9 Things Women With Great Sex Life Do Differently!

9 Things Women With Great Sex Life Do Differently!

If someone was to ask me how my sex life is, I’d first tell them it is none of their business then say it’s okay, average, like everybody else’s and then wonder why I couldn’t say my sex life is pretty great. What is the difference between good and great? And if there is a great, how do I get there? A few hours of research later, I’ve come to realize that a few everyday things can actually make a HUGE difference to your sex life. Here are 9 things women with great sex life do differently and for good reason too!

1. Explores Different Places

The bed is a great go-to place but you know the thing about go-tos? They only come once you’ve run out of options! A friend of mine actually told me how she and her husband, who also have a baby together, make it a point to have sex in a new place at least every month. She confessed it’s not easy but it always leaves them laughing by the end!

1 great sex life - Different Places

2. Engages In Exciting Foreplay

You know where it’s leading, so what’s the hurry? The train isn’t leaving the station anytime soon. Turn up your foreplay skills with some sexy toys, whips and feathers, it’ll keep things hot.

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3. Tries New Sex Positions

It’s good to keep experimenting with your partner. It’ll help you both understand what the other person likes and what you like. Especially since your sex life is already doing great, you have nothing to lose.

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4. She Takes Control

Sex works both ways, there are times when he takes control and it’s all about you. But don’t hesitate in returning the favor, take charge of the situation, direct him and play the power game.

4 great sex life - She Takes Control

5. Leaves Room For Romance

Just because the sex is mindblowing, it shouldn’t be the only thing you concentrate on. Never stray away from the romance - pamper each other, do candle light dinners & plan little surprises to keep the soft mushy feeling going along with the spark!

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6. She Talks More About Sex

The minute you turn sex into something that can only be talked about behind closed doors, you leave all the possibilities of mindblowing sex behind. It’s actually pretty healthy to be talking to your friends about sex. You never know when you might learn something new, after all! *wink*

7. Sleeps Naked

Once you are comfortable with your partner, you begin to sleep naked, which is actually great for your body as well as super sexy. Imagine touching your partner’s skin in the middle of the night, leading to something naughty.

7 great sex life - sleeps naked

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8. She Says No

Your partner and you have developed a great understanding and always leave room to say no. Whether it is to tell him you don’t wish to have sex tonight or to tell him that you are not close to an orgasm, saying no in bed is both tricky and important.

9. She Compliments Her Own Body

Another one of my friend, who is single, said she takes one thing she has always hated about her body and compliments herself on it when she is feeling low. Some days, it’s her stretch marks and on other days it’s her pudgy stomach. It helps her feel better about her body when someone else looks at it. Now if that is not a great approach to a sex life, I don’t know what is!

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