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Vadhaiyan Ji Vadhaiyan! 20 Punjabi Wedding Songs That Will Add Chaar Chand To Your D-Day

It doesn’t matter what kind of Indian wedding you’re attending, because there are some things that are common in every desi shaadi. The bride looks as beautiful as ever and the groom looks completely smitten by her. There are delicious desserts to savour upon and of course, some high-beat Punjabi music to get everyone charged up.

Punjabi wedding songs are an integral part of every Indian wedding and it does not even matter if you’re a Punjabi or not. These songs are so upbeat, totally rocking and will make you want to hit the dance floor instantly. These tracks light up the entire ceremony and are the best way to break the ice and mingle with the guests.

If you agree with us, then here are some amazing Punjabi wedding songs that you need to add to your shaadi wali playlist right now!

Best Punjabi Wedding Songs

Whether it is your BFF’s wedding, your cousin’s wedding or even your own wedding, these Punjabi wedding dance songs will set the mood of the event instantly. Enjoy the special day with these awesome tracks:

Veer Ji Vyohn

This Punjabi wedding song will be a perfect pick if your brother is all set to become a dulhe raja! It is emotional, extremely peppy and too much fun.

Hulle Hullare

Wanna dance with your girl gang on an extremely energetic number and flaunt your moves? Then this hit Punjabi wedding song is the one for you. It is so addictive that you will just not wish to stop.

Rail Gaddi Aayi

No Punjabi wedding is complete without this nostalgic number. This traditional Punjabi wedding song will make every member of the family get on their feet and shake their legs.

Ishq Tadpave

Oh ho ho ho! This Punjabi wedding song is as iconic as it gets. Whether you are a Punjabi or not, this song is close to everyone’s heart.

Mama Bada Great

We all have heard this one either at wedding ceremonies or in Bollywood movies. It is that Punjabi wedding song that will call in every single member of the family one by one to perform and bless the bride and groom.

Old & Traditional Punjabi Wedding Songs

While Punjabi wedding songs are usually upbeat and fast-tracked, there are some traditional Punjabi wedding songs that are extremely soothing and emotional. You can play it for your loved ones to express your love and you can even choose some of them as your bridal entry track.

Ajj Din Khushiyaan Da

Your wedding is one of the most auspicious days of your life and this song says just that. It will make you and everyone present at the wedding feel super grateful.

Chitta Kukkar Banere Te

This traditional Punjabi wedding song was recently popularised again by the movie Shiddat. The original track is even more romantic and usually heard at ladies sangeet.

Dhol Jageero Da

This is one traditional Punjabi wedding song that captures the authentic musical essence of dhol. It is so catchy that you will want to do gidda with your friends.

Kaala Shah Kaala

Don’t go by the name because it is one of the most anti-racist songs ever and really compliments all the dark-skinned grooms out there.

Laung Gawacha

While this traditional Punjabi wedding song has been popularised once again by Bollywood, it is one of the most iconic Punjabi wedding songs ever. It is sung by a woman demanding her beau to find her lost nose ring.

Latest Punjabi Wedding Songs

Here are some latest Punjabi wedding songs that are sure to make you wanna leave your seats and get on the dance floor.

Saanu Te Aisa Maahi

This is one of the most famous Punjabi wedding songs of recent times that is usually played on Sangeet night. In the song, a woman asks her mother to find her a groom with specific qualities.

Batuaa (Jija Saali)

This Punjabi wedding song is for every groom and his sister-in-law. It captures the essence of their friendship and you will love their cute banter.

Saanu Nehar Wale Pul Te Bulaake

This is the new version of an old and traditional Punjabi wedding song. The lyrics have been modified and brides can now perform on it solo.

Jutti Patiyaale Di

This hit Punjabi wedding song has become quite popular among girls who are preparing for their bestie’s wedding.

Wakhra Swag

Is there anyone who is not aware of this peppy song? A wedding is not complete if you do not play this fab Punjabi wedding song.

Punjabi Wedding Dance Songs

These Punjabi wedding dance songs are meant to give you major foot ache because you will not stop dancing once these tracks start playing.

Gallan Goodiyaan

It’s a family song that will make all the members of your family get together on the dance floor and show some moves.

Balle Balle

This Punjabi wedding song is never getting old and we hope not because its beats and lyrics will always stay iconic.

Saadi Gali

Channelise your inner Tanu with this terrific song that will make you wanna flaunt your moves instantly.

London Thumakda

Another amazing Punjabi wedding song from Kangana Ranaut’s kitty, that is totally unmissable. All the new-age brides simply love this one!

Kaawa Kaawa/Ni Aj Mera Jee Karda

There is something about this Punjabi wedding song that makes it stand out from the crowd. It transports you to another world and you just don’t want to stop grooving.

More Wedding Songs For You

Here are some more iconic songs that you can add to your playlist:

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Hope you love these Punjabi wedding songs and dance on all of them soon!

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29 Oct 2021
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