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cute ways to say i love you too

How To Respond To I Love You? 108 Unique and Adorable Replies!!

We love our partners, but saying ‘I love you too’ day in and day out can be, well, kind of monotonous. Love is about getting the same message across in new and different ways. That is exactly what we are going to help you out with today. So if you are looking for interesting and different ways on how to reply I love you, you’re welcome! Here are 100 of them to get you started:

Cute Responses To I Love You That Will Make Him Smile

Sweet Responses

Sarcastic Replies

Epic Replies


Funny Replies

There are more than one ways in which you can let your man know that you love him back. Don’t believe us? So check out different ways on how to reply I love you too, without saying those words out loud!

Sweet Responses To ‘I Love You’

For all those who want to start things on a sweet note, these responses about how to reply I love you more are bound to make his heart soar!

1. ‘I’m crazy about you!’
Because you are, and the perfect I love you reply!


2. ‘Sometimes I feel like my heart will burst with happiness when you say those three words!’

If you’re all about going over the top, then the best response to ‘I love you’ would be to add a little drama to the truth and make it even better!

3. ‘You are the best thing that ever happened to me.’

Why not just admit it?

4 ways to say i love you too

4. ‘You complete me.’

It’s only one of the most romantic dialogues in the world! Jerry Maguire, anyone?

5. ‘If I could say how much I love you in mere words, I might be able to talk more.’

Profound and sweet, and possibly the best response to I love you!


6. ‘Did you know that you make the world a better place?’

One of the cute responses to I love you, at least your world if not the entire world!

7. ‘I’m yours, forever.’

And if there was a time longer than forever, you’d be his then too! We love this I love you reply!


8. ‘I used to think I needed the whole world to love me but it turns out I just needed one person to love me and that’s you.’

Probably the best response for I love you, Love, love is what we are all looking for!

10 ways to say i love you too

9. ‘I love you a little more than I did a minute ago!’

He wouldn’t mind a little sugar now, would he? So go ahead and use this reply for I love you next time!


10. ‘You’re the only sunshine in my life.’

The kind of sunshine you wouldn’t mind even when it is the peak of summers!

11. ‘You are my end and my beginning.’

Yes, John Legend said that but hey, it applies to all of us! The perfect I love you reply, we say!


12. ‘I can’t wait until I see you in my dreams again tonight!’

What better way to tell someone you love them than accepting that you have been dreaming about them every night!

13. ‘You are everything I was looking for.’

Honesty takes you a long way! When it comes to best reply to I love you, you probably couldn’t get better than this!


14. ‘No, I love you!’

For we believe that there is nothing sweeter than a determined affirmation! So go ahead and give him this I love you reply!

15. ‘You made my heart sing with those words!’

Let your guy know that those were the exact three words you were waiting to hear from them!


16. ‘I promise to love you back each day, every day.’

There is nothing like a sweet promise to make things last forever!


17. ‘Can you say that again? I want to relive the feeling!’

For you would never get tired of hearing those three words over and over again!


18. ‘I can’t believe how hopelessly I’ve fallen for you.’

For there is a first time for everything!

19. ‘You are perfect to me.’

For happiness lies in whispering sweet nothings!


20. ‘You have no idea how immensely happy you’ve made me.’

Say it outright, say it right!

21. ‘I love you till infinity and beyond!’

Toy Story definitely had it right!


22. ‘I would do anything and everything for you as long as we’re together’

For there is nothing better than a sweet promise to seal the deal!

23. ‘I’ll always be there for you’
Something that we always want to listen to every day.

24. ‘I possibly couldn’t say it enough, but I love you more than anything else!’
Nothing is too much when it comes to love!


25. ‘I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together’
Is there anything better than an eternal promise?

26. ‘Ah! What would I do without you?’

Everybody needs somebody to love and it’s even nicer to have someone who loves you, tell them that.

27. ‘I knew it all along’


Tell them you know, it will comfort them.

Phew! That was a long list of replies, and we have a lot more in store, but how about taking a breather? Before you scroll ahead, check out these amazing beauty products you need to add to your stash!

