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How To Deal With Dark Patches And Dull Skin - 9 Easy Ways!

How To Deal With Dark Patches And Dull Skin - 9 Easy Ways!
We all spend an extraordinary amount of time obsessing about our skin. Each time we look in the mirror we catalogue every blemish and pimple. The struggle to get flawless, glowing skin is real guys! Dark spots and patches, skin discoloration and dullness are things that a lot of us face. Especially on areas like our underarms, elbows and our neck. But luckily for us there are ways that we can deal with these common skin problems (thank god for that!). Here are nine super simple things that we can do to remove dark spots, scars & dullness from the face.

1. Shield your skin

Wear sunscreen. Yes, you’ve heard this a million times before, probably because it is true! Overexposure to the sun causes a multitude of problems from tanning to pigmentation to patchy skin to sunspots. Sunscreen should be applied not only on your face but on your neck, arms and any part of your body that will be exposed to the sun. Remember to use a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. So, girls, SPF is your BFF! skin problems2

2. Exfoliate

We should all swear by a good scrub. Why? Because the exfoliant helps remove the layer of dead skin cells from the surface of our skin. These cells clog up our pores, cause dull flaky skin and contribute to an uneven complexion. Also removing this layer helps our skin better absorb moisturizers and oils - which in turn helps restore the glow to our skin. It’s also important to remember to use a scrub on our whole body and not just our face. For soft, supple skin make exfoliation a part of your regular skincare routine.

3. Peels for the extra appeal…

An effective way of getting rid of dark patches especially on your elbows, knees, neck, arms and underarms is to opt for a peel. Lakme Salon offers Skin Lightening, Glycolic Acid or AHA Kojic peels that help deal with patchy skin. They deliver instant results (who wouldn’t want that!), it reduces pigmentation and promotes healthy skin cells. Not just that, these peels make your skin really really smooth. So ladies, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with Lakme Salon and look your glamorous best for the upcoming wedding season. skin problems5

4. Be a water baby!

Water is the secret to great skin. Not only is it refreshing but it flushes out toxins and helps your skin look better. We know it’s a pain to keep going to the kitchen every time you need a glass of water, so buy a pretty bottle and keep it with you at all times. Trust us, this small step will actually increase your water intake. You could also opt to download an app that reminds you to drink water - they are super helpful. For those of you who already drink 6-8 glasses of water, kudos to you girls.

5. Beauty sleep!

Sleeping beauty got this part right! The right amount of sleep is crucial to keep your skin looking radiant. We often forget how important sleep is for our health. We get it, partying till 3 am is great as is watching endless reruns of Gossip Girls. But in the process, we alter our sleep pattern and that can lead to hormonal issues which in turn causes zits and makes our skin appear dull. We should make sure we get 6-8 hours sleep to look gorgeous always. After all, every princess needs her beauty sleep. skin problems3

6. Stay stress-free  

If you think you are doing everything right, and your skin still appears lacklustre, then blame it on your brain. Stress wreaks havoc on our skin. We tend to worry about our studies or our work or fights with our boyfriends or our parents. Whatever the reason it’s important to remember that stress takes a toll on our bodies. Girls, stop and take a breath, stress leads to dull skin and premature ageing. So just give the whole over-thinking ‘every-single-thing’ a break. Mediate or practice yoga to help calm yourself and to get back your glow.

7. Plenty of fruits to the rescue

We are what we eat. And all the junk food that we hog on eventually starts showing up on our skin. Fried food tastes great but is not only bad for your overall health but also robs your skin of all its goodness. What’s on your plate matters, so girls choose to eat well. Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of vital nutrients and rich in antioxidants. Trust us when we say, it is all about eating your way to beautiful skin! skin problems1

8. The Golden Rule

Cleanser, toner and moisturizer are the holy trinities of skin care. So start by identifying your skin type and invest in a good cleanser, moisturiser and toner. Cleansing helps remove the dirt from your skin, while the toner makes your pores appear smaller. Moisturising hydrates your skin keeping it soft and supple. Don’t forget to include your neck and throat as they are an extension of your face and need special attention too.

9. Sweat it out!

Exercising not only helps shed those extra kilos but also brings a visible change to your skin. It helps in increasing blood circulation and makes your skin look radiant. When we exercise, we sweat which is a great way of naturally flushing out the toxins from our bodies. So the next time you hop on the treadmill or go for run know that you are also doing your skin a huge favour. skin problems4 *This is a sponsored post for Lakme Salon.