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Birthday Ideas for Boyfriend

40 Astonishing Birthday Ideas for Boyfriend That He Would Love!

It goes without saying that your birthday is definitely the most special and exciting day for you. But if we were to come up with the second most important birthday it’s gotta be your boyfriend’s. And let’s face it, sometimes planning the perfect birthday for him can be very stressful. Before you begin to scratch your head over this, we present to you some awesome birthday celebration ideas for your boyfriend!

Wine Tasting Tour

A special occasion calls for an extra special celebration. So if you’re still making a birthday plan for your boyfriend why not plan a wine-tasting tour with your boyfriend? Not only is this hella unique but you’ll have a fun time together all while being a little (or more) tipsy. 

A Surprise Party 

Has he been missing his friends lately? As cliche, as it may sound but throwing a surprise birthday party is one of the best celebration ideas for your boyfriend. Call that friend who loves miles away. Or ask his friends to refrain from making any plans with him on his birthday. Trust us when we say he’ll remember this birthday forever.  

A Cocktail Maker 

If your boyfriend is someone who likes to invent new drinks every once in a while, gift him a cocktail maker. Make sure to gift him one that comes in a box with all necessary tools like a cocktail shaker, strainer, bar spoon, muddler, etc. It should also contain a recipe book along with some cocktail flavours to try. And if you have a birthday party idea for your boyfriend in place, it’ll be the perfect place for him to use it. 


A Smart Watch

Gifting a watch can never go out of trend and a smartwatch is something that tops it all. From an Apple watch to MI and Samsung, you can whichever fits your budget. Make sure to do research before picking one and understanding the difference between a cellular watch and one with just a GPS. if you don’t have a birthday plan for him this will definitely make up for it. 

An Insulated Mug

If your guy is a workaholic who seldom gets time to have a hot cup of coffee or something chilly during summer then gift him an insulated cup. Not only do they help in keeping the beverage hot and cold for hours but it also helps in minimising waste. You can get a cup customised too with his name written on it.

A Barbeque Setup 

If you’re one of those lucky ladies who are in a relationship with a guy who loves to cook then a barbeque setup is a perfect gift. Trust us when we say he won’t stop showing it off to his friend and his cooking skills. 

A Day Full Of Fun Activities  

Instead of throwing a party at a club jazz up his birthday by planning an adventurous day with him. You can take him to a bowling alley, a gaming zone, book a rock climbing session, a laser tag session, or an adventurous theme park nearby. He would totally appreciate it!


An F1 Birthday 

If your boyfriend is an F1 race enthusiast then nothing can beat this plan. You can take him to a go-carting arena where he can show off his driving skills. Or a racing track where he can drive his car as fast as possible. 

A Watch Stand

If your guy is an avid watch collector then nothing can top this. Gift him a customised watch self where he can carefully place all his expensive watches without any worry. Not only will this help him in protecting his prized possessions but he’ll be able to find his watches on time, pun intended. 

A Sneaker Rack 

If your boyfriend is a sneakerhead then you know how important is it for him to protect them at all costs. Gift him a shoe rack that’s dedicated to his pricey shoe collection. Not only is it thoughtful but a perfect birthday plan for your boyfriend. 

Birthday Dinner On  A Cruise 

Go an extra mile on his birthday this time. Plan his birthday on a cruise. There are many budget-friendly options available in India. Make it extra special by asking the staff to decorate your table and throw in some candles to make it hella romantic. 


Take A Workshop Or A Class

Have been planning to take that salsa class together? Or pottery? Well, this is the perfect day for you two to indulge in a day full of fun and relaxing classes. Take that cooking or painting class to bring out the inner artist in you two. How about meditation or yoga for a healthier life ahead? 


A Gift For Every Hour!

Another of our favourite birthday celebration ideas for boyfriends is to grab all of their favourite things, wrap them in sparkly paper, and give them little surprises every hour, with the final one being delivered at the final hour of their birthday! This would definitely keep reminding him how special he is to you!

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Get Him A Camping Kit

If your guy is the macho type, then this birthday gift idea would be perfect for him. So show him how much you know him by customising all his favourite things in the form of a camping kit. So load up the kit with all the camping essentials and present it to him as a customized birthday present!


A Grooming Kit

Make him go about in his most confident self and get him a grooming kit that he would absolutely adore. Collect everything from his favourite brands and pack it up in a basket all set for him to use. You know he’s definitely going to love this one!

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A Gift Card

If your boyfriend is more on the extremely selective side when it comes to shopping, then a gift card is a great option for him. Get him one from his favourite brands (and with a long validity) so that he can shop at his own leisure. He would appreciate it far more than getting something he already owns!

1  birthday ideas for boyfriend

Gifts From An Admirer

If you want to pull this off, then you have to know his schedule well in advance. Hire a person or request his neighbourhood kid to deliver a string of little presents to him at different times of the day. The trick is catching him off guard and keep surprising him with little presents throughout his day. As we say, presents are good, but surprises make them a whole lot better!


A Dopp Kit For His Vacay Or Business Tours

Packing all the toiletries in an organised way is not a piece of cake. It requires to be packed in such a way that it is easy to manage daily while you are travelling. Gifting a Dopp kit to your boyfriend is a good idea especially when he loves/needs to travel frequently. He can store all his essentials in this one. Make sure to get a kit with customised pockets and sections to keep things manageable.


If your bae is a couch potato and loves to spend his day off binge-watching shows and movies or even video games, get him a recliner. He is gonna cry with joy and will give you a warm bear hug.

An Adventure With Close Friends

Plan a fun, adventure-filled trip with him and his close friends. Make bookings in advance (refundable ones, just in case!) and book yourselves for the bungee jumping he’s always wanted to do or the deep-sea diving you both have been planning since forever.

