10 Surefire Signs He Loves You (Even If He Hasn’t Said It Yet!)

10 Surefire Signs He Loves You (Even If He Hasn’t Said It Yet!)

Love is a crazy but beautiful feeling! It leaves you feeling on top of the world but a little vulnerable. If your man hasn’t said the three words you want to hear the most yet, here are 10 other signs he is in love with you and you mean the world to him!

1. You Are His Priority

Just like his family and friends, he gives you a position of importance in his life. He doesn’t shy away from making time for you and if he has a packed schedule, he makes sure that you know he’s going to be busy. He never leaves you hanging or in a situation where you have to second guess your relationship.

1 signs he is in love

2. He Makes You A Part Of His Life

He wants to be a part of your life and makes a conscious effort to make you a part of his. He asks about your day and takes genuine interest in knowing what’s happening. Not just that, he also makes an effort to get to know the people in your life who you’re close to and tries to get along with them and introduces you to the people in his.

3. He Asks For Advice

If a man loves a woman, he really values her opinion and knows that she can and will give him great advice whenever he’s stuck somewhere. So if your guy comes to you for advice, whether it’s for something inconsequential or a major decision, know that he really loves you.

3 signs he is in love

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4. He Has Plans For The Future

You know it's love when your guy speaks of his future and pictures you in it. If he doesn’t make vague future plans and envisions one with you in it, know that it is true love and nothing less!

5. His Compliments Give It Away

If he doesn’t give you vague compliments about just your appearance but says meaningful things about traits and characteristics that matter to you, he’s in love, ladies! A man that truly loves you will make it known that you mean more to him than just your looks.

5 signs he is in love

6. He’s A Team Player

It’s not all about him and his preferences anymore. If he loves you, he’ll try to take your priorities and preferences into account as well! Whether it’s deciding the restaurant or taking some decision about his career, he always keeps you in mind.

7. He Fights For The Relationship

Every relationship has problems but that does not stop him from fighting for the relationship. He does not take you for granted or give up when the going gets tough. With him, you feel valued and important and know that he’ll go to any extent to be with you.

7 signs he is in love

8. He’s A Giver

Whether it’s during sex or otherwise, if he’s a giver, he’s in love! A man in love will do things for his partner without expecting a payback in kind. Whether it’s about sitting through a movie he hates but you love or it’s something as simple as a back rub, he’ll do it all for you!

9. The Little Things Matter The Most

It’s not just the grand gestures that make a difference to him but the little things that matter the most. He remembers every late night conversation you’ve had and compliments when you need it the most so that you know what you mean to him.

9 signs he is in love

10. He’s Your Biggest Cheerleader

He’s extremely proud of your achievements and loves to show it off. It’s not just that, he pushes you to work harder and achieve your dreams because he wants to see you succeed and be the best at whatever you’re doing!

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