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#ManeMagic: Easy & Effective Ways To Increase Hair Density At Home

#ManeMagic: Easy & Effective Ways To Increase Hair Density At Home

Are you curious about how to increase density of hair? Well, let me tell you there are options. Hair density refers to the number of hair you have per square inch on your head. The more densely packed the hair follicles are, the thicker your hair appears and that’s why the best ways to increase hair density are so sought after. Truth is you can’t increase the density of your natural hair line, but you can maintain it, prevent hair loss from occurring, and promote natural regrowth. While there are a few clinical treatments available to help maintain hair density, there are also some home remedies for hair breakage to prevent low hair density due to hair loss. Here’s the lowdown:

What Causes Low Hair Density? 

Low hair density can be caused by many factors but sometimes you may naturally have hair density on the lower side. The perks of having curly hair is that your hair density is naturally higher owing to its textural characteristics. Those with straight hair can appear to have naturally lower hair density in some cases but it’s not true for everyone with straight hair to have thin hair. But factors like chemical damage through hair colours and bleach, excessive heat styling, stress, poor diet, and also the natural ageing process can cause hair loss which then decreases hair density for all hair types, irrespective of texture. If your normal hair density appears to be lessened then you are losing hair density and it’s time to take action.

How To Increase The Density Of Hair Naturally

Here are some methods on how to increase hair density that you can try at home. From taking the right precautions to using the right natural ingredients, here is a simple guide to maintaining thick and healthy locks.

Scheduled Cleansing

If you have been washing your hair daily with shampoos that contain harsh ingredients, you need to stop. Excessive hair washing can cause your hair to dry and lead to hair thinning. Keep hair washing routines to twice a week and only wash your hair more than twice if you find it to be sweaty after a workout or trip. Invest in shampoos that are paraben free and sulphate free as this will ensure your hair bonds aren’t weakened when washing. Do not skip conditioner as that will also contribute to breakage.


Heat Woes

Heat styling can also cause damage to your hair lengths and affect hair density. If you wish to see an improvement in your hair density, reduce heat styling. Air dry your hair instead of blow drying whenever possible. If you’re wondering how to straighten hair safely with minimum to no damage, apply a heat protectant serum before using the straightener or blow dryer. For those who have gone in for permanent straightening treatments, here’s a guide on how to care for rebonded hair as well. Hair spa benefits heat damaged hair and so using it at least once a week will help treat rebonded hair best. Make sure to apply the spa product half an hour before a hair wash.

Onion Remedy

Onion juice can help stimulate hair growth so that you can regain the strands you may have lost. This helps with maintaining hair density and also makes your locks appear thicker. Mix two teaspoons of onion juice with a teaspoon of honey and massage it into your scalp before a hair wash. After 20 minutes, rinse it with shampoo and conditioner.

Colour Safe

Ammonia free hair colours are ideal if you want to maintain your hair density and still try a new hair colour trend. Ideally, stay away from bleaching your locks if you want your hair to appear thicker and healthy. Keep colour treatments to a minimum as well and visit the salon instead of using box dyes at home for better professional results that are safe for your mane.

Castor Oil Care

Castor oils is one of the best remedies to increase hair density. It significantly reduces hair fall from the very first use and it also thickens strands and strengthens them from root to tip. Slightly heat some castor oil and swipe it on your entire scalp with a cotton ball. Then, massage it in and wash it off after 30 minutes with shampoo and conditioner.


Live Stress Free

Unfortunately, excess stress can lead to hair fall and decreased hair density as well. So, try to live a stress free life and meditate regularly. Catch good amounts of sleep and eat healthy too. Healthy lifestyle choices that eliminate stress can help you maintain hair density.


Is it possible to increase hair density?

You cannot increase your natural hair density that you were born with, but you can always maintain it and prevent hair density from reducing.

What foods increase hair density?


Foods like sunflower seeds, spinach, avocados, and almonds are great sources of vitamin E and they help maintain hair density.

How can I regain hair density naturally?

Use methods like castor oil head massage once a week to regain hair density.

Hope we’ve answered all your doubts on how to increase hair density. So go ahead girl and take good care of that mane.


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26 May 2022

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