Dream Job Alert: A Company Is Offering $3000 To Have Sex & Review Their Mattresses! Whaaa

Krithika KumarKrithika Kumar  |  Aug 6, 2020
Dream Job Alert:  A Company Is Offering $3000 To Have Sex & Review Their Mattresses! Whaaa

Behold, ladies! We have found you your dream job which includes a lot of money for doing an easy task. Think $3000 (Rs 2.24 lakhs approximately). The best part? You don’t need a fancy degree or 10+ years of experience. All you need is to one, want to have sex and two, want to have sex on eight different mattresses. Yeah, you heard me!

A company called Sleep Standards if offering $3000 to five couples to try (read have sex) on their range of mattresses and review them honestly. They publish sleep-related advice and product reviews on their website. Their goal is to make the best of the best mattresses and they’d do anything to achieve that. Well, clearly!


“If you’re single, we advise that you click off this page asap! We’re sorry, but it’s only going to make you feel even more single.

However, if you’re a couple – good news! We’re looking for 5 lucky couples that can take part in our experiment. We’ll send you a new mattress every week and all you have to do is give us your honest reviews on how good that mattress is for sex. That’s right, you can get paid for doing what you do in your regular everyday life – Sex!

We all know that a bad mattress can lead to problems in bed, and a good mattress can do wonders. To save people the trouble of looking for a comfortable mattress through trial and error, we came up with this experiment. We’re aiming to find the best mattress for sex – and we need your help!” says their website.

The job description, too, is pretty simple. It says, “For those of you who don’t know, National Couples Day is on August 18th. It’s a day that celebrates love. In celebration of National Couple Day, we’re looking to find the best mattress for intimate activities.” The website also adds details about how the couples who enrol will remain absolutely anonymous, even after winning, so that nothing holds people back to sign up for this activity.

They also mentioned how they would be required to test out eight mattresses, that have been ranked as the top eight mattresses in the world, over a period of eight weeks. The company wants to narrow it down to one winner. The couples have to be extremely honest about their review and have to further rate each mattress on the following criteria–bounciness, noise, firmness, edge support, comfort, cooling, and finally the overall score. In addition to the money, the five couples will also get to keep a mattress of their choice. Well, that has win-win written all over it!

If you want to apply for the same, head to their website and fill up this form, right now! BRB.

Images: Pexels