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How To Cop The Wet-Look Hair Trend

Beauty Mavens, Take Notes Cause The Celeb-Inspired Wet Hair Look Is The Talk Of The Town

Of all the fads ruling the beauty world right now, the one that bowled us over is the wet-look hair trend. Here’s the thing: this party-appropriate hairdo is having a moment right now and we’re officially obsessed. 

We’ve seen countless influencers and celebrities turning this look into a beauty statement. Thanks to the ultimate beauty queens i.e, Kim Kardashian and the Hadid sisters for turning it into a full-fledged craze. From low-key to high drama- the wet-hair is versatile enough to be styled in multiple ways and it looks incredible on all hair textures. If you want to rock it like the Kardashians, keep scrolling to find the step-by-step guide to successfully replicate the look along with the sexiest iteration to bookmark ASAP. 

The Step-By-Step Guide To Recreate Wet-Look Hair

Step 1: Towel dry your hair post-shampoo. Then, resoak damp hair using a brush dipped in water.

Step 2: Next, apply a deep-conditioning mask from root to tip.


Step 3: Brush it through the length of your hair to loosen any tangles.

Step 4: Use a hair styling gel to keep the frizz and flyaways at bay.

Step 5: Then, use a curl-defining cream to give it more of a wet-look finish and enhance your hair texture. Lastly, use an edge control serum to sculpt the baby hairs around your hairline. If required, tie a scarf over the style as it dries to keep it in place.

Celeb-Approved Ways Of Nailing The Just-Dipped Hair Trends

Kim K-Approved Hairdo

Wavy, curly, or stick-straight – this style works great for all hair types. If you’re exacting just like us, use a curling iron to get those Kim K-approved natural waves. Alternatively, braid wet hair and remove the elastics once dry if you’re looking for heat-free ways. We recommend applying some hair cream and then finish with a strong-hold hair spray.


Statement-Making Hairdo

This jaw-dropping look sported by Deeping was one of her best beauty moments. The best part is it’s as easy as braiding wet hair and the result couldn’t be more gorgeous. Just towel-dry your hair. Then, braid and remove the elastic to get loose waves throughout the length. Use a wave spray to get those straight-from-the-beach waves. Backcomb your hair so the roots appear slicked-back while keeping the ends loose. Then, finish using a shine lotion all over for the wet look.

Perf For Minimalists

A glam yet low-key take on the trend, this style is perf for minimalists. The top is slicked back but the ends are curled. Use a curling iron to create soft curls, run your fingers through the ends to break them up. Then, use a strong-hold gel through the roots to slick the top back.

For Easiest Iteration


Who knew our post-gym hair has the potential to look so chic? This wet-look hairdo is the kind of hairstyle that would look good on all hair textures. All you need to do is slather on some hairstyling gel or lotion to sculpt your hair and then, twist hair into a tight bun at the crown. Secure it using a couple of bobby pins.

’90s-Inspired Hairdo


Calling out the short hair crew: this one’s for you. Trust us, you’re going to see flipped-out edges everywhere, so you might as well hop on the bandwagon a little early. This hairdo screams the ’90s but is yet very modern. Thanks to the tight silhouette and tamed flyaways, it looks oh-so-stylish.


Save these hairstyles to turn heads in your post-pandemic party.

Featured Image: Instagram

28 Jun 2021

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