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130 Stunning Blouse Designs for Lehengas To Glam Up Your Wedding Outfit!

Are you the ‘shaadi karungi toh Manish Malhotra wale lehenge mein hi karungi’ bride? Or are you the bride who swears by the lanes of good old Chandni chowk? Well, whichever category you belong to, once your dream lehenga is set, the other thing that becomes the most important thing is your lehenga blouse design. So here are 130 bridal blouse designs for lehenga that you must check out!

Lehenga Blouse Designs For Wedding

Whether you’re looking for elaborate designs or a classic affair, our selection of blouse designs for lehenga will definitely give you a lot to try and experiment with. So go ahead and take a look at our selection of the absolutely best designer blouse designs and pick the one that matches your vibe!

1. The Elegant Back Blouse Design for Lehenga

When you don’t want to show too much skin and want to opt for a long lehenga blouse design, this pattern can give your back an elegant appeal as the slit totally comes in handy. Works wonders if you want to give your lehenga a modern twist.

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2. The Inverted U Back Choli Blouse Design

Working out lately? Then you’ve got to show it off, girl! We absolutely love this bold inverted ‘U’ design by Anita Dongre. You need to have at least one like this in your trousseau. Keep the sleeves long to balance out the look.

3. V-Shaped Back Designer Blouse Design

‘V’ shaped lehenga blouse patterns are great when you want to give yourself a slimmer look. Deep ‘V’s give your back an elongated and attractive look while also hiding any love handles that you may not want to show! So the next time you’re looking for blouse design for lehenga that is simple yet stylish, then you know that V-necks are the way for you to go!

Sequin Saree Blouse Designs

4. The Delicate Back Lehenga Blouse Design

This is so pretty and delicate! Ditch the regular blouse back and opt for a gorgeous lace cut-out. A back like this looks extremely flattering and will go well with your sarees, lehengas and even the wedding outfit.


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5. The Classic Round Lehenga Blouse Back Design

One can never go wrong with the classic round back. It’s the one design we see often and also the one that goes with most outfits. You could add latkans for a more ethnic look or just leave it as it is. The round back will always work wonders!

Front And Back Boat Neck Blouse Designs

6. Classic ‘U’ Back Bridal Lehenga Blouse Design

Simple and elegant, here’s a bridal blouse design you can never go wrong with. We know you want something more dramatic for your big day, but considering your lehenga will be extremely heavy, it’s better to opt for a classic ‘U’ blouse back to avoid looking OTT. Add to it some statement latkans and you’re good to go.


                                                                                                                                         Also Read: Maggam work blouse designs

7. Button-Down Blouse Idea for Lehenga

Button-down blouses are a major rage nowadays, but you don’t have to stick to the basics. Again, get creative just like this bride did and get some customizations done to the basic design. This way, you can get a bit of a sassy look, without having to expose much! There are just so many kinds of lehenga blouse designs that we can’t keep ourselves from trying everything out, can’t we?

8. Hoop Down Ghagra Blouse Design

We personally love this design a lot! This is again a bit different from button down blouses, but falls in the same family of design. It has hoops that look oh-so-cute! The thing with this kind of blouses is that you have to get a side zip so you slip them on without any hassles.

9. The Overlapping Back Blouse Design for Lacha

What is a blouse without some dori magic, and if it looks like this, then what else can somebody ask for?! This overlapping design is so unique and gorgeous! And that single dori exudes such a subtle charm! Just wow!


10. Peephole Cutout Back Blouse Design

A peephole cutout back is a super interesting style to try out as it’s not too bold but bares quite a bit. In a design like this, we suggest you keep the length of your sleeves either half or three-quarters and add interesting latkans to the strings. The best thing? It can also double up as a ghagra blouse design.

11. The Sexy Structured Lehenga Blouse Back Design 

When we talk about a sexy back – this is the one. An absolutely unique and unexpected back design that has a structured feel to it. And unlike the other designs, this one actually stands out. Add some body chains and heavy duty accessories to bring the best out of this style.

12. The Layered And Studded Strappy Back Design

Screenshot %28207%29

Image: Instagram


This blouse design is perfect for the reception outfit, be it a saree or a lehenga. Even though it’s slightly difficult to get stitched, but if you know a trusted and skilled masterji who will be able to make it, then awesome! It will totes make you look like a stunner!

13. The Racerback Blouse Design for Lacha


Image: Instagram

Just right for the sporty bride! If you want something that is unique and sexy at the same time, then you can opt for this racerback style blouse back design with lehenga. The layered design and slight embroidery is just an added benefit!


14. The Backless But Not-So-Backless Blouse Design


Image: Instagram

We call this the I-cut blouse and are completely in love with it. This blouse back design ideas will be perfect for your mehendi function or haldi function. It goes well both with a saree as well as lehenga, so take your pick!

