9 Gorgeous Wedding Night Lingerie Worth Spending On | POPxo

We Found *Sexy* Lingerie For Your Wedding Night… And It’s Not All Red!

Best wedding lehenga? Check! Best shoes? Check! Best make-up artist? Check! Wedding night lingerie? Uh-uh, still not bought that, have you? Let’s just say that if there is one thing that is very underrated when it comes to a bridal trousseau, it is the LINGERIE! Yep, you heard us right! You can have the best of everything, but it’s your wedding night lingerie that makes all the difference...*wink*. If you do not have the right lingerie for your wedding night, then you can very well kiss your dream of having the best wedding night sex goodbye! But, if you don’t want that situation to arise (Oh God, no!), then you must check out these smokin’ hot bras and lingerie sets that will not let your hubby take his eyes and hands off you!

So have you picked your favourite, yet?

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Published on Sep 11, 2017
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