How to Get Noticed By A Company You Want To Work For!

How to Get Noticed By A Company You Want To Work For!

Job opportunities and varied career options in the world might be increasing day by day, yet, almost all of us have had that moment in life when we’ve wondered “why haven’t I heard back?” from our dream company.

We get it, searching for your dream job is an unnerving experience. Even when you might have the necessary skill set to apply for a job there are chances that you might just go unnoticed amidst a horde of applications. Don’t worry! We’ve got a list of ideas to help you get noticed by your dream employer!

1. Create a target list

First things first, understand that companies are much like humans with specific ideologies, ethics, and needs. Just like they have a target group that they work for, you too should have a target list when it comes to your dream job. Don’t just apply everywhere and anywhere - cut, edit and streamline until you have a list that matches both yours and your employer’s needs.

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2. Know about your dream employers

Research is the most important and unavoidable part of any job search. Know everything there is to learn about a company from the outside - from their background to their work values to what they are looking for. At the same time, figure out if you’re just as good a fit for them!

3. Develop an online personality

The power of the internet, in today’s time, is unsurpassable. You can use it to your benefit in so many different ways. Create an online presence for yourself according to the job profile you desire. If you are a food blogger, your Instagram and Facebook feed must reflect so, if you’re a writer, create a profile that’ll help you stand out from other writers out there. It’s all about creating a personality that’s unique.

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4. Do the job before you get the offer

This is one of the best ways to let them know that you are, most definitely, the best possible person for the job. In the initial hiring stage, accomplish what you think they want even before you’ve got the job. It’s all about working for the job you want and not the job you already have!

5. Networking. Networking. Networking.

Talk to and meet as many people as you can. It’s a small world and the theory of six degrees of separation holds true for everyone. You don’t know who you’ll meet that can help you on your path of getting that perfect job. If there is a fun way to do it, why wouldn’t you?

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6. Keep your accomplishments fresh

Reality check, when looking for employees, employers do tend to seek out people who have achieved considerably more in the recent times. Talking about something you did four years ago, while important, might not be the most relevant accomplishment. So work to keep your achievements recent and relevant for a very impressive resume.

7. Know when to stop

Here’s the thing, if the company you want to work for hasn’t gotten back to you even after repeated calls and mails from your side, it’s time to give it up. Maybe they don’t have a vacancy and maybe they are looking for a profile that you aren’t fit for. It has less to do with your work and capabilities and more to do with their requirements. So, move on to a better and more viable option.

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