12 Exciting Things To Try With Your Hubby In Bed In The New Year

12 Exciting Things To Try With Your Hubby In Bed In The New Year

Before we even could recover from our weekly hangovers in 2017, it is almost over! A New Year means new resolutions and what can be better than some new and exciting things to try with your better half?!! To make things steamier and sexier in bed, we have a few things you must try with your hubby in bed whilst you ring in 2018 with him.

1. Light bondage

No, we don’t mean hardcore BDSM here, but some light bondage. Just blindfolding each other or handcuffing him to  bed would not only make you both have more fun but would also help you both explore new sides of your sexuality.

Use these Fuzzy Furry Cuffs (Rs 200) to seduce him to bed, while he is all tied up!

2. Whipped cream

Food in bed = HOT. Spray some whipped cream all over his body and just lick it off. Let him repeat the same on you. No further explanations needed!

2 dear hubby

3. Vibrator

Contrary to popular belief, vibrators can be used by a couple in bed to make each other have a better time. Place the vibrator on the lowest setting and place it against your man’s scrotum while you go down on him. We are telling you, he’ll see happy stars!

Be safe and hygienic and put Durex Condoms (Rs 330) even on top of any sex toys for ultimate protection.

4. Feather

If you don’t fancy racey sessions in bed, then feather ticklers would work amazing for you and your man. The soft and sensual feeling you would get when they are rubbed across your skin is definitely worth experiencing.

4 dear hubby

5. Role playing

If you haven’t done this in 2017, you need to do it in 2018. Role playing is super sexy and is something that every couple must try atleast once. See how things start to get hot in bed as soon as you dress up as his favourite character and he as yours!

Become a hot nurse for him and wear this Sexy Nurse Costume (Rs 4,964) for a night to remember.

6. Striptease

One of the best ways to spice things up in bed is to do a sexy striptease! Let go off your inhibitions and surprise him with a delicious striptease performance. If you are looking to add a sexy new element to foreplay, then a sensuous striptease would be perfect.

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7. Hot/cold oral sex

Yes, there is something like hot and cold oral sex.  And if whipped cream isn’t your thing, then add some crushed ice or warm water to your mouth before you go down on him. The pleasure that he would get from warmness would be unimaginable and the one he’d probably never forget..

Love chocolate? Spray some Butter Velvet Milk Chocolate (Rs 3,290) spray on each other for a delicious sex session (quite literally!)

8. Frottage

Wonder what it means? Well, in simple words it means rubbing against each other; skin to skin and genital to genital without penetration. Frottage would be a new experience for both of you and is one of the wildest ways to get the night started!

8 dear hubby

9. Bedtime stories

A fantasy world is always beautiful. Reading out some erotic novels to each other and watching some steamy scenes from a movie is a great move to get each other aroused.

Read out steamy scenes to each other from Fifty Shades of Grey (Rs 255) and don’t forget to play them out with him in reality.

10. Quickies

The feeling of doing everything in a rush is pretty hot and will surely make things wild for the both of you! Trust us, just try it.

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11. Long sessions

As much as it is fun to have quickies, having a long session with him, with lots of foreplay is as romantic as it is beautiful. You’ll will both be relaxed and would also have no time limit, which is always a plus!

Blindfold each other using this Satin Red Blindfold (Rs 650) during your next steamy sex session!

12. Silent sex

Try being totally silent while having sex. Trust us, it has a charm of its own!

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