All The Erotic Books To Read Before You Get Ready For Your *Suhaagraat*!

Arya KhannaArya Khanna  |  Dec 17, 2017
All The Erotic Books To Read Before You Get Ready For Your *Suhaagraat*!

Whenever the word ‘erotic’ has been used, it has always been identified with something that is filthy and pornographic, which is so not true! Erotic novels are not only about BDSM, billionaires and their brunettes but also entail some great writing and an intriguing plot. And a great love story along with a bit of sexiness is the thing you need to start your wedding night with. Reading an erotic novel would not only help you know what turns you on but would also open you up to explore an answer to your inner sexual desires. Are you ready for the guilt trip? Let’s go!

1. The Siren


The story is about Nora Sutherlin who is famous for her amazingly sensuous erotic novels. This one is no different and is all about entering a world in which passion is pain and is surely going to keep you hooked and turned on! Perfect one to begin the suhaagraat with!

Price: ₹ 794. Buy it here.

2. Seven Years To Sin


This list of erotic novels to read before your wedding night is incomplete without this one. Sylvia Day is known for her erotic-romance novels and this book of hers is one of her best. This novel is all about how a widow meets the man she has always loved and how after a long spell of being starved of passion, pleasure and love, she gets to experience all in her life!

Price: ₹ 380 Buy it. Buy it here.

3. Beyond Shame


Beyond Shame is the story of intense passion and sexual attraction. It is all about lust, sex and violence. The hot journey to the self-discovery between the couple in the novel forms the crux of the story. Great read, in our opinion and clearly one of the best erotic novels available out there!

Price: ₹ 1,919. Buy it here.

4. Lady Chatterley’s Lover


This novel caused a lot of stir when it came out but is a classic when it comes to the genre of erotic novels. The story about Lady Chatterley’s adultery and her explicit sexual explorations makes this novel a great read! Read this and your wedding night is all set to be sexy AF!

Price: ₹ 640. Buy it here.

5. This Man


Another name that we just can’t skip from a list of super erotic novels. Welcome to the sensual world of This Man in which young Ava O’Shea cannot control her overwhelming desire for Jesse Ward, a suave, confident and pleasure seeking playboy who seeks her. The highly arousing tale of these two individuals is worth the read. Erotica at its best!

Price: ₹ 627. Buy it here.

6. The Reader


This novel by Bernhard Schlink has also been converted into an award winning movie starring Kate Winslet. It is a story of love and secrets with its dose of compassion and horror. This story about a young boy who finds his erotic awakening will keep you hooked till the last page. Never read something as thrilling yet as erotic as this…

Price: ₹ 255. Buy it here.

7. Reflected In You


The story about Gideon and Eva meeting and getting attracted to each other forms the story of this novel. Their relationship is passionate, wild, intense and confrontational… Everything that you would want a erotic novel to be!

Price: ₹ 399. Buy it here.

8. Possession Is Nine-Tenths Of Desire


The first part of the trilogy, this novel revolves around the story of Eleanor and Josh, the sexual tension between them and the evil force that wants to separate them. Their sensuality and struggle to be together in a world which is full of deceit and power, will not only give you a new perspective on romance but would also turn you on!

Price: ₹ 1,051. Buy it here.

9. Fifty Shades Of Grey


An erotic novel, the first in its Trilogy, this novel has raised the barrier and left an impact in the genre of erotic novels. It is about the life of a simple girl whose life changes upside down when she falls in love with a rich person. Known for its daring, erotic and bold descriptions, this novels depicts human bondage, submission and dominance.

Price: ₹ 299. Buy it here.

Just read these erotic novels, put some sexy lingerie on, light up the candles and you’re all set for that perfectly sexy wedding night!