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20 Amazing Ways You Can Style A Scarf In Summers & Look Your Fashionable Best!

20 Amazing Ways You Can Style A Scarf In Summers & Look Your Fashionable Best!

If there’s one fashion accessory that brightens up your look and makes your outfit pop, it’s a scarf! Not only is it an affordable fashion staple, but it is also a multitasking accessory that you can style in various different ways. Quite simply, scarves are cute, timeless and a lot of fun!

You can either use a scarf as a hair accessory by wrapping it like a headband and give your #OOTD a retro vibe or you can gently drape one over your shoulders for a classy upgrade. When it comes to how to style a scarf, the possibilities are limitless. So, are you ready to learn some of the coolest ways to wear a scarf this summer?

1. The Classic Loop

a women is wearing printed scarf around the neck


Sometimes, a classic and simple style is the perfect way to show off the print, texture and the colours of your scarf! Just take your longest scarf and jazz up a plain outfit.

2. Cape Wrap

a women wearing scarf over her shoulder in cape wrap style


A cape wrap is a smart, casual way to add some volume to your shoulders. Open a scarf and fold it in such a way that the two ends meet and form a triangle. Place it over your shoulders and tie a knot in the front with the two ends.

3. The Braid Design

a women styled her scarf in a braid design


This easiest way to amp up your outfit is by braiding a scarf around your neck! Put the scarf around the back of your neck so that both the ends hang down in the front. And just like a simple braid, start making several, parallel knots down the length of the scarf and let it form a stylish pattern.Such type of Scarf Styles can also be adorned with formals.

4. The Bow Tie Scarf

a women wearing bow tie scarf


A bow tie is a beautiful way to model your floral scarf and add some fun to your simple top! Put the scarf around the back of your neck and let the two ends hang down in front. Hold each end and simply tie it in a bow (like you do with a ribbon). Looks super pretty, doesn’t it?

5. French Knot Scarf

a women styled her scarf in french knot


For a sweet, flirty look in summers, a French knot is the best choice. This looks especially good if the length of your scarf is short and if you’re wearing a plunging neckline. Experiment with contrasting colours and quirky prints to adorn this scarf style.

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6. Neckerchief

a women wearing neckerchief styled scarf


Very similar to the french knot is the neckerchief. While it looks quite simple, it can be a little tricky to master. But it looks totally gorgeous for a formal evening. Here’s a video that I found super helpful.

7. Halter Top

a women tied her scarf like a halter


Summers call for halter tops! And you could make one out of your scarf. Just pick a large scarf and wrap it around your back, like you would hold a towel. Bring the two top ends together in the front, make a knot on your chest and then one behind your neck. If you’re still confused, here’s a video to help you nail the scarf style.

8. Racerback Vest

a women styled her scarf into a racerback vest


This is by far the simplest way to turn a scarf into a racerback vest and make your outfit look super funky! You’ll need a long rectangular scarf for this one, not a square. All you need to do is fold a scarf in half, lengthwise. Tie one folded corner with one end corner and ta-da… You’ve got yourself a look that just can’t be missed.

9. Kimono Wrap

a women styled her scarf into a kinono wrap


A kimono wrap is perfect to style with your jumpsuits and maxis. All you have to do is tie all the four corners of your scarf together. Now slip on your fancy new kimono to give your outfit an effortlessly stylish look. It’s loose, flowy and super comfy.

10. All Dressed Up

a long scarves and drape it around your neck


Got a plain long dress that fits you like a glove but isn’t really what you’d wear to a party. Get that fancy scarf out because it’s all you need. Pick one of your long scarves and drape it around your neck, back to front. It should ideally be longer than your dress or the same length. Next, secure the scarf in place with a statement belt.

11. Beach Coverup

a long flora scarfs around her breast


Lightweight, floral scarfs make absolutely wonderful beach coverups. Plus, they’re super easy to make! Wrap a long scarf around your chest, just like you would wrap a towel. Take the two parallel ends of a scarf and cross it around your neck to create a simple knot.

12. Sarong

a women wraped her scarf lower to her belly like a skirt


Why buy a sarong for your beach holiday when you can just use your scarf as one. All you need to do is fold your scarf diagonally in half in order to achieve a triangular shape. Wrap this around your waist and tie the two ends in a knot. Simple, huh?

13. Low Ponytail

a women wraped her scarf in lower ponytail


Using a scarf in your ponytail is one of the trendiest ways to jazz up your look! Just get a scarf that goes with your outfit and then, wrap it around your ponytail. It’s simple but looks super stylish. I’m all for this summer style, are you?

14. High Bun

a women locking her high bun with a scarf


When it’s extremely hot outside, the last thing you want to do is leave your hair open. With this high-bun look, you can keep the sweat at bay and the addition of a scarf will make sure that it does not look like you’ve just gotten out of bed! Hold the middle of the scarf in front of your bun and wrap around all the way so that both the ends meet each other and are tied in a knot.

15. Head Wrap

a women wraped her head with a scarf


There are various ways to wrap a scarf around your head. My favourite, however, is the one where you place the scarf at the nape of your neck and tie a knot in the front. It looks super cute! You can even cover your head completely with the scarf and tie a knot with the four loose ends on the side of your neck.

16. Headband

a women wearing scarf like a headband


Using a scarf as a headband is my personal favourite. All you need to do is place your scarf at the nape of your neck underneath your hair and tie the knot in front of your forehead. Then, gently turn your scarf until the knot is right behind your neck, hidden by your hair.

17. Bag Candy

a women carrying her scarf as a bag candy


Too hot to wear a scarf? Use it as a funky accessory and just tie it around your bag. You can keep changing the scarf to go with the outfit you’re wearing. In fact, it’ll look like you’re carrying a different bag every time you change the scarf.

18. Bracelet

a women makes her scarf as a bracelet


It may sound strange but tying a scarf around your wrist has been fashionable for years! So if you’ve got no accessories to match your outfit, a scarf will do just fine.

19. Belt

a women makes her scarf as a belt


Give your leather belts a rest. Just take one of your narrow silk scarves and loop them through the loops on your pants or jeans. Tie the ends on the side or the front, whatever you prefer and get ready for all the compliments coming your way.

20. Hat Bandit

a women put her scarf over hat


Scarves are not only used to step up your fashion game but can be used for styling your accessories too. So turn your boring hats into colourful beauties by wrapping a scarf around it and knotting it in a fluffy bow.

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25 Jun 2019

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