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15. The Cinderella-Cut Blouse Pattern for Lehenga

Hey princess, the perfect blouse design for you is right here. Layered in the front as well as the back, this stunning blouse back is equal parts graceful and unique. This blouse design for lehenga is perfect if you want to sport an Indo-Western look. We dig!

16. The Intricate Cut-Work Blouse Design

There is something so special about a blouse that looks so simple at first glance but in reality, is very intricately crafted. This blouse design is a perfect example of this. The cutwork and lotus bud cut is giving us all the feels.

17. The Temple Motif Back Design

Want to look your traditional best on your D-Day? We found just the right blouse back design for you! It will look great with a saree rather than a lehenga so that the design doesn’t get hidden beneath the dupatta.

18. The Deep V-Cut With A Twist

Just right for the princesses out there – this beautiful blouse design is here to take your breath away! Everything from the dramatic bell sleeves to the embellishments is making our hearts beat a little bit faster! Why so pretty?!


19. The Elegant Cut-Work Lehenga Blouse Pattern

The pretty mesh design with beautiful cutwork and beaded detailing at the borders is making us go wow repeatedly. This is what we call minimalism at its best! Even though the design is very simple, it still has a certain charm about it.

20. The One For Jhumka Lovers

Oh, for the love of God, no sorry, jhumkas! If you’re someone who believes in going all out with your bridal outfit, then this could be a good option for you. The temple cut design, adorned with actual jhumkas and chandbalis is what you need to look like a quirky bride.

21. The Embellished Lehenga Blouse Back Design

A little jewel detailing can make all the difference to a blouse back design. Want to pep up a simple blouse? Just do what this bride did and glam it up with beaded chains and a bejewelled latkan. All set!

22. The Strappy And Sexy Lehenga Blouse Design

Oooh, the hotness! We just can’t get over how beautiful this strappy back design looks. It’s all things glam and sexy put together. The stunning red colour of the lehenga, the shimmery straps and the oomph factor – this is just the right pick for the diva bride.


23. The Lacy Wonder Back Design

Isn’t there something so pretty and unique about this gorgeous deep V-cut blouse? Even though it’s so simple, the lace detailing has us going wow. One of the most intricate blouse designs for lehenga you could ever sport, you definitely have to try this one out!

24. The Button-Up Blouse Back

This back design has a lot of interesting elements – the button-up pattern, the V-cut and the lacy frills at the hem. All these put together make for a very beautiful blouse back design.

25. The Criss-Cross Magic 

A back design which looks very complicated yet very stunning at the same time. Only trust a very skilled tailor or designer to stitch this pattern for you, because not everyone will be able to nail it.

26. The Minimal And Elegant Blouse Back Design

Another simple yet stunning lehenga blouse back design that you can opt for without going OTT. This one will work perfectly well with a saree. The blouse is held together by a string of large beads and it looks quite pretty!


27. The Complicated Wonder Blouse Design for Ghagra

There really is no way of explaining this one without confusing you, so we’re just going to say that it is a pretty unique style. All you have to do is show this to your favourite boutique wala and ask them to make a similar one for you.

28. The Floral Detailing Blouse Back Design for Lehenga

The cutwork and all the other tiny details of this choli blouse design will make everybody go wow and establish your status as the glam diva. Just look at the intricacy with which it has been crafted! It’s amazing!

29. The Bejewelled Choli Blouse Back Design

Nothing prettier than a blouse back design that is adorned with chains and crystals, just like this one. It is just the right pick for the royal bride.

Sheer Blouse Designs for Lehenga

If there is anything we love about sheer blouse patterns for lehenga, then it absolutely has to be the instantly classy and sleek upgrade it gives to your entire look. So go ahead and check out our recommendations of sheer lehenga blouse designs!


30. Partial Sheer Back Blouse Design

Sheer is perfect when you want to look sexy yet keep the mystery alive! A net blouse back with beautiful embroidery and buttons will look fab with your engagement lehenga.

31. Total Sheer Lehenga Back Blouse Design

Let the hotness metre soar with a sheer back blouse pattern. You know this design offers dual benefits – it is sexy AF, but at the same time covers your back quite well too! Great for when you want to feel like a supermodel! An ideal choice for the bride who wants to give her bridal outfit an edge from the rest.

32. Sheer Cape Blouse Design For Ghagra

Sheer is sexy, and we know it! But when it comes with this amazing cape styling, and super pretty embellishments is becomes all the more gorgeous!

33. The Invisible Sheer Blouse Design

This sheer back blouse is the hot new trend to try out right now. It feels like you’ve not worn anything when you actually have. This fabric looks great when there’s some shimmer or sequins on it.


34. The Embellished Sheer Lehenga Blouse Pattern

This blouse is a mix of all things pretty – a sheer fabric, embroidery, embellishments and ruffles adorning the sleeves and hem. What more could a bride ask for?!

