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10 Sweet Ways To Surprise Your Boyfriend (Without Buying Him A Gift!)

10 Sweet Ways To Surprise Your Boyfriend (Without Buying Him A Gift!)

The world is not a happy place all the time and so we all need someone to perk up our days once in a while. And who does it better than your own sweetheart? Just like you adore the surprises he gives you, he absolutely loves it when you plan something for him too. It does not have to be an expensive gift, in fact, it does not have to be a gift at all most of the times. Here are a few unique ideas on how to give surprise to your boyfriend!


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Surprise Your Guy With These Adorable Ideas!

Who says that happiness always has a price tag attached to it? Here are some sweet ways to surprise your boyfriend, and with totally charming ideas!

Write A Sappy Soppy Love Letter And Send It Via Post!

Love letters have an old time romantic charm as well as considered as most romantic gift than that of emails, texts, WhatsApp messages! Pity people don’t write them anymore. Imagine his surprise when he receives a letter, and that too one filled with so much love!

1 Surprise your boyfriend

Rekindle The Romance, The Old-School Radio Way!

When he is going home from work, or late in the night when he is chilling in his PJs, request a special song for him on the radio! Just to make sure he does not miss it, send him a cute message which says, “I have a surprise for you. Tune into <the radio frequency>; :)”

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Call His Besties And Plan An All-Boys Night Out For Him!

You are now officially the coolest girlfriend ever! Just when he thinks he is going to have the same old eat-and-sleep saturday night, his friends will show up! Plus it will make him happy to get some quality time with his buddies. So yayy!

3 Surprise your boyfriend

Recreate Your First Date

Your first date probably was and continues to be one of the most beautiful memories you both share. So take him to the same place, dress up in a  manner similar to the way you did when you went out for your first date (if you remember what you wore :p), sit on the same table and even order the same food! The memories will automatically start to flow!

Learn To Sing His Favorite Song And Give Him A Little Performance!

It will be a bonus if you can learn to play it on the guitar or any other instrument! Even if you cannot, a cutesy performance for him will make him love it for sure!

5 Surprise your boyfriend

Learn To Make His Favorite Cocktail And Be His Bartender For A Night!

You can wear your cutest bartender dress and let him watch you in awe as you make his favorite cocktail! His favorite drink by his favorite girl is sure to put a smile on his face. And ahem… You may get some nice payback for this one! *wink*

Make A Cute Video Of All His Candid Moments!

You know those little video clips of him that you shot on your phone? The ones he didn’t know were being shot? Yes, those! Use them and some cute random pictures of your silliest, funniest, goofiest moments together, put a fun track in the background and bam! You have a super surprise right there. Invite him over for a movie and play that instead!

7 Surprise your boyfriend

Change Their Alarm Message To Something Cute For A Unique Morning Text!

Get a little eccentric with your morning messages and sweet nothings! Change his usual alarm text with something sweet to give a special touch! It could be something as simple as “Morning sunshine!” or any other little inside joke that the two of you share!

Get Creative With A Trail Of Notes

Could there be anything possibly sweeter than leaving your boyfriend with a paper trail of notes at every point of his morning routine? Start with his bedside table, to the bathroom mirror, the door to his wardrobe, the fridge, and finally the main door! This will definitely make his day!


Create A Romantic Ambience When He Gets Back From Work!

We’re talking candles, soft music, wine, flowers. Make him feel like you’ve been looking forward to seeing him after that long day. For there is nothing better than the perfect date night! This surprise gift to your boyfriend is definitely worth all the effort! So don’t waste more time, these sweet ways on how to surprise your boyfriend will definitely make memories that you’ll both cherish!

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