A Playstation Tournament

If he’s the gamer sort, nothing can be more fun than this. Even if you’re not into it, take part in the challenge and plan a Playstation tournament with your gaming friends and him. He’s bound to love this birthday surprise idea, especially watching you take part in something he loves – just for him!


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Explore Someplace New

If your boyfriend has a bit of wanderlust in him and is always making a list of places he’d like to visit, then you can also plan the perfect getaway with him! Book those tickets and call a bunch of his closest friends and you have the place set to organize the perfect birthday bash ever!


Birthday Extension

Instead of cramming lots in one day, start the celebration 2-3 days in advance, and carry them on until 1-2 days after the special day. Essentially, give him a birthday week! Invite his close friends over and you’ll give him the best birthday he’s had in a long time! Needless to say, the actual date’s got to be made the most special – but the lead-up will be equally memorable. One of the best birthday ideas for a boyfriend on our list, you absolutely have to check it out!

His Favourite Movie Theme Party

There’s got to be that one movie he’s crazy about. Plan a party based on that with all his friends and his day will be made! And yes, this means you have to dress up as an actress in the movie. His mind will be blown!


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Pool Party

Arrange a private pool party at a luxe resort and invite all your close friends. Pool, dance, drinks and friends are gonna make it a fun day to remember. Keep it a surprise and make sure he doesn’t expect his friends to be there when you hit the pool.

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Balloons With Photographs

Can you even imagine birthdays without a whole deal of balloons? Neither can we! So how about you surprise him by filling the place up with a lot of balloons! To make it extra special, you can stick a range of photographs on them to make it all the more special. They could be from the times you’ve spent together, some great moments in his life, or whatever you please!


A Balloon Blast

Now, this is one of those birthday surprise ideas that are bound to make him smile. Stack up on a hundred of colourful balloons and stuff them in his closet. Make sure that you stack them in such a manner that they fall all over him when he opens the closet. This will definitely make him go all smiles on his special day!

A Spa At Home

You get that life can be tiring for him, what with all the deadlines and routines. So on his special day, it makes sense to make him relax by gifting him a spa at home! You don’t have to be a professional with this one. Light some aromatic candles, grab some massage oils, put on some soothing music, and give him a spa sesh he most definitely needs! This is definitely one of the most relaxing birthday ideas for a boyfriend on our list!

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Best Date Jar

Could there be anything better than taking him back through all the amazing dates the two of you have had together? So grab some coloured pens and lots of coloured paper and write down all the dates you’ve been to. Put them all in a mason jar, wrap it up with a ribbon, and present it to him!


Knit A Scarf For Him

Want to give your boyfriend something for him to remember you by? How about you knit a scarf for him? Grab some yarns of wool in his favourite colour and knit him a scarf to keep him warm through the winter months.

A Naughty Surprise

Maybe something he’s been asking for, for a while, but you were just waiting for that special moment. This is the day, ladies! Plan his most recent fantasy and surprise him with it. Let go of your inhibitions and put the “lucky” back in his “lucky day”!

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Gift Hunt For Him

Just the way we had treasure hunts at kiddie birthday parties, this one’s bound to bring out the excited kid in him. The clues and notes can be written in a manner to excite him further and make him feel special. But the gift better be worth all the effort he puts in, girls!


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Give Him That Massage!

Now this one’s a no-brainer! Who doesn’t appreciate a nice long massage every now and then, especially if it’s given by someone you absolutely love! Among all the special things you have planned for your man, give him some extra lovin’ with a hot massage at the end of the birthday celebration!

A Blindfolded Trip

Give your boyfriend the perfect surprise this birthday by planning a road trip for him! Book a resort somewhere for the two of you, get in the car, and go! But the fun doesn’t stop just here, blindfold him so that he has no idea what you have in mind! Make the ride smooth for him by putting on his favourite playlist and driving him to the spot. He’s bound to be pleasantly surprised!

Wake Him Up To A Surprise

You know that there is nothing better than waking up to a pleasant surprise on your birthday, so why don’t give him that? Be quiet as a ninja and decorate his room while he’s asleep so that he wakes up to a room full of balloons and confetti. Get him breakfast in bed with some cupcakes on the side and you’re done!


A Collection Of Personal Notes For Him

This will require some amount of effort – you’ll have to get all his loved ones to write sweet little notes to him and compile them in a beautiful diary. Reading those will definitely make him feel great, and who’s to say, it may even bring that tear of joy.

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Surprise With A Video Montage

How about a video montage of all the cool things he’s done in the past year? Remind him once again why he’s the best and make him relive all those amazing moments again, he’s bound to love this one!

A Jar Full Of Reasons You Love Him

If you really want to make your boyfriend go ‘Awwwww’ on his birthday then we couldn’t suggest anything better than this! Simply grab a jar and fill it with little scrolls of the reasons you love him! He’s definitely going to cherish it for a long time to come!


A Memory Book

Yet another on our list of a sentimental birthday surprises for him, this one is super fun to make as well! All you need to do is to grab a scrapbook and fill it with pictures of all the amazing moments the two of you have spent together. Not only would it make the two of you go down the memory lane, but it would also make for a great birthday surprise!

Handwritten Letters

There is something about handwritten letters that never fails to inspire endearment. Not only do they convey emotions, but they also make for a great memory to look back to. So write him a bunch of letters for his birthday, put them in different coloured envelopes, and then arrange them on the wall in the form of the age he’s turning this year! Get creative and expressive, for you know that your boyfriend is in for a great surprise!

We promise that these surprise birthday party ideas for your boyfriend will definitely make his day a memorable one!

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