35. The Stunning White Sheer Blouse Back Design

This is one design that is perfect for the royal bride, who wants to add just a hint of sexy to her look. This blouse has beautiful embroidery and pearl detailing all over, complimenting her matching lehenga and dupatta. Can’t take our eyes off, but well, let’s move on to the one!

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36. The Flower-On-Sheer Blouse Back Design

White is a pristine colour, and any outfit in white looks ethereal. But when you combine sheer with white and add floral embroidery to it, it becomes even better! This is one blouse design for a lehenga that has already caught our hearts!


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Dori Choli Blouse Designs for Wedding

Nothing says desi better than dori blouses, for they are the very epitome of old world charm and femininity. That being said, you don’t always have to rely on time-worn lehenga blouse patterns if you want to make a difference to your look. So check our curations out!

37. The Basic Dori Choli Blouse Design

Trust Anita Dongre to give us all the inspiration when it comes to bridal fashion. For the bride who does not want to show too much skin, here’s a blouse design we love. Deep neck with a delicate dori and short sleeves, it’s perfect for the summers!

38. The Dori Lover’s Blouse Design

It’s your wedding, woman! And you’re allowed to get as crazy and creative as you want. For the bride who loves her doris and latkans, this is just perfect! For your mehendi or sangeet night, we swear you should bookmark this one! We love it!


39. The Layered Dori Blouse Design

Quirky yet cute! We’re loving those pom-poms that line the cut of the blouse back and the doris to go with it. If you’re wearing a simple outfit, then a blouse like this is all you need to add some drama to your look.

40. A Stringy Affair Bridal Lehenga Blouse Design

Instead of tying your blouse with just one string on top, tie both the ends with strings and add a few tassels to them. It looks kinda sexy and draws all the attention to your back. You should totally try this style for your saree or lehenga. And if you have a tattoo to flaunt, you’ve got to try this one. Show this to your tailor, now!

41. The Criss-Cross Dori Back Design


Image: Instagram

One look at this lenhenga blouse back design and we were smitten. Though the criss-cross dori pattern has been around for a long time, it still has a certain charm that makes it a classic. One of the most classic choli blouse designs for weddings available out there, this one will never fail to please. Oh, so pretty!


42. The Dual Dori Choli Back Design


Image: Fotowalle on Instagram

There is something so sexy about this blouse back design, that it just makes us look at it again and again. Whether it is the double dori pattern or the fact that it is the perfect pick for the bold and beautiful bride that made us fall in love with it, we can’t say.

43. The Tassel Dori Blouse Back Design

Apart from the colour of the blouse, what we completely love about it are the gorgeous fabric tassels in the dori. The overall design of the blouse with a broad embellished band at the hem and two doris in the middle is just breathtaking, don’t you think?!


44. The No-Such-Thing-As-Too-Many-Doris Back Design


Image: Morvi Images on Instagram

This design is perfect for the bride who wants to keep it simple, minimal and elegant. Just a simple dori to tie the upper ends and two criss-cross doris at the hem to secure the lower ends of the blouse are sometimes all it takes to look like a stunner on your big day. Simple is best, after all!

45. The Pom-Pom Dori Lehenga Blouse Design 

Screenshot %28209%29

Image: Instagram


A deep scoop-neck back design and a dori accessorised with big tassels are all you need to up the glam factor of your wedding outfit. They will instantly make your lehenga look 10 times prettier.

46. The Elegant Yet Sexy Back Design

This has to be one of the sexiest blouse back designs we’ve ever seen. It’s everything a bride would want from her bridal blouse – embellishments, a gorgeous dori and lots of glitz and glamour. Just make sure your hair is secured in a bun if you do opt for this back design.

47. The Back Blouse Design For The Girl Who Loves Doris

It is probably one of the sexiest blouse back designs we’ve ever seen. Only a true-blue fashionista bride can pull this off! Are you one? Try it out and get to know it yourself!

Bow Blouse Designs

Bows might sound a bit unconventional when it comes to lehenga blouse designs, but take a look at our pick of favourite designs and see for yourself!


48. Inverted Teardrop And Bow Design

We just can’t get over how pretty this gorgeous blouse with an inverted tear-drop cut and a bow closure is! It’s so different from the usual designs that we see. Perfect for the patakha bride, no kidding!

49. Classic Cut Out And Bow Blouse Design

This is our absolute favourite lehenga blouse design because what’s not to love?! The classic cut out design, and a cute bow equals this pretty masterpiece!

50. Sheer Bow With Frilly Sleeves

This offbeat lehenga blouse style looks super cute when you’re a bride who wants to make a quirky statement. The top is so eye-catching in itself that any kind of super chic skirt would look glam. Because what’s the fun in mainstream?!

