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6 Tips On Baby Skin Care And The Best Products To Use In Their Daily Routine

6 Tips On Baby Skin Care And The Best Products To Use In Their Daily Routine

Your baby’s skin is super-sensitive and delicate and requires special care. It takes quite some time for their skin barrier to develop fully and adjust to the harsh environment. This is also the reason why your little one’s skin easily reacts to the slightest discomfort. For instance, they may develop a rash or a breakout due to exposure to environmental aggressors, such as the sun or pollution, or even skincare products used daily.

To keep your munchkin’s skin protected, you need to follow some basic baby skin care tips and use chemical-free and gentle products. We’ve listed some tips below that can help care for your baby’s skin effectively, and the best baby skincare product recommendations as well.

6 Practical Tips On Baby Skin Care

Tips on baby skin care
Opt for gentle, mild, and toxin-free products for your little one

Keep Your Baby Out Of The Sun

Since your baby’s skin is vulnerable, venturing out without any sun protection can cause serious burns and rashes on their skin. The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) even recommends keeping babies below the age of six months away from direct sunlight. 

But in case you can’t avoid the sun, make sure to layer a moisturising baby sunscreen on your child’s skin to protect them from the damaging effects of the UV rays. You can opt for the natural moisturising baby sunscreen from BabyChakra that has an SPF of 30+ and a PA+++ rating and is designed with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which form a protective layer on your baby’s skin to offer full-proof protection from the sun. The sunscreen also contains a blend of plant-based ingredients, such as chamomile oil, rosehip oil, and carrot seed oil that provide gentle nourishment to your baby’s skin and protect them against free radical damage.

Apart from applying sunscreen, follow other sun-safety methods, such as dressing your baby in lightweight clothes that cover their legs and arms, putting on a hat to protect their head and ears, and avoiding stepping out between 10 AM to 4 PM.

Follow The Best Practices For Bathing

When it comes to your baby’s bathtime, make sure you are using only chemical-free and hypoallergenic products. Be cautious while choosing a baby wash and consider the following factors before making a decision.

  • The baby wash should be safe for sensitive skin
  • It should have a mild fragrance
  • It should be free of toxic ingredients
  • It should be paediatrician approved

One such natural skincare product that you can consider trying is the moisturising baby wash from BabyChakra, which contains a blend of nourishing plant-based ingredients to strengthen your baby’s skin barrier and offer optimal nourishment. The moisturising baby wash features rose oil, moringa oil, strawberry oil, and pumpkin seed oil that hydrate and condition your baby’s skin and protect against dryness or flakiness. 

Use A Plant-based Shampoo To Tackle Cradle Cap

Tips on baby skin care
Opt for a baby shampoo that effectively tackles cradle cap and dandruff

Cradle cap is a common condition that affects your baby’s scalp and appears in yellowish or greasy-looking patches. While this condition usually resolves on its own, you can use a mild, plant-based shampoo to treat it. You can consider purchasing the natural strengthening baby shampoo from BabyChakra, which is designed with a potent blend of organic and plant-based ingredients like aloe vera and hibiscus extracts, black seed oil, curry leaf oil, and sandalwood oil. All these ingredients have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that soothe crap cap in your baby’s scalp, reduce itching, and stimulate stronger hair growth. 

Be Mindful Of Their Dry Skin

If your baby has dry skin with flaky patches in some spots, then you should definitely consider adding some plant-based ingredients like avocado oil or almond oil to their skincare routine. For instance, you can try the nourishing baby massage oil from BabyChakra to moisturise and hydrate your little one’s skin and prevent itchiness or dry skin.

The nourishing baby massage oil is formulated with emollient-rich oils, such as avocado oil, almond oil, saffron oil, and moringa oil, which deliver essential nutrients to your baby’s skin, protect it against external damage caused by environmental aggressors, and soften their skin to make it look plump and supple. You can apply the oil daily, after their bath for best results. 

Follow Diaper Hygiene

Tips on baby skin care
Follow the best diaper hygiene practices and apply a diaper rash cream to soothe their skin

Without proper diaper hygiene, your baby may suffer from frequent breakouts of diaper rashes and irritation. That’s why you should give them frequent diaper changes, and use bamboo-infused water wipes to clean their buttocks and provide nourishment.

In case your baby has a diaper rash, you can use the diaper rash cream from BabyChakra, which is formulated with natural and organic actives, such as chamomile oil, bentonite, and shea butter, and neem oil. All these ingredients have soothing qualities and offer quick relief from irritation and itchiness. 

Watch Out For Nasty Insect Bites

Even when you try your best, protecting your little one from mosquito and insect bites can be quite challenging. The best way to protect your little one from insect bites is by dressing them up in full-sleeved clothing. But if they do get an insect/mosquito bite even after that, you can use the after-bite roll-on from BabyChakra to soothe and relieve irritation. The after-bite roll-on is designed with natural ingredients like lavender oil, chamomile oil, calendula oil, and peppermint oil, which offers a coupling sensation on your baby’s skin and reduces swelling and itchiness quickly.

Taking care of your baby’s sensitive skin is quite challenging, but with the right baby skin care tips, you can protect your baby’s delicate skin, and keep them healthy and comfortable. Additionally, opt for the best baby skincare products that we mentioned to provide optimal love and nourishment to your little one.

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21 Sep 2022

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