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Want To Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special?! Here Are Some Incredible 25th Birthday Ideas

Want To Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special?! Here Are Some Incredible 25th Birthday Ideas

Every birthday is important but the 25th birthday is always a little more special. Often referred to as the year of the ‘quarter life crisis’, it marks the beginning of a new phase in a person’s life. And as a friend or a relative, it’s your pleasure and duty to make this day more memorable for your loved ones. In case you are running short of 25th birthday ideas, we have a list of party ideas to celebrate 25 years of your loved ones’ life! Hope you make their birthday as special as your relationship is and just in case, your birthday is coming up, these are some perfect ideas for celebrating your 25th birthday as well. So, go bananas!

25th Birthday Ideas For Boyfriend

1. Shots, shots, shots!

Make your boyfriend have 25 shots and let him make a few confessions about how much he loves you! After all, he is legally allowed to drink now.

1 birthday party ideas

2. Get a gift that’s for both of you!

It might be his birthday but you know how much you love him. So get your hands on something that works for both of you like a matching bed sheet or towel set or a perfume that he can use and you can enjoy.

3. Take a trip together

Wanna have some fun darling?! The best and one of the most exciting ways to celebrate is to take your boy on a trip. Whatever your boyfriend loves: hills, beaches, historic places or camping, just ask him to save the dates and plan it all by yourself to surprise him. In this case, a lot of travel websites will be around to help you with the budget including booking.com, Make My Trip, Goibibo and Cleartrip.

4. Make it a couple spa day!

To make his 25th birthday special, pamper him and yourself by taking the day off from work, sign up for a couple spa session and spend some time at a salon. It will be revitalising and relaxing. And just in case, you are not a salon person, you can also offer a spa to your partner. You can set the mood with scented candles, dim lighting, calming music and essential oils and give him a relaxing massage. A day well spent *wink*

5. Help him get over his fears

Is he scared of heights or scared of water? Make his 25th birthday memorable by skydiving or scuba diving with him so he leaves his fears behind on his big day. He will always be thankful to you for choosing this day to help him get over his fears.

5 birthday party ideas

25th Birthday Ideas For Girlfriend

6. Learn something new with her or for her

It could be cooking, singing or a new dance form. Use her birthday as an opportunity to learn a new activity with her or for her! You can learn to sing a song for her or even join a salsa class with her. Baking is such a great option, you can visit her place and bake something together.

7. Go down the memory lane

Take her down the memory lane. Collect pictures from your journey together and get them framed. Visit her school or college with her to remind her of your brewing romance in the good old days. Take her somewhere you used to go all the time in the earlier days of your relationship. Bring her friends and family together!

8. Tick off an activity from her bucket list.

Everyone has a bucket list which comprises of things they want to achieve in life and we are sure, your girl has one too. So, on her 25th birthday make sure she ticks off at least one thing from her bucket list.

9. Bring a smile to her face by helping someone in need...

The greatest gift is the gift of giving. Do some charity work with her and help those who are in need of help. This will definitely make her feel content. It will show how mature and humble you are as a person. The blessings of the ones in need are going to be the best gift she could ever ask for.

10. Become a kid with her, again!

Who says 25 is old? Become a kid at 25 with her and throw a party for her themed on her favourite childhood character or cartoon show! Hannah Montana, Wizard of Waverly Place, Camp Rock, Friends, Ducktales, Gummy Bears, whatever she likes, go for it.

10 birthday party ideas

25th Birthday Ideas For Son

11. Express that you are proud of him and bless him with his favourite dishes!

Telling your son that you are proud of him for whatever he has achieved and the wonderful person that he has become, is one of best gifts you can give him and now that he has made you proud, he deserves a feast on his 25th birthday which will include everything he likes to eat.  

12. Write a letter to your son revealing his childhood details to him

Write a letter to him which speaks about the kind of child he was, the naughty or humble things he did as a kid in school. Pen down on a paper how you feel about his past, present and future. Tell him how much you love him and respect his life decisions.