51. Keyhole And A Bow Blouse Design

This beaded bridal lehenga blouse design is every Princess bride’s dream. Completely embellished and perfect for the roka or sangeet if the dulhan wants to go the royal way. The ribbon bow adds an extra bit of oomph and ties the look together. (Literally!)


52. Back Cut-Out Minimalistic Blouse

This lehenga blouse design is for all the girls who want to keep it comfortable yet fashionable. The blouse is simplistic enough for it to be wearable and comfy to dance all night but with the back cut-out details, it can transform your look!

53. Sweetheart Neckline With A Bow In The Front And Back

This is for you bold gals who aren’t afraid to own their bodies. It is one of those lehenga blouse designs that has us going crazy in 2018. Pick out a high waisted skirt to go with this and trust us, your shapely figure will definitely be accentuated.

54. Deep-V Back With A Bow At The Bottom

Out of all the lehenga blouse patterns, this one is the most sophisticated. It’s got the trendiness of the boat neck and the deep V back and it also has a classic charm in the sense of style to it. This is ideal for just about any function because it’s so universal.

55. Boxy Fit Bow-Tie Blouse

This blouse design looks the best with an indo-western ensemble. An A-line skirt with this blouse and you’re ready for your reception or cocktail. Don’t trust us? Give it a try yourself!


56. The Side Bows Bridal Lehenga Blouse Design

If you want to give your traditional outfit a quirky touch, this is the blouse back design that you should opt for. It works best in a crop-top style blouse with a skirt and is the perfect pick for your mehendi function. Just make sure you keep your hair tied up so that everybody can see and admire your quirky bride side.

57. The Sexy Sheer Bow Back Design

This is just right for the bride who wants to look extremely elegant but also sexy at the same time. This pretty design is just right for your reception outfit because it will make it look special and dressier. The sheer sleeves are an added benefit!

Offbeat Blouse Designs for Wedding

When you’ve looked through everything and still can’t make up your mind, that’s when some offbeat styles come to the rescue. So check out these quirky lehenga blouse patterns to style your sangeet or cocktail!

58. The Embellished Lehenga Blouse Design

Marilyn was right about diamonds being a girl’s best friend! And if you too are obsessed with diamonds, why not incorporate them in your blouse design? And if you are looking for lehenga blouse designs by Manish Malhotra, this one’s for you. The diamond cut back design of this blouse shows that Manish Malhotra knows how to design clothes that flatter a woman’s body!


59. The Leafy Back Lehenga Blouse Design

The master is at work again! Manish Malhotra stuns us with this gorgeous leaf shaped blouse back. Although this is a gown, you can easily get a blouse back designed in the same cut, and rest assured, you will look gorgeous!

60. Tassels Off The Shoulder

Retro inspiration, anyone? We believe in the small details and hence, this off-shoulder pristine all-white blouse with tassels on the sleeves goes straight to our list of top favourites.

61. Feather Crystal Blouse

An aqua coloured ruffled saree worn with a feather Swarovski crystal blouse like this one here, will make you look like a real angel. We are going gaga over this beautifully done crystal blouse and think it would look great for your reception or even a cocktail event.

62. Wrap Blouse Design for Lehenga

Well, wraparounds are not just limited to skirts and tops. The latest trend is all about the wrap blouse! With a V- neck design and off-shoulder cut, we think that it would complement most body frames pretty well. Since the neck is quite deep, you could easily accessorize it with either minimal or statement jewellery, whatever suits your taste!


63. The Traditional, Non-Traditional Blouse Design

It’s all in the details! While this blouse may appear quite simple, a closer look would make you applaud at its intricate details. And the feathers on the sleeves gives an edgy twist to an otherwise traditional blouse design.

64. Some More Feathers On Your Sleeves

Plunge necklines and some more feathers on your sleeves wouldn’t be a bad idea. This lehenga blouse design by Manish Malhotra donned by Radhika Apte is just what you need for your reception look. A crystal embellished blouse with feathers on shoulders paired with a white ruffled mermaid cut lehenga is sure to give you the glam diva feels.

65. If Not Feathers, Try Fur Instead?

If you feel feathers are so not you, then you may try fur on your sleeves or shoulder instead. How about this gorgeous embroidered ivory lehenga blouse design by Manish Malhotra? Oh, also those fur attached on the sleeves add that little extra to your bridal look. Don’t they?

66. Go The Indo-Persian Way!


Fancy Indo-Persian artwork much? If yes, you can’t miss out on this super sensual take on the Indo-Persian artwork lehenga blouse worn by Janhvi Kapoor. Designed by Manish Malhotra, this silver-toned embroidered blouse is good to go with any blue or pink lehenga of your choice.

67. Cascading Sleeves 

Find dupattas boring? Here’s a new fuss-free trend that we’re majorly crushing on. Check out this stunning lehenga blouse pattern designed by Tarun Tahiliani with cascading sleeves made of sheer tulle.

