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Chic And Stylish: Latest Hijab Styles That Will Take You From AM To PM!

Chic And Stylish: Latest Hijab Styles That Will Take You From AM To PM!

The practice of wearing hijab by Muslim women in the observance of religious rules is now popular all over the world. Not only is the hijab been worn for religious reasons, but it is also a popular fashion choice. Different hijab styles can be worn according to age, taste, weather, occasion. Keep reading to find out all about it. 

New Hijab Styles

Looking for some new hijab styles? We’ve got you covered. From Turkish hijab style to Arabian hijab style, we’ve rounded up the latest ones. 

Modern & Sophisticated Abaya Look


Opt for a nude coloured top and black jeans and pop up the look with a bright coloured hijab.

Sports Hijab


The sports hijab style is smaller than the regular ones. Nike introduced the line in August 2017 and it was a massive hit. It features a stretchable material that adjusts to the head comfortably.

Hijab Style For Wedding

Looking for hijab styles for weddings? We’ve got your back!

Shimmer Hijab


As the name suggests, this hijab style features some bling and is perfect to wear to your BFF’s wedding. You can also easily wear it with your western outfits for dinners.

 Hijab Style With Cap

A fun way of prepping up your look would be by opting for a hijab style with cap. They look amazing and will also help keep the hijab in place.

Beret Style


This hijab worn with a beret looks elegant and is perfect for the day. You could wear it for a casual day out with your friends or even at the workplace. Smart, polished and perfect for the cold season.

Casual & Chic Hijab With Cap


Don’t these hijabs with caps look simply stunning?

Simple Hijab Style

Have a look at these simple hijab style that will take you from AM to PM.

Black Hijab


The black hijab style is classic and will never go out of trend. It’s quite versatile and you can wear it with different outfits. Definitely a must-have wardrobe staple.

Turkish Hijab Style

The Turkish Hijab style is quite popular and one of the most loved ones.

Elegant Hijab


Turkish Hijab style is where the hijab is long and worn with an ankle-length gown. It can be plain or have some interesting details like shimmer, pattern or embroidery on it.

Arabian Hijab Style

Arabian hijab stands out because of the lavish style and bold colours. Add a statement head jewellery piece to it and you know you’ll stand out and how!

 Arabian Hijab


When it comes to Arabic hijab styles, the bigger, the better. Arab women really love to up the volume when it comes to their hijab styles. They usually pile up their hair in high updos and wrap big scarves several times around their head to make their hijab as big as possible.

Modern Hijab Style

Here’s a modern hijab style we’re sure you’re going to love!

Long Hijab


Long hijab style is the latest trend that’s making waves on social media. It’s slightly longer than the traditional one and gives a stylish twist to the overall outfit.

Hijab Style With Saree

Looking for a hijab style with saree? Your search ends here, ladies!

Hijab With Saree


Hijab Style For Round Face

Opt for a traditional basic hijab wrap without any bandana or band underneath. This hijab style is great for round faces as it gives more definition and highlights the beauty of the roundness. 

Simple Wrap


How stunning is this wrap?

Hijab Style With Chiffon Dupatta

Here’s a hijab style you’re bound to love!

 Flimsy Chiffon


Hijab style with chiffon dupatta is perfect for those who want a fuss-free fabric without weighing them down. 

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We hope these hijab styles inspired you to experiment with the latest trends.

Featured Image: Instagram

23 Dec 2021

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