20+ Interesting Mother’s Day Activities To Celebrate The Day!

Seuli BeraSeuli Bera  |  Apr 16, 2021
Mother’s Day Activity Ideas 2021


With Mother’s Day approaching soon, it’s time you start planning for the special day. While gifts and cards are great, we have even got you a list of Mother’s Day activities that’ll add those extra stars to your celebrations. No matter what your budget or whether you live together or far apart, these Mother’s Day activities will come in handy for all. So go on, scroll ahead and let the preparations begin! 

Mother’s Day Craft Activities

Mother's Day Craft Activities

If you’re a mom yourself, these Mother’s Day craft activities can be done with your kids and their grandma too! This day can be a way to teach your children about the significance of Mother’s Day while spending a fun creative day with them. And don’t worry, if you are a kid yourself, these can be done by you too. 

Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

These Mother’s Day craft ideas for your kids are fun and easy and will surely help you all bond on this special day. 

Clean Her Car

Take help from your dad, if required, and clean up your mom’s car before she wakes up in the morning. While she can’t take it out for a ride, given the pandemic, she’ll surely be happy at the effort you took.

Plan a Picnic

A Mother’s Day picnic is such a fun idea! Put together some sandwiches, bake a batch of cookies and prepare a picnic basket. Pick a place, be it your backyard or your terrace or a community park and let the celebrations begin! 

DIY Crayon Candle

This is a popular idea when it comes to Mother’s Day crafts for kids. All you need to do is collect your old spare wax crayons and put them into use. Help your little ones follow careful instructions available online to create a colorful candle for mom. The best part is watching them choose which colours she’ll love most.

Mother’s Day Craft Activities for Adults

It’s fun to create Mother’s Day crafts for our mommy no matter what age you are. These Mother’s Day crafts for adults will bring out the child in you! 

Knit a Sweater

When we were young, our mommies knitted sweaters for us and now you can surprise her with a sweater in her favourite colour and design. If you like wool and spun, you will enjoy this Mother’s Day activity for sure.

DIY Jewellery

Who doesn’t love accessories? If your mommy is the fashionista of your family then she will love this jewellery gift handcrafted by you. 

Go Camping

How about taking your mother camping?! You guys can have some bonding time and rejuvenate amidst nature. She will surely love this Mother’s Day activity! Just don’t forget to click lots of pictures. 

Easy Mother’s Day Activities

Easy Mother’s Day Activities

If you’re pressed for time, these Mother’s Day activity ideas are just what you need. Whether you’re thinking of Mother’s Day painting ideas or DIY ideas, these easy ones can always be attempted when you are short on time.

Some Extra Hours Of Sleep

Your mom works 24×7. So on Mother’s Day, let her relax and take some time off. Also, don’t forget to keep a scrumptious breakfast ready for her when she wakes up. 

Breakfast On Bed

 You know what your mommy loves to have for breakfast, so you just need to cook it up and surprise her in the morning. Top it up with a sweet Mother’s Day wish. 

Write a letter

If you’re not good with words, use a Mother’s Day quote and write a personal note inspired by it. The fact that you took the time to sit down and write an actual letter will warm her heart and show that you truly care.

Long Distance Mother’s Day Activities

Long Distance Mother’s Day Activities

No distance can take away the bond we share with our mothers. If you and your mother are away from each other and share a long-distance relationship, then these Mother’s Day activities can be helpful for you.

Zoom Party!

You could simply schedule a video chat and sing her a beautiful song or read out a Mother’s Day poem for her. Get a cake delivered to her place and cut it together on your private little zoom party!

Flower Power

Send her a bouquet of flowers. Whether you send her a few sunflowers or a lavish bouquet that barely fits in any of her vases, attach a sweet note and order it to be delivered on Mother’s Day!

Foodie Goodies

Just like sending flowers can do magic, if your mother is a foodie, then you can send her a basket full of her favourite goodies. Nothing like a happy tummy!

Mother’s Day Games

Planning a small get-together for Mother’s Day? Don’t forget to check out this list of Mother’s Day games!

Mom Trivia

Prepare a set of interesting questions about your mother and ask the family members, like a round of rapid-fire! The one who gets maximum right, wins! 

What’s in Mom’s Purse?

Everyone needs to guess what’s there in mom’s purse and the person with maximum correct guesses becomes the winner. Easy peasy, right?!

Whose Mom Is It Anyway?

To play this game, give each mom a piece of paper and a pen. Ask her to list three things she did before having kids. For instance, a mom’s list could read something like this:

  • I once worked in a museum.
  • I once dyed my hair pink.
  • I was a cheerleader in high school.

When the moms have finished their lists, one person will read each list out loud. The kids must guess which list belongs to their own mom!

Hope these Mother’s Day activity ideas make your celebrations even better!

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