68. Dramatic Sleeves Lehenga Blouse Pattern

It’s your big day and every big day calls for some drama. This time, be a little hatke and play it up with your bridal blouse sleeves. Here’s some major inspiration that you can draw from this intricately done bridal blouse by designers Falguni & Shane Peacock.

69. For The Uber Feminine Bride

If you are the kind who doesn’t like shimmer and crystals on her bridal blouse and prefer something subtle and understated then we got you covered. Get this chanderi silk bridal blouse with traditional motifs designed to perfection by Masaba Gupta for the brides on-the-go. Definitely, a great pick for post-wedding rituals!


70. Plunge Necklines And Ruffles

Plunge necklines are always a hit. Designer Falguni & Shane Peacock are known to add that extra sassiness to their creations and this time they mixed plunge necklines with short ruffles. This is one style that’s a sure-shot head turner.

71. Sheer Ruffles Are Always A Hit!

A body fitting strapped blouse paired with sheer ruffles on the sleeves and some silver jewellery is a great way to add a desi touch to a contemporary outfit. It’s the perfect blend of trendy and traditional.

72. String It Up!

Exude your inner fashionista by pairing this multiple dori bridal lehenga blouse with either dhoti pants or your lehenga. It’s stylish and comfy and will pair well with a lot of silhouettes.

73. Glam Doll!

Great choice for when you want to flaunt an easy, boho vibe with your saree. Especially if you are not comfortable wearing a saree with those traditional heavy fabric blouses.


74. For The Sassy Bride!

Go sleeveless, why not? Get this super sassy tube blouse and pair it up with your reception saree. Opt for kohl eyes, a muted pink lipstick shade and a choker to finish the look.

75. A Bit Of This And That! 

Everything ruffles looks just so pretty! Jazz up your saree by pairing it up with an off shoulder full sleeve ruffled blouse just like Shilpa! Perfect for a day wedding function. We suggest you accessorize it with a colourful statement choker.

76. Go Desi Chic! 

There’s something so unique and beautiful about this tube blouse design for lehenga. We love the grey colour and the colourful embroidery. Opt for minimal jewellery to let the beauty of the blouse stand out. For your sangeet or mehendi, do consider this!

77. Oversized Ruffles Blouse Design for Lacha

Are you daring enough to rock these oversized ruffles? It’s elegant and oh-so-chic and perfect to make those heads turn with its stylish, modern and edgy design. With some beautifully done handcrafted artwork by Manish Malhotra, this one is a winner.


78. Temple Style Bridal Blouse

Wish to go all traditional and yet try out new motifs? Here’s a design that’s traditional yet every bit intricate and interesting.

79. The Raja Rani Blouse Pattern

Customize your bridal blouse with Raja Rani motifs for that royal princess look. You can even get the exact same motif in your mehendi!

80. Lovebirds Lehenga Blouse Design

Love is in the air and on your blouse sleeves too. Quite literally! We are in love with the love birds motif done bautifully on the sleeves of the bridal blouse. Inspired enough?

81. Mirror Mirror On The Arm

They say people wear their heart on their sleeves. It’s time you put a mirror on it! Definitely a steal-worthy design for any wedding function.


82. Cold Shoulder Embellished Blouse

Cold shoulder embellished blouse teamed with a pastel solid ruffled saree with pleats in the front is what we are crushing on currently. If you have a thing for solid colours and want to give your regular saree an edgy twist, give this ruffled styling a try.

83. Embroidered Crop Blouses

Need we remind you how dhoti sarees are a rage among Bollywood divas and fashion bloggers?! We need to thank the designers who came up with this carefree saree style like never before. If you are confident enough to carry this boss lady style, then go grab it already.

84. Off-Shoulder Tassel Blouse

Dressed in a beautifully embroidered Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla outfit, Kareena gave all the 2018 brides major fashion goals in her yellow off-shoulder blouse with pearl tassels. We dig!

84. The Classic Gold And Red

The classic combination of gold and red never fails to impress. Look at this gorgeous tube blouse with gold work that is perfect to don on your sangeet. Pair it up with a contrasting lehenga or dhoti pants.


85. Some More Off-Shoulder Drama

Nothing says sassy like a simple off-shoulder blouse pattern for lehenga. Opt for this style for your mehendi or sangeet function and establish your status as the coolest bride ever!

Neckline Blouse Designs for Lehenga

86. Low Cut U-Neckline Blouse Design

Ditch the ‘typical’ blouse back for this deep, low-cut, U-neckline that will make your back look super sexy. You can get this blouse stitched with any of your function outfits. In fact, you can even try this style for a kurti. Just moisturize your back with some glittery body lotion to make it look extra hot.

