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#MyStory: What Being In A Toxic Relationship For 3 Years Taught Me

#MyStory: What Being In A Toxic Relationship For 3 Years Taught Me

3 years, 5 months and 22 days.

Exactly the time we dated or should I say, I wasted?

Before I start with *my story*, I  wanna advise each and every one of you, NEVER date anybody without knowing them first, their history and the kind of people they hang out with. It reveals a lot about the kind of person they are and definitely, do NOT ignore any red flags.

It was my third day at my college and I had barely made any friends. Just a few girls who had nothing in common with me apart from the fact that we had all our four classes together. Anyways, I was reading an Agatha Christie book as yet another class got cancelled my batchmates decided to play truth or dare.

Sportingly, I said yes and the games began.

When the bottle pointed towards Neel, he immediately yelled, “truth”.

“Who’s the cutest girl in our college”? he was asked and (unfortunately) he pointed towards me.

I was busy on Facebook to even notice that the last five seconds were about me. A loud round of applause, followed by “ooooooooh” startled me. Everyone was staring at me, I mean everyone and this girl beside me told me what just happened.

We spoke, exchanged numbers, added each other on Facebook- you know the drill and in no time, we were officially dating.

Months flew by and things were good. We used to reach college early so that we could spend extra time with each other and stay back after classes. I guess we were falling in *love*.

Actually, that’s where the problem began. He wanted me all the time. All to himself. Every waking second had to be about him somehow. Even on the weekends.

“When did you wake up?”

“So, why didn’t you call me?”

“Why was your phone busy?”

“Where are you going. Who are you going with?”

“Who is he, why haven’t I heard about him before?”

It felt like every day I was being interrogated. I was trapped. I lost contact with all my school friends (a big thanks to the ones who are now back in my life) and even my college friends were a distant memory.

He wanted to hang out all the freaking time. I barely had any time to breathe. I even had to miss a few of my classes because HE was in the mood to chill with me.

“Can’t you see how much I love you?”

“I’m sorry if I get angry. It’s just that I love you too much”


Things got crazier as time passed. He started to talk & discuss marriage. I was in my second year of college. I had my whole life in front of me, big shoes to fill and basically think about what and who I wanna be when I graduate. But no, *marriage* was the most important thing.

“Why don’t you marry me?”

“Are you not sure about me?”

“How about we do court marriage and later on, we can inform our parents?”

I cannot even begin to tell you how scared I was.

And mind you, this was just the beginning. Neel’s house was just twenty minutes away from mine and whenever we fought or I ignored, she used to show up at my house, threatening to go to my parents and tell them everything. That was the worst, trying to calm him down, begging him to not do anything irrational. He was becoming violent.

Then came the speculative accusations that I’m cheating on him, followed by abusive language.

Anyways, things were pretty bad for a while and moving to a new college (that was in a different city) was my ticket out of the relationSHIT. Things fizzled out and he realised that the threatening trick will so not work anymore. I also met someone behind his back so it was a double win!

It’s true, being in a toxic relationship can teach you many lessons! Looking back, I have a lot of regrets but I’m thankful that I’ve become stronger, I believe in myself now more than ever. I have become fearless because I know whatever life throws at me, it’s nothing compared to those three awful years.

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14 Jan 2020

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