#ModernLove: Dating Terms And Abbreviations We All Need To Know In The Age Of Swiping!

#ModernLove: Dating Terms And Abbreviations We All Need To Know In The Age Of Swiping!

Love in the digital era is all about texting, or shall we say sexting? We spend the majority of our day sharing and reacting to each other's pictures and using a gazillion apps to stay in the know!

Dating too has gotten more complicated. Single and committed are no longer the terms we use. There are so many ways in which you can describe your current relationship status. Multiple stages of love and a few atypical terms that can perfectly sum up the relationship you and your (potential) partner may have. And in this modern day of love and swiping to find your soulmate, it’s important to stay updated with terms that’ll give you the upper hand. After all, you don't want to feel left out, IRL, do you?

Relationship Slang You Need To Know

What's your relationship status? Single? Is it complicated? Keeping it casual or recently got ghosted or maybe he breadcrumbed you really hard?

No idea what we're talking about? Read along to know more...


Have you ever been ghosted? We hope never! Being ‘ghosted’ means dating someone for some time and that person pulls a Casper on you, we mean completely vanishes from your life - like a ghost! We know, how sad!

How to use: I thought things were going really well and then, all of a sudden, he just ghosted me.


Definitely not a sweet thing, breadcrumbing is when you romantically lead someone for a really long time, either through social media or plain ol’ texting but with NO intentions of taking things to the next level!

How to use: She was really into me but whenever we spoke about making things official, she would just laugh it off. Basically she was breadcrumbing me the whole time!


If you thought ghosting was bad, meet its evil sister, mosting. It’s when someone is constantly complimenting you and makes you feel as if they’re really smitten by you but IRL, they are most definitely not and just want to get in your pants. In simple words, a declaration of love and interest in you, followed by the disappearing act. *poof* like they never existed!

How to use: Things were really going well between us and he even expressed how much he is looking forward to meeting my parents but then the worst thing happened. He changed his number and removed me from all his social media accounts. He was mosting me, argh! 


If you’re a true romantic at heart, this phase in a relationship will be your worst nightmare! Submarining is when a person keeps disappearing and reappearing in your life without any reason at all. 

How to use: Just when I was finally able to move on, he decided to submarine again!


Imagine you’re crazy about your partner. They are the best thing that has happened to you and you love to talk about them all day long. But they don’t- I mean they do love you but not interested to introduce you to their family or even friend circle! Congratulations, you’ve been stashed!

How to use: I thought I'll finally be able to meet all of his childhood friends but he asked me not to come at the last minute. Talk about getting stashed.


As the name suggests, calling your partner a cupcake means that they’re soft, loving and kind and that you find them really sweet. Bae-sically, you just love 'em so much that you might eat 'em up!

How to use: I'm so lucky to have you in my life, my Lil cupcake!

Thirst trap

A thirst trap is posting a sexy photo on the internet to attract attention from maybe that one person or all your loyal followers!. It can also be used to describe your hot *social media crush*.

How to use: Adam posted such a hot picture on the 'Gram today and I can't believe I'm falling for his thirst trap!

Relationship Abbreviations You Should Totally Know

Now that you're clear about what kind of relationship phase you might be going through, here are a few love abbreviations you should keep in mind the next time you're texting a potential partner!

1) LMIRL:  Let's meet in real life
2) B4N: Bye for now
3) CSL: Can’t stop laughing
4) FWB: Friends with benefits
5) KIT: Keep in touch
6) QT: Cutie
7) TDH: Tall, dark and handsome
8) WYCM: Will you call me?
9) YAFI: You asked for it
10) 411: Information

 We bet you cannot wait to show off your newfound knowledge on modern day relationships now!

Like Queen GaGa sang, "Let's play a love game, play a love game...Do you want love..."

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