87. The Bold V-Neck Blouse Design

A great V-neck blouse is hard to find and harder to pull off. Let this one be your stencil to getting that V-neck blouse you’ve always wanted to flaunt. Add some tassels around the waist – that’s going to make it look even better and oh-so-stylish!

88. Plunging Neckline Blouse Design

Since you’ve decided to take the plunge, why not go all the way and opt for a blouse with a plunging neckline too? *Wink* This style will highlight your collarbone and make that necklace stand out in the best way possible. The betel leaf curve gives quite an edge to this design.


89. Sheer Deep Plunging Neckline

This is one of the lehenga blouse designs by Manish Malhotra and hoot hoot what a stunning piece. This sheer deep plunging neckline is all the rage right now with Bebo to Deepika to Sakshi rocking it.

90. Narrow V-Neck Lehenga Blouse Pattern

This Sabyasachi blouse design with a narrow V-neck is perfect when you want to wear a plunging neckline but without too much cleavage. Pair it with a statement choker and voila, you’re runway ready.

91. Plunging Sweetheart-V Neck Blouse Pattern

This is one of the most classic lehenga blouse designs. The sweetheart shape along with the V neckline is made to flatter every body type. You can own the blouse by not wearing a necklace but going for a maangtikka and earrings.

92. Extra Plunge With Feather And Beaded Details

This Manish Malhotra creation is every bit extra for the bride who knows how to make an entrance. It’s the ideal blouse design if you’re wearing a lehenga for your reception day. Take your look from basic to badass, instantly.


93. Classic V-Neck

Shilpa Shetty rocked this blouse designed by Anamika Khanna and it is that classic design that looks fab on everyone.

94. A Button Up Shirt!

What an interesting design, right? It’s a button up shirt layered with a V-neck blouse. Pair it with a high waist lehenga skirt and get ready for all the compliments coming your way.

95. Long V-Neck Lehenga Blouse

This one needs no explanation, it’s classic, it’s perfect and it’s very flattering. The cut-work hem of the blouse adds all the drama and will look great paired with dhoti pants or a lehenga.

96. Do It Like Katrina! 

Another Manish Malhotra creation, this one is a wide V-neck with skin coloured net holding it all together. If you want to flaunt your collar bones and shows off your shoulders, this is the style you should opt for.


Offbeat Neckline Designs For Bridal Lehenga

97. The Experimental Blouse Design

We bet you would have never thought of getting something like this designed for your wedding day. If you’re the bold bride-to-be who likes to experiment and isn’t afraid of trying a naughty neckline, just get this one tailormade already.

Sleeve Styles For Lehenga

98. Floaty Sleeves Blouse Design

bell sleeves

If you are a person who is about floats and swings and can dare to go vintage, floaty sleeves are for you. You could choose the length of the sleeve and you are definitely going to be one-of-a-kind bride. Floaty sleeves look best if you are sleek as they will help you look full-figured.

99. The Petite Bride Bell Sleeves Blouse Design

floaty full


Again, this style looks good if you are petite as it will add some amount to your measure. It is classic and vintage and if that’s how you want your look to be like, there’s no stopping you, girl.

100. Beautiful In Brocade

Because you can never go wrong with a tube blouse! Opt for a heavy brocade fabric or one that matches your lehenga and get a tube blouse made. It works well for day functions and would be ideal for your mehendi. If you’re conscious of showing too much skin, just wear a cape over it!

101. Sonam-Like Tube Blouse Design

sonam kapoor tube blouse

If you are the bride who is not scared of showing off, tube blouse is the sexiest kind of lehenga blouse pattern that exists. You can either choose to get one with the same fabric as your lehenga or you could get it embellished with a similar work. We simply loved how Sonam made a basic white saree become so glam with just a tube blouse.


102. Heart-Shaped Tube Blouse Design

This pretty Manish Malhotra saree worn on Jacqueline looks nothing short of a fairytale. The tube blouse with a heart-shaped neckline is as pretty as it gets. The beauty of this blouse design is that it combines boldness with loveliness. If that’s the kind of design you are looking for, you have got it.

Off-Shoulder Lehenga Blouse Designs

103. The Sensual Off-Shoulder Blouse Design

Who better than Aditi Rao Hydari to inspire your desi style! To keep things minimal, you could choose a Benarasi lehenga, just like Aditi did!

104. The Designer Off-Shoulder Blouse Design

This adorable blouse design by Manish Malhotra has to be one of our favourites. The sleeve pattern is so unique that it is sure to grab eyeballs. Its handcrafted antique gold detail is totally taken from a timeless narrative and we are in love.

105. Net Full Sleeves Blouse Design

fulll sleevs


There is a graceful poshness in opting for a full sleeved bridal blouse pattern. It is also a good choice if you are a winter bride. You can opt for net sleeves with patches of work. It won’t contribute to the weight of your lehenga much while also look gorgeous.

