28 Different Ideas To Make Your 25th Birthday Special!

28 Different Ideas To Make Your 25th Birthday Special!

Every birthday is important but the 25th birthday is always a little more special. Often referred to as the year of the ‘quarter life crisis’, it marks the beginning of a new phase in your life. And to make this day more memorable, we have clubbed some amazing ideas for 25th birthday to celebrate 25 years of your life! Hope your birthday is special, just like you.

List Of Fun 25th Birthday Ideas

Still wondering, how to make your 25th a hit? Just cut yourself some slack - consider these 28 ideas for celebrating your 25th birthday and celebrate yourself in more than one way!

1. Shots, shots, shots!

Have 25 shots! After all, you are legally allowed to drink now!


2. Gift yourself

Take your birthday as an occasion to gift yourself the bag/ dress/ shoes you’ve always had your eyes on. Spend money on yourself!

3. Take a trip

Take that road trip with your friends or the solo trip you’ve always wanted to take. Get up, book your tickets and leave.

4. Spa day!

Pamper yourself by taking the day off from work and spending some time at the parlour for a spa session. There is no better way to de-stress and treat oneself.

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5. Get over your fears

Always been scared of heights? Make your 25th birthday memorable by skydiving and getting over your fears. You will always be thankful to yourself for choosing this day to get over your fears

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6. Learn something new

It could be cooking, singing or a new dance form. Use your birthday as an opportunity to start learning a new activity!

7. Go down the memory lane

Bring your friends and family together and revisit old times. Pick an old picture of yours and go to the same spot where the picture was taken and this time pose there as a 25-year-old!

8. Tick off an activity from your bucket list.

Everyone has a bucket list which comprises of things they want to achieve in life. So, on your 25th birthday make sure you tick off at least one thing from your bucket list.

9. Bring a smile on somebody else’s face...

The greatest gift is the gift of giving. Do some charity work and help those who are needy. Their blessings are going to be the best gift you could ever ask for.

10. Become a kid again!

Who says 25 is old? Become a kid at 25 and throw a party themed on your favourite childhood character or cartoon show!


11. Do something that makes you proud

Forgive those who have hurt you, say sorry to those who you have hurt. Call that friend who you haven’t spoken to in ages. Become a bigger person and take the first step in life. You will always feel proud of yourself for doing it!

12. Write a letter for your 5 years older self

Write a letter to yourself which you would open and read on your next milestone birthday, i.e. your 30th birthday. Pen down where you are in life currently and where you see yourself after five years. Note down your dreams, desires and ambitions and it would be great for you to read it all when you are 30.

13. Buy a star for yourself

Yes, birthday girl, go ahead and buy a star for yourself and give it your name. Because, why not?!

14. Have a crazy party!

Organize a birthday party for yourself and party the night away. Call your childhood friends, your first best friend, your school friends - everyone who has been a major part of these 25 years.

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15. Mom time

Mothers are special. Spend this day with her and make her feel loved. After all, she is the one who has always stood by your side (since before you could even stand)!


16. Thank everyone

Take out a moment and write a note to everyone who has made you who you are today. Thank your family, teachers, friends, colleagues for being a part of your journey.

17. Celebrate the 25th *year*

The 25th birthday is special and gives you a reason and license to celebrate the entire year!

18. Ditch the diet for a day

This birthday will not come back again. Forget the diet for a day and eat all the cake and food without feeling guilty.

19. Celebrate with your family

Family holds a special place and no celebration is complete without them. Call your relatives and share this day with all of them!

20. Make 25 vows to yourself

Who said you need a man to exchange vows with? Exchange vows with yourself and make some promises to yourself.


21. Take the plunge

Get the tattoo or the haircut you’ve always wanted. Take the plunge and surprise yourself and everyone by finally doing what you’ve been wanting to do for so long!

22. Take your parents on a trip

They have always been the ones to take you on holidays so why not surprise them with an all-expense paid holiday on your birthday?!

23. Do what makes you happy

Sleep for 25 hours if that makes you happy. Stay awake for 25 hours if that makes you happy. In short, just do what makes you happy.

24. Say bye bye to your past

Let go of everything in your past and stop looking back in life and being sad about things that did not happen. Close that door, live today to the fullest and be thankful for all the good things in life!

25. Love yourself more!

Yes, you might have a quarter-life crisis. You might see a few hair turning grey too. But don’t fret over it. Always remember that you are a beautiful person and nobody can judge you. Always love yourself because you are gorgeous and we know it! So spend some time with yourself - you need to be your own priority!


26. Backyard BBQ

How about you arrange for a BBQ in your backyard? You can decorate it with a raft of balloons, banners, streamers, and light up the barbecue. You can also score some light music to set the mood right while you have your friends and family over. This is the perfect party idea for those who love food, have a grilled-up birthday!

27. Wine Crawl

Ditch the bar crawl for a wine crawl. This one is a shoutout to all the wine lovers. Just take your wine-loving girlfriends to a fine winery, where you can taste plenty of great wines and transport ahead of time. Hang with your pals and relax over a glass of wine!

28. Listen to Your Favourite Tunes

Nothing can soothe your soul like the good ol’ music. Make a solid playlist on your birthday and, stream and jazz on your favourite tunes all day long! And, a little dancing wouldn’t hurt, either! *Wink*


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This story was updated in September 2019