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This Monsoon, Give Hairfall The Boot And Dance In The Rain!

This Monsoon, Give Hairfall The Boot And Dance In The Rain!

My favourite season is here! Seriously I am one of those people who will rush out of my room to get drenched even if it is for two minutes. So I am absolutely over the moon that the season is finally approaching. If you’re in Mumbai, we’ve had a couple amazing showers last week and we are gearing up for some more amazingness.

While my brain, mind, heart and the very core of my being is ecstatic about the downpour, my hair? Not so much. Monsoon showers usually result in triggering hairfall for a lot of people. Just generally, it also does damage your hair. You think it is clean because it is evaporated water falling directly from the clouds but that isn’t the case. Rainwater, before reaching your precious noggin, is exposed to a lot of pollutants and is actually more toxic.

So, here it is, the holy grail guide to taking care of every (monsoon caused or not) hair woe so you can dance in the rain this season.

1. Get drenched but cleanse after.

1 hair care monsoon no hair fall

Most of us make the mistake of getting drenched in the rains and then just towel/air drying our hair and leaving it that way until our next wash. Apart from the water, there are a lot of other particles that join the rain that falls on your head. Get yourself a mild clarifying shampoo and make sure you wash your hair every time you get drenched or at least 2-3 times during the week. Do not forget to follow through with a light conditioner to avoid frizz.

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2. Be gentle

After you get drenched, if you want to wash your hair the next day, then be gentle when you’re drying your hair. Heat is an absolutely NO-GO at this time and to keep things gentle, use a microfiber towel to avoid friction and breakage. Then add some serum to your ends and use a tangle teaser to gently detangle your hair.

3. Oil is your best friend

3 hair care monsoon no hair fall

Even if you don’t oil your hair otherwise, make sure you do it during this season. With the excessive washing and general pollution you are putting your hair through, your scalp will need the extra TLC. So oil your hair once a week or a fortnight and you will definitely see a difference.

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4. Get a chic scarf/bandana

This is for when you KNOW you’re going to get drenched. Just wrap your head up in a scarf or at least use a bandana so your scalp can be protected.

5. Hair spa

5 hair care monsoon no hair fall

Make sure you get a hair spa treatment at a salon near you at least once a month. This could be followed even when the season is over. This hair spa helped our Beauty Editor reduce hairfall.

6. Dry shampoo in a pinch

This is for when or if you get rained down on while you’re on your way to a meeting or work. Just find the nearest loo, use hand towels or tissues to dry your hair, especially your roots as much as you can. Run a smoothing serum through your ends. Wait for a bit and then spray dry shampoo lightly to your roots and massage it through. This should tide you over until you can wash.

7. Reduce junk food

7 hair care monsoon no hair fall

I am sure you can hear my heart shattering through the screen as I write this. But yes, oily food and junk basically slows down blood circulation and in turn messes with skin and hair health. Add fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, whole grains and protein-rich foods to your plate.

8. Hydrate

Drink loads of water, so the toxins inside your body also get washed out. If you can go a step further reduce caffeine because it is dehydrating.

Well, there you have it. Take care of these things and go enjoy the monsoons!

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13 Jun 2018

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