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6 of the best foods for skin and why you need to eat them!

6 of the best foods for skin and why you need to eat them!

When it comes to healthy and glowing skin, what you consume on a daily basis matters a lot. As cliche as it sounds and in the literal sense – you are what you eat and your skin will reflect that. What you eat can be better than hundreds of serums and facepacks. So, to help you out, we have come up with some of the best foods for glowing skin that you should eat AND shouldn’t to make your skin glow from within.

What You Should Eat For That Healthy Radiance:

1. Eat raw tomatoes

1 glowing skin - tomatoes


The best foods for skin isn’t expensive! Tomato is a powerful antioxidant and consuming a medium-sized tomato can actually fulfill the required amount of Vitamin C in an adult’s body.  You can have a glass of tomato juice with a bit of lemon juice mixed in it for healthy and acne-free skin. 

2. Munch on strawberries

Say goodbye to acne with the help of strawberries as their acidic nature can help clearing the accumulation of sebum and keeps oily skin at bay. Rich in Vitamin C, this yummy fruit helps in nourishing and revitalizing the skin and gives it a healthy and supple look. 


3. Fatty fish

3 glowing skin - Salmon


Fish like salmon contain omega–3 fats which help in taming inflammation of the skin,  prevents breakouts and are the best foods for skin. Make sure not to deep fry the fish so that you don’t cancel out its benefits. Go for baking, grilling or poaching it. 

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4. Drink beetroot juice


Did you just cringe? As much as most of us don’t like to have beets, it’s essential to include it in our daily diet. It consists of Vitamin A, calcium, Vitamin C and iron. Now who wouldn’t want to have this amazing superfood? If having a raw beetroot sends chills down your spine, just mix some beet juice with carrot and tomato juice and drink your skin problems away! 

5. Crunch carrots


5 glowing skin - carrots

Best foods for skin and eyes? Nay! Carrots can actually help in protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. They are high in beta carotene which is later converted into Vitamin A and helps in repairing skin tissue. Go ahead and grab a carrot for that glowing skin you always wanted! 


6. Pumpkin seeds

Yes, you heard that right! Make pumpkin seeds your favourite snack as it’s high in zinc. It promotes skin renewal, moisturizes the skin, fights acne and prevents premature ageing. It’s one of the best foods for skin which you can enjoy by either munching on it any time during the day or garnishing your favourite oatmeal with it. 


What Not To Eat To Keep Your Skin Happy:

1. Fizzy drinks

1 glowing skin - soft drinks


Fizzy drinks are loaded with sugar and will do you more harm than you can imagine. Not only will the sugar turn into fat instantly, but also cause acidity and pH imbalance. In fact, too much intake can make your skin dull and it’s texture flaky. 

2. Goodbye milk!


Shocking, right? The one thing your mother forced you to gulp down your throat is actually related to breakouts! The reason behind it is, cow’s milk spikes blood sugar levels which results in pimples. Milk has growth hormones which promotes overgrowth of cells that block your pores. 

3. Stay sugar free


3 glowing skin - sugar

You might not know this but various studies say that sugar is related to breakouts. The amount of sugar you have in a day should be limited in order to take care of your skin. Sugar is important for our body but you should keep a check on the amount of sweetness you have in a day. 

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4. Fast foods

Who are we kidding, we would gorge on burgers and pizzas everyday if we could, but we can’t!  Fast food is not only bad for your health but for your skin too. It causes inflammation of the skin which results in acne. It’s better to avoid junk food as much as possible. 


5. Roasted nuts

5 glowing skin - peanuts


If you want clear and healthy skin, avoid roasted nuts as they contain oil and when they are roasted, the oil becomes oxidized. This causes ageing of the skin tissues. Now you wouldn’t want that, would you? 

6. Packaged foods


Packaged foods have excess salt which is harmful for your skin. The extra salt will cause your body to retain water and make your skin look puffy.

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07 Oct 2016
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