106. Silk Full Sleeve Blouse Design

full sleeves 2

You can also opt for a full sleeved pattern that’s made from the same fabric as that of your lehenga or saree. Silk or brocade full sleeve blouses look as classic as classic gets. You can also go for embroidery near the wrist, just like Vidya did.

107. The Cool Bride Half Sleeves Blouse Design

Half sleeved lehenga blouse pattern has made a comeback, thanks to Sabyasachi. Most of his brides lately have sleeves that extend till just above elbows. It’s cool and the pattern to opt for if you think you can pull it off well. A word of caution, it can make you look more full-figured than you actually are. So, if you are looking for a blouse design that will make you look slimmer than not, this is not for you.


108. Toned Arms Sleeveless Blouse Design


Have been toning your arms lately? For most brides who sweat it out at the gym and would love to flaunt their toned body, sleeveless bridal blouse design is the perfect option. You could choose to keep your sleeve width sleek or wide, depending on what you prefer. It will make you look like the perfect summer beauty.

109. Bold Sleeveless Blouse Design

without sleeve 2

We simply love Shilpa Shetty’s blouse design and couldn’t help not sharing it here. Perfect for a spring bride, it exudes confidence through its deep U neckline and sleek sleeves. We dare you to go this bold and we can bet you will become the bride of the year.


110. The Modern Cape Sleeves Blouse Design


If you are a modern bride, capes are what you could opt for. You could choose to keep your blouse sleeveless or off shoulder and cover it up with a cape. This will keep things trendy and you won’t have to bother carrying a dupatta.

111. The Indo-Western Sleeves Blouse Design

deepike net sleeves blouse

Image: South India Fashion


Love Indo-western attires? You could choose to keep your Indian look a little westerly by opting for net sleeves. Opt for an off-shoulder blouse and go for full sleeves made of net. This will give an interesting twist to your Indian look.

112. For A Fun Floral Vibe! 

This sheer saree blouse by Manish Malhotra is what floral prettiness looks like. The intricate floral pattern and the net base adds such a charm to your saree. A good pick for your reception we say.

113. The Cap-Sleeved Embellished Blouse Design

This design proves that simplicity will never go out of fashion! You can achieve this look by mixing and matching colours, various kinds of embellishments and embroideries among others. Perfect for when you want to customize according to your taste!

114. Traditional Cap Sleeves Blouse Design

cap sleeve 2


Confused between sleeveless and half sleeves? Go midway. Cap sleeves have been traditionally the most common sleeve style that Indian brides opt for. They just extend a short distance from the shoulder and are perfect for the summer bride.

115. Velvet Cap Sleeves Blouse Design

We fell in love with this Sabyasachi bridal lehenga with its velvet blouse. It is unlike most of the traditional lehengas that we usually come across. The cap sleeves with zardosi detail that matches the neckline are totally stunning.

116. The Classic Quarter Sleeves Blouse Design

quarter stylesatlife

Another classic pattern perfect for the winter bride. Quarter sleeves look graceful and posh. You could choose a silk or brocade fabric for your blouse and to add a modern tadka, go for a colour contrast.


117. Jewel It Up!

cut-out sleeves

If you are tired of common sleeve patterns and are looking for something that’s different, you can opt for cut-out sleeves. You can choose to go for a shoulder cut out with precious Swarovski and pearl work such as this design.

118. For A Royal Princess Look

If you are going for a plain blouse or plain sleeves, you can up its classiness score by choosing a border on the edge of the sleeves. It could be an embroidery, zardosi or patchwork.

119. Brocade For The Win!

Like this Sabyasachi bride, you could also choose a printed sleeve border, but with a different print than that on the blouse. This style looks best on fabrics like silk and brocade.


120. Kimono Style Blouse

Are you going to have a winter wedding? A kimono style lehenga blouse idea wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.  Look at this gorgeously done embroidery with tassels on the border. Pair it up with a skirt or a solid lehenga of your choice and it’s perfect for a sangeet or a mehendi function.

121. Pleats On The Arms

If you don’t like it ruffled on your sleeves, then go for pleats instead. This peach coloured loose fitted blouse is all things summer. Pair it up with nice embroidered dhoti pants, accessorize it well, and let your elegance do all the talking for you.

122. Big Ruffles On The Sleeves

If you are the kind of bride who loves to wear some extra drama on your sleeves, check out this stunning royal blue full sleeves blouse with big ruffles on the sleeves. Dramatic enough?

123. Bold Printed Blouse Design for Lacha

Pair this bold printed blouse with a leheriya saree just like Shilpa Shetty and look like a million. It’s fun and trendy and it’ll make you look ultra chic!


124. Quirky Plunge Neck Printed Blouse

Be fun and young with this quirky plunge neck blouse. It’s printed and a plunge neck, that’s got to mean that there’s something to love for everyone!

