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We Found *Sexy* Lingerie For Your Wedding Night… And It’s Not All Red!

Manvi Malhotra

Senior Wedding Writer

Best wedding lehenga? Check! Best shoes? Check! Best make-up artist? Check! Wedding night lingerie? Uh-uh, still not bought that, have you? Let’s just say that if there is one thing that is very underrated when it comes to a bridal trousseau, it is the LINGERIE! Yep, you heard us right! You can have the best of everything, but it’s your wedding night lingerie that makes all the difference...*wink*. If you do not have the right lingerie for your wedding night, then you can very well kiss your dream of having the best wedding night sex goodbye! But, if you don’t want that situation to arise (Oh God, no!), then you must check out these smokin’ hot bras and lingerie sets that will not let your hubby take his eyes and hands off you!

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Lingerie that says ‘come to me’

If you have an undying love for black, then this racy lacy lingerie set is perfect for you. It will not only make you look great, but also make sure that dressing up for the night doesn’t go waste *wink*

1 wedding night lingerie black lace lingerie set

Coy yet sexy much?

So, you’re the subtle and coy bride, but still want something stunning for THE night, eh? Well then, this is the ideal bra for you. It has a very soothing and alluring colour, but with just the right amount of lace to make it look  oh-so sexy!


2 wedding night lingerie pink and beige lace bra

Too hot to handle, is it?!

Watch his jaw drop the moment he sees you in this super sexy embroidered lingerie set. No kidding, it will surely have that effect on him. Also, the lacy peek-a-boo underwear is just too hot to handle, don’t you think?

3 wedding night lingerie navy blue lingerie set

Why so hot? Oh no, it’s just the lingerie!

If your definition of sexy is minimal, even when it comes to lingerie then well, look no further. This elegant white lingerie set with some super hot lace detailing is a great option for the wedding night. Just wait till you see the back of this set, it’ll make you blush too! *wink*

4 wedding night lingerie white lace lingerie set

Coz you’re sexy and you know it? Well then, show it!

Now, now! Wine is timeless, both the liquor and the colour. If you are the classy bride, who doesn’t want to compromise on her grace, even when it comes to lingerie, then this beautiful wine-coloured lacy lingerie set is especially made for you!

Little Lacy

5 wedding night lingerie wine lingerie set

Leave him craving for more...

If there is one colour other than black, which not just suits every woman but also makes her look extremely sexy, it is maroon. Put together this deadly colour with a lacy bra and you are ready to stun!


6 wedding night lingerie maroon lacy bra


What comes to your mind when you see this embellished baby pink bra? Naughty thoughts and some more… naughty thoughts. Do we need to say anything more?!


7 wedding night lingerie pink lacy net bra

Good enough for a night of passionate lovemaking

What is better than a lacy bra for your wedding night? A lacy lingerie set! Give him some wild thoughts (and moves) with this captivating one right here. It is just what you need to set your tease-o-metre and his heart soaring!

8 wedding night lingerie maroon lingerie set

Red lingerie means hardcore business!

There is nothing hotter than a woman dressed in bright red lingerie. Want a naughty night of love and passion…then this is hands down your best bet. You MUST get it right away!

Secret Curves

9 wedding night lingerie red lingerie set

So have you picked your favourite, yet?

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Published on Sep 11, 2017
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