Sarcastic Replies To ‘I Love You’!

If going all lovey-dovey isn’t exactly your deal, then you can also take a leaf out of our book of sarcasm for sarcastic replies to ‘I love you’!

1. ‘I’m not a hoarder, but I want to keep you forever.’


If you’re up for saying things with a bit of humour. This is one sarcastic I love you reply!

2. Can you say that again? I didn’t hear you clearly the first time’
You both know that you’re just looking for an excuse to hear those words again! 😉

3. ‘You must be a smooth-talking thief to have stolen my heart with just those simple words!’
For the wordsmith in you!

4. ‘Who, me? This crazy, slightly neurotic me? Well, you have a weird choice!’
When things are too good to be true.


5. ‘Well, who doesn’t?’
And who wouldn’t?

6. ‘You better!’
For when you both have been together for some time.

7. ‘Shut up, baby. I knew all along!’
For when you want him to know that you know how he feels. The best reply to I love you in our books is this!

8. ‘Don’t say, prove it!’
And he would! A short, yet interesting I love you reply! 😉


9. ‘Oh, stop it you!’
But you don’t really want him to stop, do you?

10. ‘That’ll do love, that’ll do.’
For when he’s trying to make up to you.

11. ‘Since when?’
And then hear him say it all!

12. ‘As I suspected!’
But internally your heart is bursting with joy! The best reply to I love you, according to us!


13. ‘Are you sure you aren’t sick or something?’
When you don’t want to give away yet how you really feel.

14. ‘Of course you do!’
Well, doesn’t he?

15. ‘How could you not when I’m this awesome?’
You know he does!

16. ‘I mean, who doesn’t love me?’
For Deadpool said it right!


17. ‘That’s good because me loving you would be kind of awkward if you didn’t’
Smooth, isn’t it?

18. ‘You ate my chocolate, didn’t you?’
And then get back to business.

19. ‘Yeah, but actions speak louder than words’
Make him prove to you how much he loves you.

20. ‘I don’t blame you.’
And you don’t blame yourself either.


21. ‘For the love of God, why?’
Because you really want to hear him say why! 😉

22. ‘Tell everyone around and I’ll believe you.’
When you really just want to boast, don’t you?

23. ‘Go ahead, make my day’
For he sure does.

24. ‘If you love me that much, why don’t you order a pizza for me and then let me decide about the intensity of your love.’
Putting things to the test.


25. Already? Damn, I’m good!
And so is he!

26. ‘Please don’t!’

Show them you don’t only own their heart but also their laughter.

27. ‘You better!’


You’re perfect, how can they not love you, right?

Epic Replies To ‘I Love You!’

Love is something that strikes the soul and makes everything tenfold. So there is no reason why your “I love you” replies can’t be epic!

1. ‘I know.’
For he is the Han Solo of your life!

2. ‘I’ll give you a kiss, and you can return it if you don’t like it’
Nothing better than taking things in your own hands!


3. ‘Our forever is going to be spectacular!’
Simple, and to the point!

7 ways to say i love you too

4. ‘Those are but words now is the time for action’
For who doesn’t love some action every now and then?

5. ‘Sometimes, I can’t stop looking at you because you’re too damn good.’
Just say it as it is. The best I love you reply if you ask us!

6. ‘For you, I will risk it all.’
Because you know you would.


7. ‘Just say the words and I will be your partner in crime, for my entire life.’
Could it get any more epic than this?

8. ‘So kiss me.’
Ain’t nothing better than sealing it with a kiss!

9. ‘Yeah, that can happen.’

You know he can’t resist you!


10. ‘Thank you for letting me know’
Sassy and smart, and so very epic!

11. ‘Who doesn’t’

And who doesn’t love him, you sure do!

12. ‘You sure? I just might take you seriously this time!’
And how much would he love that!


13. ‘So do my family and friends, but I guess you top the list!’
You know he’s been dying to hear this one for a long time!

14. ‘Tell me why in the world you wouldn’t?’
For you love him with everything in the world! The best reply to I love you in our books!

