It’s Absolutely Fine To Date Someone You Wouldn’t Marry

Divya DhillonDivya Dhillon  |  Jan 25, 2018
It’s Absolutely Fine To Date Someone You Wouldn’t Marry


If you ever tell someone that you’re dating a guy you aren’t going to marry, be ready to hear a very judgemental “What are you doing with your life?” Our society takes more interest in our relationships and looks down upon any couple who don’t, eventually, plan to have a future together. Even our friends frown upon the fact that we are with a person who we don’t see ourselves ‘settled’ with!

But, would you ever drop a plan to Goa because you don’t intend to move there? Or, would you stop yourself from buying a really pretty dress because you will not wear it forever? Well, we’re not saying people are things but if you like the guy and you’re having fun with him, then you don’t need anymore reasons to be with him.

If you don’t dive in and touch the corals, the sea remains unexplored, and you will never know what you are missing. According to us, there are some very rational reasons to date someone you wouldn’t marry and we’re sharing a few here.

1. Because living in present is important

None of us have seen tomorrow, so why spoil what we have right now? Going with the flow and being with someone you like will definitely bring you more joy than obsessing over ticking off marriage on your checklist.

2. For the life experience

Jaise har ek friend zaroori hota hai, vaise hi har ek boyfriend zaroori hota hai. Bad or good, every experience will take you one step closer to knowing yourself better. Plus, ever heard the ‘date a few boys, have a little harmless fun’ policy?

2 not marry your boyfriend

3. Breaking up is not hard

No strings attached! As simple as that.

4. Duhh! Sex!

You don’t have to save your ‘flower’ for a special someone because that’s what is expected out of you. The choice is yours and if you decide to bring yourself and your boyfriend the pleasure of sex, then by all means, don’t hold back. You might learn some good moves to try with the life partner you will eventually choose!

4 not marry your boyfriend

5. Exes, sometimes, make great friends

Being open and clear in a relationship actually saves a lot of drama. And here, you have a high probability of staying good friends even after parting ways.

6. Because you will know when it is meant to be

Sometimes, you need to kiss a few frogs before the right one turns into your Prince Charming. You will not recognise him until you know which qualities truly matter to you, and that will only happen once you’ve dated some wrong ones!

6 not marry your boyfriend

7. What if you don’t wanna get married at all?

It is your life and you should take the direction that’s right for you. If you’re not ready for a long-term commitment but still want to date, let your partner know and live your life on your terms.

In the end, the only thing we’d like to say is that you’re free to do whatever you want, just don’t give the guy any false hopes! Just be clear about your intentions from the start.

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