13. Buy a star for your kiddo

Yes, birthday boy deserves a star of his own, so go ahead and buy a star for him and give it his name and bless him so continues to shine bright like a star. Because, why not?!

14. Have a crazy party!

He would never expect a crazy birthday party from his parents so surprise him! Organize a birthday party for him and party all night with him and his friends. Invite his childhood friends, his first best friend, his school friends - everyone who has been a major part of his life for these 25 years.

15. Give him some momma-time

Mothers are special and he knows that. Spend the whole day with your son and make him feel loved. After all, he is the one who does mistakes but also comes and says sorry for them later. You’ve always stood by him, so let him know that no matter what, you’ll continue to stand by him and protect him for as long as you can!

25th Birthday Ideas For Daughter

16. Thank your daughter

Take out a few moments and write a note to your daughter who is beautiful. Boost her confidence as a youngster. Thank her for becoming a woman who doesn’t follow the rules of the world but bends the rules and stays on top to the best of her capability. Remind her how valued and loved she is in the family. This will surely bring happy tears to her eyes and will be totally worth it.

15 birthday party ideas

17. Celebrate her 25th *year*

Birthdays can be extended to a whole year and 25th birthday is certainly worth it. Your daughter has successfully lived her teenage and she might soon become a part of another family so before that beautiful day arrives, make her entire year special by celebrating throughout the year instead of just a day. Someday you get her a dress, plan a trip with her and on the other day you cook something she loves to eat. Keep the surprises coming!

18. Convince her to ditch the diet for a day

Fitness is important but you can convince her to eat her favourite dish for a day by making all the things that she likes and serving it hot. Your baby girl, who is now 25 and too worried about her looks, would love to discover that her smile will always be more important than her looks.

19. Celebrate with the entire family

Family holds a special place in everyone’s heart, especially, for a daughter and no celebration is complete without the whole family. So call your cousins and grandparents relatives to share this day with all of them and to discuss all the fun moments the family has enjoyed so far!

25th Birthday Ideas For Yourself

20. Make 25 vows to yourself

Who said you need a man to exchange vows with? Exchange vows with yourself on your 25th birthday celebration and keep those promises for life. Vow number 1: You will always take care of yourself.

20 birthday party ideas

21. Take the plunge

Get that tattoo or a haircut you’ve always wanted. Take the plunge and surprise yourself and everyone by finally doing what you’ve been wanting to do for so long!

22. Take your parents on a trip

They have always been the ones to take you on holidays so why not surprise them on your birthday with an all-expense paid holiday to somewhere cosy?!

23. Do what makes you happy

One day, away from work and technology, consider living for yourself. Do whatever you like. Sleep for 25 hours if that makes you happy. Stay awake for 25 hours if that makes you happy. In short, just do what makes you happy.

24. Say bye bye to your past

Let go of everything from your past and stop looking back in life. Stop being sad about things that did not happen and start embracing what’s happening right now. Close that door, live today to the fullest and be thankful for all the good things you have in life!

25. Love yourself more… a lot more!

Yes, you might have a quarter-life crisis. You might see a few hair turning grey as well. But don’t fret over it. Always remember that you are a beautiful person and nobody can judge you. Always love yourself because you are gorgeous and we know it! So spend some time with yourself - you need to be your own priority!

25 birthday party ideas

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1. Should I throw my birthday party outdoors or indoors?

Depends on the weather and what makes you happier. If you love a rooftop but it’s rainy season, your party will certainly have some uninvited guests such as rain and mosquitoes. However, in a good weather, rooftop parties or campfire parties are the best.

2. How to plan a birthday trip for someone in budget?

Take the help of travel sites. Speak to private tourism companies and hotels on call before finalising. Make sure you’ve compared all your options well. Another way is to take a trip in off-season if the birthdate syncs. It’s always cheaper.


Published on Dec 7, 2016
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