125. Embellished Blouse Design for Lehenga

You will get your glam on in this embellished piece and look like a million dollars too, honey! Pair it with just about anything and you’ll still dazzle!

126. Elegant And Classy Lehenga Blouse Design

Who said basic is boring? Nope, keep it elegant and classic and let your outfit do the talking. The best part is, it’s perf for any function.

127. The Sexy Backless Blouse

Simple funda, girls! If you have it, you totally flaunt it. We love Sonam’s backless blouse that she carried with such finesse. If you think you can too, then go for it and be the diva bride!


128. Sheer Prettiness

One can never go wrong with a sheer blouse. If your outfit is simple otherwise and you want to pep it up a little bit, then a sheer embroidered blouse is your best bet.

129. Flare Sleeves, Anyone?

Any simple blouse can be pepped up by making its sleeves a little dramatic. Don’t believe us? Take this blouse for example and you’ll understand what we’re saying!

130. The Choli-Style Blouse Design

Need we say anything about the sheer sexiness of this blouse? Be the glam bride by opting for this design and rock your bridal look like a boss.

131. Embroidered Blouse Design

Blouse Design for Lehenga


Embroidered designs are ethnic designs that can never go out of date. This embroidered blouse can fit into chic as well as traditional style. Pair it up with simple cotton saree or georgette saree.

132. Drape Blouse

Blouse Design for Lehenga

When you are looking for blouse designs for girls, drape blouses are in trend for quite some time and this will only add to your fashion personality.

133. Zig Zag Design



This design was famous during 90s 

Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Getting Your Blouse Stitched

Now that you have a huge list of lehenga blouse designs to choose from, there are a few other things you need to know before you get your lehenga blouse stitched. After all, your wedding lehenga or saree is the most important outfit, and it can be nothing short of PERFECT. You plan your look for months, and go from store to store searching for ‘the One’! And, girls, what you must remember is that the awesome lehenga is incomplete if your blouse is not on point. Having the perfect lehenga with a not-so-great blouse can be quite a buzzkill. So, we give you a list of mistakes you must avoid making when getting your blouse stitched.

1. The Length Of The Sleeves

The length of your sleeves can make all the difference to your look for the wedding. While 3/4th length or elbow-length sleeves look formal, wearing that sort of a blouse with lots of bangles is a no-no. The blouse, bangles, plus the mehendi is just going to make your arms look very cluttered.

2. No Embroidery Under Your Arms, Please

This is a very common mistake made by most of us! When you’re getting your lehenga blouse stitched, brief the tailor that there should be no embroidery under your arms. It’s going to get really messy once you start to sweat. Trust us, you don’t want that itch when you’re walking down the aisle.


3. Too Many Tassels Are A No-No!

If you’re wearing a heavy duty necklace that has tassels and you also have a dori at the back of your blouse, just snip the extra tassel hanging from your sleeves. Imagine three-four doris hanging at the back, all in different shapes and sizes. Umm, not a pretty sight, we say!

4. Avoid Sequins With Lighter Fabrics

If you’re wearing a chiffon or a crepe saree or dupatta, make sure you’re not wearing a blouse filled with sequins or embroidery. The heavy work on the blouse will pull the threads from your saree and spoil it. Opt for a chanderi, brocade or even a kanjeevaram blouse instead. It’ll give you that glamorous look, minus the damage.

5. No Front-Open Blouses, Please!

A front-open blouse is a bad decision, ladies. No matter what you wear, a lehenga or a saree, the fastenings in front are bound to show. And you don’t want that, do you? Go for the front-open option only if you’re wearing a jacket style/ blazer style blouse.

6. Chuck The Buttons

Opt for a zipper instead of buttons on your blouse, and have it stitched on one the side. It looks neat, doesn’t pop open even if you’ve eaten too much, and doesn’t get stuck anywhere. Easy, peasy, isn’t it?


7. Don’t Try Too Hard And Match Everything

While you may want to match your blouse with one element from your ensemble, matching it with everything isn’t a good idea. Have an element of contrast in your blouse. It could be in the form of embroidery, just the border of your blouse or even the tassels. Make the blouse break the colour and look of the outfit, girls.

8. High Neck And Jewellery? Nah!

If you want to be the edgy bride and wear a high-neck/ high-collar blouse design for your wedding day, please give that huge necklace a miss. Too much of anything looks bad, and if you’re going to wear jewellery on an embroidered high-neck blouse, it’s not going to work. Let some skin show, it gives a break from the bling!

9. Padded Blouse Fittings

A padded blouse mostly gives great shape to your breasts, but only when the pads are well placed. Make sure the positioning of the pads is right, and they are the right thickness. It shouldn’t be too thick or too thin. Ensure this before you get it stitched!

Now that you know EVERYTHING you should know about your bridal lehenga blouse, we’re sure you’ll make the right decision!


Images: Pinterest, unless stated otherwise

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