Dear Boyfriend, 10 Things You Do That Make Me Wanna Marry You!

Dear Boyfriend, 10 Things You Do That Make Me Wanna Marry You!

Dear Boyfriend,

Finding true love is a little bit of a miracle. Or, at least, I believe it is. I believe I have found my miracle and it’s perfect. Though we do have our share of banters and quarrels, you are a sweetheart. And some days your level of adorable gets a power boost and that’s when you make me want to marry you!

P.S.: Ladies, this is just a list of the adorable things my boyfriend does, you can totally have a longer and more detailed list!

1. The way you hug me when I am mad or upset

You give me a long squishy, warm hug and somehow, everything seems better after it.

1 adorable things my boyfriend does

2. The way you hold my hand when we are out in public.

It shows me that you are proud of me and of the love we share and that’s the most heartwarming thing ever!

3. When you know exactly what I need when I am on my period.

My fave flavour of ice-cream, the movie I would want to watch and whatever else I’d need to sail through my period… You know it all. You make sure I have everything to make me feel comfortable and even though I am cranky AF with you at times, you laugh it all off.

3 adorable things my boyfriend does

4. ...And when you do not shy away from buying sanitary napkins for me when I need you to.

You know that I do not need you to be my knight in shining armour all the time, but when I do, you never say no. Even if that means you have to go to the store and fetch a pack of sanitary napkins. It makes me so happy to know that unlike many other guys you do not feel ashamed to do so.

5. The way you encourage me to pursue my dreams

You may not share my passion and sometimes you may not even understand everything I blabber but you keep pushing me to chase my dreams. Every time I feel I am too tired to carry on you make sure I get back up and pursue my goals with renewed vigour.

5 adorable things my boyfriend does

6. When you make future plans with me!

And I am in them! I know it can be scary to think about the future and the prospect of being committed to someone for life, but I cannot tell you how reaffirming and satisfying it is to know that you aren’t scared of dreaming about ‘us’.

7. When you occasionally get me breakfast in bed!

I don’t mind if your pancakes aren’t fluffy enough or that you forgot to butter one of my toasts… The thought behind it and the effort you put into making it is what makes me smile from ear to ear.

7 adorable things my boyfriend does

8. The way you look at me like I am magic and call me beautiful

And it’s not just the words, it’s your eyes too. I had always dreamt of falling in love with a guy who would look at me like you do. Even when I am in my PJs and my hair looks like a bird’s nest, I know that, to you, I am still beautiful.

9. When you randomly walk up to me and give me a kiss on the forehead

There is something so adorable, warm and comforting about forehead kisses, and more so about the ones I don’t see coming. Those just make my day!

9 adorable things my boyfriend does

10. When you are protective towards me and take care of me.

Not because you have to or I need it... You know I can take care of myself. But you look out for me and have my back when I need you to. You want to make sure that I am well and happy and am not facing any storm alone.

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