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6 Celebs Who Inspired Me To Try Out A Messy Bob

6 Celebs Who Inspired Me To Try Out A Messy Bob

Changing my hairstyle (or hair colour) is my go-to coping mechanism. Had a fight with bae? Cut your hair! Mom didn’t let you go on that road trip? Red hair it is! This month, as a result of both of these minor inconveniences, I decided to chop off my hair. Apart from being my revenge cut, the messy bob is also a hot celebrity favourite.

Listed below are all the celeb hairstyles that made it to my screenshots folder & styling tips.

But First, What Is A Messy Bob?

A classic bob haircut looks clean and polished, and usually, all your hair is the same length. A messy bob is all of that, with a rebellious personality. Think messy, textured & choppy layers for an effortless look. It is also a low-maintenance version of your classic bob – perfect for lazy girls like me.

Hailey Chose Edgy & Low Maintenance

Hailey Bieber is the latest subscriber to this hair trend and we stan. Her short-hair-don’t-care style is just the right amount of sass with a pinch of class. A short, almost-shoulder-length bob like this looks great with or without styling.


Tips to style it: Keep your flyaways in check & add shine by using a good hair serum. I use a few drops of the Matrix Biolage SmoothProof Deep Smoothing Professional Hair Serum along my ends and then use a wooden comb to detangle.

Jenna’s Shaggy Bob With Bangs

The Wednesday sensation, Jenna Ortega’s hairstyle is a feminine, almost flirty take on the messy bob. Those curtain bangs, face-framing layers and out-turned ends add more character to the whole look.

Tips to style it: Add texture and movement by using a texturising spray along the crown and the lengths of your hair. Use a comb to tease and add volume to your roots. The L’Oreal Professionnel Tecniart Savage Panache Texturizing Powder Spray is one of my personal favourites.

Short & Choppy Did It For Kourtney

Wet hair is a hot celeb-approved trend that the Kardashians are always flaunting. Kim’s version of wet hair usually screams intimidating but Kourtney’s take on this trend is a total vibe. I can definitely get behind this! Guess we know exactly what to do with day 3 hair now, thanks Kourt.


Tips to style it: To give your hair that wet look, use some hair gel. Aloe vera gel does the trick too. Top it off with a finishing spray for shine and hold. The BBLUNT Hotshot Finish Spray will keep things glossy.

Ananya’s Wispy, Mid-Length Is Dreamy

Ananya Panday, much like the Kardashians, is known for her fool-proof beauty choices. So when I saw her rocking this messy bob, I was sure this hairstyle is here to stay. The curtain bangs make the hairstyle a bit more girl-next-door.

Tips to style it: For enviable volume like Ananya’s, you will need to equip yourself with a good volumising mist. A good hair dryer and a round brush (and badass blowdry skills) are a must to cop this look.

Deepika Kept It Long But Messy

Deepika’s looks in Pathaan are a goldmine for beauty enthusiasts like me. I am taking notes and screenshots! In the movie, I’ve seen her rock this look with curls and straight hair. This was all the proof I needed to know that this hairstyle will look great on all hair types.


Tips to style it: Use a dollop of texture paste and distribute it evenly across your hair to get the wet look. Add a generous amount of hair serum to boost shine. The Sebastian Craft Clay Remoldable Matte Texturizer is a product that came highly recommended by my local parlour.

Wavy & Short Is Anushka’s Forte

Anushka Sharma‘s classic hairdo with beach waves is one of the looks I fell in love with. When you mix chic with cute, this is exactly what you get and I wanted in on it.

Tips to style it: Use the Ikonic Professional Curling Tong CT28 to create some loose curls. Then use any leave-in serum of your choice and run your fingers through the curls. Wait for a few minutes and you’ll see them turn into effortless waves.

Consider this a sign to call your hairstylist.


Featured Image: Instagram

30 Jan 2023

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