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23 Birthday Celebration Ideas For Adults & Kids To Make It A Memorable One!



Birthday parties are full of entertainment. Be it singing the birthday song off track, taking a decade to blow out the candles, or laughing like crazy on random jokes, all these contribute to turning your birthday bash into a blast! So if you’re planning to throw a party once the pandemic is over, here’s a list of birthday celebration ideas that you need to check out!


Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday party ideas  2021

Freepik – Birthday party ideas


We have got you covered with the best kids party ideas and adult birthday party ideas to make one’s birthday an awesome celebration.

Send Digital Invitations


It’s time to ditch the paper invitations and jump onto free digital versions of invitations to your guests. Choose beautiful templates and make customized invitations and cut the pricey postage and save paper too!

Minimal Guestlist


It’s great to invite your entire family and friends but it’s always better to keep it close, making the party more cost-effective, enjoyable and special.

Treasure Hunt Theme


Treasure hunt keeps your guests involved the entire time and the one who finds the treasure gets to take it home as a return gift! 

Bake The Cake At Home


What better than to bake the birthday cake at home?! Everyone orders from bakeries but you can do something different. Get the masterchef in your family to help! 

A Sleepover Is Fun!


You can host a fun pyjama party where the guests can stay awake the whole night and enjoy watching a movie, playing games, or eating some snacks.

DIY Decor


Don’t want to spend thousands on the decor? Well, do it yourself! Order in props and put your creative caps on. It’s easy, fun and so much more personalised. 

How About A Potluck?


One of the best birthday celebration ideas is organizing a potluck! Ask your guests to make their best dish and bring it to the party. This way, you can enjoy different cuisines and their dishes.

A ‘Thank You’ Token


Send thank you notes to your guests by framing their pics from the night. This could either be a physical frame or an email. 

Games For All


Amongst the plethora of game options, you can organise games like musical chairs, dumb charades, freeze dance, three-legged race, and a lot more. These games are easily manageable and lots of fun. 


Birthday Surprise Ideas

 Birthday Surprise Ideas

Freepik -Birthday Surprise Ideas


Are you all out of surprise birthday celebration ideas? No worries! We have got a long list of kids and adult birthday party ideas that will not just surprise them but allow you to make your loved one’s special day a milestone!

Retro Movie Date


Host a retro movie date and set up the room with plenty of colorful pillows, popcorn tubs and comfy seating. Yup, that’s a success party right there. 

A Chef’s Table


Take the birthday boy/girl to their fave restaurant and have a special chef’s table booked for them. Delicacies prepared specially for them will be much appreciated by the foodie that they are!

Pool Party!


On summer days, there’s nothing better than hosting a surprise pool party. Refreshing beverages, barbeque and beer pong, now doesn’t that sound amazing! 

Glamm Photoshoot


Book a professional photographer and get the birthday boy/girl a Glamm photoshoot! You can even get some friends involved and make it a day to remember. 

Morning Surprise


Birthday celebrations should start from the minute you wake up in the morning. You can surprise the person by sending their favourite flowers and balloons to their place with a cute birthday wish letter.

Game Night


Pull out some classic board games and get the party started. In the middle of the night, you can also surprise with a DVD playing a montage of memories with friends and family.

Gifts Galore


Surprise the birthday person with little gifts all through the day! Why give it all together when you can space it out and make every other hour of the day special. 

Cook For The Day


If they are a foodie, turn chef for them and prepare a delicious meal as a birthday gift for them. 

Wine Lovers Unite


Host a wine tasting party and let everyone have a gala time on the birthday evening. 


Birthday Celebration Ideas At Home

birthday party ideas at home 2021

Freepik – birthday party ideas at home


Planning a lockdown birthday? Here’s a list of birthday party ideas at home to make it a memorable one. 

Self Love


Self-love is extremely essential and a day of at-home spa sounds like the perfect plan. Light some candles, put on a soothing track and let the worries float away. 

Do Up Your Home


Just because you’re home, doesn’t mean you can’t have a party. Order DIY decor props, some balloons and bring in the birthday feel!

Memory Board


Taking a look back at some of your special memories and moments with your loved ones would not just make your birthday extra special but bring a sense of nostalgia too!

Birthday Scavenger Hunt


Create an elaborate scavenger hunt for the birthday boy/girl with clues spread across the house. What fun!

Virtual Party


Facetime, google meet, and zoom calls have been the game changers during the quarantine period. You can schedule a time with your loved ones and send across a list of drinks and food to kickstart the birthday party. Games would also add a lot of fun to your virtual birthday party.


More Birthday Ideas


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Hope you liked our list of birthday celebration ideas! Have an awesome day. 

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18 May 2021

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