She will surely kiss the one whom she has a crush on 😉

Blindfold them and make them kiss any 3 objects
It can be a great way of proposal

Hug a person in the room
This will be a really sweet gesture

Dares For Boys in Truth & dare

Hug your pillow like it’s your crush
Girls will surely go Awww

Call your crush’s mom and tell her that you love her daughter
Be daring and express your love

Walk out and say “I love you” to the first person you see
It can be a match in the near future

In the most romantic way to propose a girl sitting next to you in the room
It will be really fun to watch

Sing a romantic song
This will surely be fun

So, these were some of the best dares for friends that you can give and have a good dose of a laugh watching them do the dare.

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