9 Things He Will Definitely Do During Sex If He Truly Loves You!

Mihika MahajanMihika Mahajan  |  Apr 5, 2019
9 Things He Will Definitely Do During Sex If He Truly Loves You!


Hook-ups and casual sex aside, there is a special sort of intimacy when you have sex with someone you love. Making love to your partner can be a passionate and sensual affair and there is nothing like it at all! You may be madly in love with them but sometimes it’s difficult to ascertain if your partner is truly in love with you or just in the relationship for the physical aspect of it, ‘coz some people are just not that expressive. While words may not give away his feelings for you, there are always some tell-tale signs that will help you see the love he feels for you. Here are a few things he’ll do for sure in bed if he’s in love with you. 

1. He’ll Look At You…

…Like really look at you. Eyes can communicate a lot of feelings non-verbally and if he’s in love with you, he’ll make as much eye contact as he can. He wouldn’t want to look at the walls or outside the window if he can look at you. He’ll make the most of that moment and he’ll try to get his fill of you in the time you’re together. If he avoids eye contact, there is a possibility that he’s lying so this could be a serious red flag.  

things he'll do in bed 2

2. He’ll Communicate With You

Talking and communicating is an important part of a relationship and sex. Getting to know each other’s bodies requires communication and he’ll never shy away from it. He’ll pick up on the non-verbal cues you give him and the things you tell him you love, and make sure he does those things so that you get maximum pleasure.

3. He’ll Kiss You All Over

If he’s in love with you, it’s not all wham, bam, thank you ma’am. He wants to take his time making love to you and kiss you as much as he can. Kissing, after all, feels more intimate and sensual than any other sexual act. He’ll want to explore your body with his lips and hands and more. The connection feels so real when the sex is so gratifying.

4. He’ll Make It All Romantic

If a man loves you, he won’t rush into things and get them over with. He’s not there for ONLY sex. He will love the dating part of it too. He’ll take you out for a dinner date or a romantic movie before taking you to bed. For him, it’ll be all about establishing the connection with you and not just doing the deed. He’ll try and spend as much time with you outside the bedroom as he does in it.

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5. He’ll Respect Your Choices

Porn has set an unrealistic standard for sex. But a man in love will not expect you to do all the things he’s seen or heard elsewhere. He’ll let you be comfortable in your own skin and never force you to do something you don’t want to do. Being respectful in the bedroom is a huge sign of his love for you (and basic decency!)

6. He’ll Want To Experiment

You know the love is real when he shares his fantasies with you and asks you to share yours. You’re just as much a permanent part of his life in his head as you are in his bed. He’ll ask you the things you want to try and he won’t judge you for them. For him, this is long-term so he will want to do as much as he can for you and to you.

7. He’ll Make You A Priority

Your boyfriend will not care about only his pleasure if he’s truly in love with you. He’ll try to make sure that you get as much of it as is possible too. He’ll selflessly do things for you in bed that he knows will turn you on without expecting anything in return. For him, it’ll all be about making you happy.

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8. He’s Relaxed Around You

If you two are really in love, everything will be super comfortable for you two. There will be little to no awkwardness between you guys and you’ll have a lot of fun even in the most intimate moments. Even if something awkward happens during sex, like a queef, he’ll laugh it off with you instead of finding it disgusting. Human bodies can be weird sometimes and he’ll make sure he doesn’t judge you for it.

9. He Appreciates You

All of you. With your flaws, your imperfections, your belly fat, your stretch marks – everything. For him, you’re a goddess and he’ll never fail to show you that. 

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