15. ‘It’s but natural, just like I love you!’
Trust us, his happiness will know no bounds!

16. ‘Did you just say something? I thought you said ‘I love you!’?
And he would love to say that again!


17. ‘About time, you were getting kind of late!’
Let him know how long you’ve waited to hear those words!

18. ‘I don’t believe you!’
While you both will know that it’s just an excuse to make him say it again!

19. ‘That has made me so happy, and I want to do the same for you!’
You don’t have to always say it outright!

20. ‘That sounds fun, how about I say ‘I love you too?’
And then the two of you can say this to each other over and over again! 😉


21. ‘You should know that I’m not letting you go if you come any closer to me!’
So go ahead and lean in for that kiss!

22. ‘Told you that you would say it one day!’
And aren’t you glad that he did?

23. ‘And I love all letters that form your name!’
A little out of the ordinary, but conveys the message just the same!

24. ‘Duly noted.’
And then follow it up with a kiss maybe?


25. ‘See you in Chemistry!’
For the nerd in you!

26. ‘If I’m born a thousand times and I would choose to  love you back all those lifetimes’

Show them who’s the real Romeo!

27. ‘Show me!’                                                                                                       


Well, this response can go a lot of ways!

Funny Replies To ‘I Love You!’

Whether you want to lighten the situation or just love to have a laugh or two, you can use these humorous bits the next time you wonder about ‘how to reply to I love you!’

1. ‘I’m saving you half of my chocolate just to show you how much I really love you.’
Sharing is caring, they say, right?


2. ‘If we could categorize people, you’d be the best kind.’


One of the cute responses to I love you, he is the best for you!

3. ‘I was thinking the same thing about muffins!’
As long as he knows what truly lies in your heart!

13 ways to say i love you too

4. ‘I will choose you over pizza every day of my life.’

Well… Almost every day?

16 ways to say i love you too

5. ‘I think you’re pretty awesome too.’
If you want to make things light

6. ‘But first you must pass the seven deadly trials of love.’

If you’re in the mood to give him a little scare.

7. ‘Please send your application letter and resume to my email address.’


But you know that he’s already bagged the position, don’t you?

8. ‘Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.’

For a little date night! 😉

9. ‘Since you have said that, I have to think from my both hemispheres of the brain before I could reply to you.’


If being conventional is not your style.

10. ‘Roses are red, violets are blue. Sometimes you suck, but I love you too.’

If sugar-coating is not your thing!

11. ‘Since you came up with the agenda today, we can surely work out on the possibilities of our relationship depending upon all the parameters.’


If you’ve watched too much of ‘The Office’!

12. ‘That makes two of us!’
But you really do love him back!

13. ‘Hey, what’s up? Guess what? It’s your lucky day! Out of all the boys present here, I chose you.’

Always best to make it fun!


14. ‘You know what? My doctor says I’m afraid of commitment. Do you want to help me prove him/her wrong?’

You know he would love to!

15. ‘You must be tired because you’ve been running in my mind this whole time.’
Works as a great pick-up line too! 😉

16. ‘Damn right you do! I’m extremely lovable!’
And so is he!


17. ‘It’s understandable, you’re only human.’
And so are you!

18. ‘At least someone does.’
And that someone is all that you need!

19. ‘Yeah, I get that a lot.’
You do, from him!

20. ‘Yay! You said it first!’
And aren’t you super glad that he did!


21. ‘What took you so long?’
Sweet yet funny in its own essence!

22. ‘Roger that!’
This would definitely make him smile with happiness!

23. ‘Cool, so the magic love potion is working!’
This will definitely have him in splits!

24. ‘What a coincidence! I love you too!’
Sweetness served with a side of humour, who could resist that?


25. ‘It’s okay, I do too!’
Do make sure that by this, you mean him!

26. ‘I could never’                                                                                                     

Isn’t that funny to say back?

27. ‘Really?’ 


You know yourself, ask them this question to confirm!

These cute responses to I love you will definitely have your bae smiling wide (and not just with love!)

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