14 Awesome Bachelorette Party Ideas To Celebrate Singlehood One Last Time!

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Ladies, whether you are going to turn into a bridezilla or bridechilla during your wedding, is a topic for later. But, before all the wedding madness begins, all you really need to do is, spend some quality time with your bridesmaids and have a fun bachelorette party! While you can always opt for a destination for the celebrations, the current scenario calls for intimate setups at home. And to help you out, we've got a bunch of super fun bachelorette party ideas at home! Don't forget to share this with your besties so they can get planning!

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    Affordable Bachelorette Party Ideas


    Whoever said that bachelorette parties are meant to be expensive did not read the list of ideas we have curated below. These ideas for a bachelorette party at home are fun, fabulous and won't weigh heavy on your pocket. 

    Bring Your Own Booze

    The easiest way to cut down on costs is to ask everyone to bring their own alcohol. Let's admit it, it's the single most expensive thing at a party and making it a BYOB scene will really help. 

    Limited Guest List

    Just because it is your bachelorette, it does not mean that you need to invite the entire town! Trim down your guest list and invite only your closest friends to your special party. This is a time before marriage that you want to spend chilling with your favourite people in the world.

    DIY Home Decor


    Instead of hiring decorators and party planners, decorate your bachelorette party yourself. For quirky bachelorette party decorations, you can choose a particular theme like ‘retro’, ‘Barbie’, ‘gothic’, etc. and order relevant decor accessories online. You can buy disco lights, theme-based curtains, bedsheets, posters, and balloons. You can also DIY your own banners, signs and more. These decors will give a personalised touch to your party and make everything feel more personal.

    Choose An Activity Unanimously

    It makes no sense for you to set up different plans and activities that your friends will not even enjoy together. Instead of coming up with ten activities for each friend exclusively, opt for inclusive activities that can be enjoyed by everyone. For example, you might not want to have drinking games when half of your besties in your guest list don’t drink.

    Bachelorette Party Games

    What’s a party without some fun games, right? So, here are some bachelorette party games ideas that will keep you and your friends entertained throughout the event. These games are smart, engaging, and full of fun. 

    Bridal Treasure Hunt

    Plan a bridal treasure hunt where you place clues and hints about the bride at different spots in her locality. Make sure that the last clue leads all the guests to her favourite club or cafe where everyone can have a bash in an intimate setting.

    The Newlywed Game


    Send some questions to the to-be husband of the bride and record his answers beforehand. You can choose basic questions like ‘What’s the groom’s favourite car’ or any R-rated questions depending upon the crowd and their comfort. Next, repeat the same question to the bride and ask her to guess her partner’s answer. If she guesses correctly, the guests take a shot, if not, the bride takes a shot.

    How Well You Know The Bride?

    It’s time to find out who were those friends who actually paid attention to you, your likes and dislikes in all these years. Compile a list of questions that are based on your (bride’s) life and hand a copy of the same to all your guests. Now see which of your besties know you the best. You can even plan a surprise gift for the winner.

    Wine Pong

    We all know how the game of Beer Pong works. So if you're looking for bachelorette party game ideas then this is it. If you want, you can replace the beer with wine! The rules of the game remain almost the same, only, every guest has to try and place the maximum number of balls in the pretty wine glasses and not in tacky red cups!

    Truth & Dare

    The classic game of Truth & Dare is suitable for every occasion and hence, can be played at a bachelorette party as well. Choose some of the most interesting questions and dares for the game and whoever refuses to answer or perform the challenge, has to take a shot.

    Songs To Enjoy Bachelorette Party At Home

    Parties are incomplete without music and this list of bachelorette party songs will have you sorted. 

    Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai: Khoobsurat

    It’s energetic, refreshing and has the most catchy lyrics ever! 

    Dance Basanti: Ungli

    If you wish to dedicate a song to the lady of the hour, then this song is the perfect pick!

    Morni Banke: Badhai Ho

    The song is all about swag, nakhra, and attitude and would make perfect background music for all the Instagram Reels that you will upload later.

    Pappu Can’t Dance: Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

    While Pappu may or may not be able to dance, you surely can! And, so can your besties. This super energetic song was one of the best party songs and needs a spot on your playlist. 

    The Wakhra Song: Judgemental Hai Kya

    Ain't no party complete without this amazing Punjabi number. What say?!

    Gulabo: Shaandaar

    Interestingly enough, this song was an actual bachelorette party song in the movie Shaandaar and totally deserves a spot on your playlist. 

    Bachelorette Party Ideas By Season


    With these amazing bachelorette party ideas at home, you also have to keep in mind the weather. So here we are with bachelorette party ideas for brides, no matter what the season!

    Summer Bachelorette Party Ideas

    If you are planning for a bachelorette party in summer, then a poolside theme is all you need. Hire a villa with a pool, get those swimsuits out and make a splash! You can opt for matching swimwear for all the girls and a martini bar to get the party started. 

    Spring Bachelorette Party Ideas

    Spring is an amazing time to have a bachelor party as the weather is extremely pleasant and moderate. You can plan some outdoor activities like picnics, a trip to a local brewery or vineyard, a road trip or even camping as the weather allows for it perfectly.

    Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas

    If your bachelorette party is falling during the winter months, then bachelorette party ideas at home are what you should be looking at. Plan a fun movie night with your besties or just a night of hot chocolate and games. 

    Autumn Bachelorette Party Ideas

    People love autumn in India for two reasons--a) goodbye scorching summer heat and b) hello festivals! There is absolutely no doubt that autumn is the most colourful, vibrant, and happening season in India because it is full of festivities. 

    If you are planning your bachelorette in autumn, then you might want to inform your friends much in advance. Opt for a weekend getaway or a staycation to take the celebrations to another level! 

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