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Kehdi Hundi Si And 9 Other AP Dhillon Songs That’ll Have You Hooked!

Kehdi Hundi Si And 9 Other AP Dhillon Songs That’ll Have You Hooked!

If you happen to be a music enthusiast, chances are that you are currently tripping over AP Dhillon songs just like the rest of your tribe. We understand the frenzy. His songs are peppy, fresh, and have a way of staying in your head. The currently viral Kendi Hundi Si is the perfect example! However, there exist other songs from the musician that are equally trippy. Here are all the AP Dhillon songs that you should know about:

AP Dhillon Songs To Listen To In 2022

  • Kehndi Hundi Si
  • Brown Munde
  • Majhail
  • Struggle 
  • Arrogant
  • Most Wanted 
  • Goat 
  • Saada Pyaar 
  • Drop Top 
  • Gaani

Kehndi Hundi Si/Excuses 

The most popular of all AP Dhillon songs, Kehdi Hundi Si is an earworm that stays with you for a long time. Oh, by the way, the song’s actual title is ‘Excuses’ and has been both sung and written by AP Dhillon and Gurinder Gill.

Brown Munde

Another offering by the power-packed duo of AP Dhillo and Gurinder Gill, Brown Munde was written by Shinda Kahlon and went viral within no time after its release in 2020. The music video was directed by Conrad Jay and crossed over 450 million views on YouTube.


This AP Dhillon song was released by Collab Creations, written by Shinda Kahlon, and sung by Gurinder Gill and AP Dhillon. It belongs to the initial stack of songs from the musician and crossed over 60 million views on YouTube.


This is one of the latest AP Dhillon songs that was released in December last year. The song has been sung by AP Dhillon, Gurinder Gill, Shinda Kahlon, Gminxr and has crossed 1 million views on YouTube.


If you haven’t listened to this AP Dhillon song while on a long drive with your gang, do you even like Punjabi music? The song was released in 2020, written by Shinda Kahlon, and sung by AP Dhillon ft. Shinda Kahlon. It crossed 16 million views on YouTube.

Most Wanted 

While scrolling through all AP Dhillon songs, this generally comes at the bottom of the list but is a good one nevertheless. The song was written by Yash G, sung by AP Dhillon & Gurinder Gill, and released in 2020. It garnered over 14 million views on YouTube.


Now that’s one cool title, right? This AP Dhillon song has been written by Rajan Lahoriya and sung by the inseparable duo, AP Dhillon and Gurinder Gill. Music was given by Money Musik and Mix & Master by AP Dhillon. The song had the audience hailing this blockbuster music jodi and it crossed over 24 million views on YouTube.

Saada Pyaar 

Quite different from other AP Dhillon songs, this one is sure to leave you emotional. The song has been sung by AP Dhillon and Gurinder Gill

Drop Top 

One of the more groovy AP Dhillon songs, Drop Top has received immense love for its heady tempo. The song has been written and sung by AP Dhillon and, no point for guessing, features Gurinder Gill. It has garnered over 37  million views on YouTube.


This AP Dhillon new song is soothing and hits you differently. It has been sung by AP Dhillon and Gurinder Gill. The song came out just a month ago, is going strong, and has already garnered 10 million views on YouTube. 

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So fam, all set to play our curation of AP Dhillon songs on repeat?

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28 Feb 2022

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