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We Are Recreating Priyanka Chopra’s BAFTA Outfit & You Are Invited To The DIY Party

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Apr 11, 2021
We Are Recreating Priyanka Chopra’s BAFTA Outfit & You Are Invited To The DIY Party


Red carpets and award shows have looked eerily different in the past year. Given the pandemic situation, most of the stars are continuing to attend the award shows virtually and the ceremonies have, of course, been scaled down considerably. The last night’s BAFTA award ceremony was no exception. That said, the stars still managed to pull out all the stops when it came to red carpet fashion with Priyanka Chopra leading the charge.

Now, Priyanka might have had some iconic red carpet moments in the past. The mind goes to some of her MET Gala marvels including the Ralph Lauren trench gown and her plush velvet gown. But here’s the thing–Priyanka’s Ronald van der Kemp Fall 2021 Haute Couture outfit from the BAFTA ceremony knocks the socks off all her red carpet looks ever!

Clearly bored of all the fashion and red carpet lull, Priyanka decided to go for two different looks for the 74th BAFTA Film Awards red carpet last night. Among the two, it is definitely her black Ronald van der Kemp silk mikado jacket and skirt outfit that made the fashion community and tabloids say a big fat “wowwww” in unison. While the beautifully structured skirt provided an imposing silhouette to PC’s frame, it was her jacket’s statement butterfly details that became the highlight of the look. 


In fact, PC’s simple yet stunning had us wondering if maybe we could recreate an iteration of the same. And, of course, we found a way of recreating a version of Priyanka’s BAFTA outfit. Well, our project is on right now and you’d have to scroll down in case you want to join this DIY party. 

Recreating Priyanka Chopra Glorious BAFTA Outfit


Simple, clean designs have a universal appeal because they come with an attainability factor. It is like, you aren’t just marveling at a beautiful creation but you can also recreate a version of the same. Well, that actually holds true for Priyanka Chopra’s black jacket and skirt outfit from the last night’s BAFTAs. Here’s how you can recreate a version of the same:

What You’ll Need

A solid black puffed sleeve blouse/top (You’ll find lots of options online): Aim for something that fits you well and look for fabrics that you can easily work with. Also, go for a crew neck top because the cut of PC’s jacket is fairly high. 

A solid black pencil skirt: Look for simple skirts that fit you well. Secondary as it might appear, the skirt is 50 percent of this look as it will help you with the desired silhouette. That said, you can totally experiment with the length and from an ankle-length piece to a trailing beauty choose whatever works for you the best. 

Applique butterfly motifs: This is an important part and that’s why you need to choose your appliques smartly. Instead of going for a batch of similar motifs, opt for varying sizes and patterns. For this DIY, we have chosen an azure blue pattern and a bronze, studded motif to highlight the look. 

You can also make your own motifs by following this YouTube Tutorial:

Multi-coloured Ribbons: This part is for the DIY pros and you can skip it in case you don’t feel too comfortable with complicated stitching. 

What To Do

Now that we have assembled everything along with threads, needle and scissors, it’s time for a fun DIY session. Here’s what you’d have to do. 

  • Starting with the top, you’d have to use the scissors to cut a 9-12 inch long slit in the front. That said, in case you aren’t too comfortable with the idea of baring your cleavage, we recommend that you don’t cut at all instead of going for a smaller slit. Don’t forget to finish the hem once done for a clean look. 
  • Now, comes the fun part–hand stitch the bronze butterfly motif in the centre of the blue motif. We recommend that you use 3-4 pairs of these motifs. 
  • Now take the multi-coloured ribbon and make a bow by following the steps in this video:
  • Since you have a fabric ribbon, it is not going to be puffy or neat as the one shown in the video which is perfect because that is the effect that we are looking for. We need an imperfect base for our butterflies to recreate the beautiful chaos in PC’s jacket. Make two of these ribbon bows. 
  • Now, one by one, diagonally attach these bows to your top. Once done, attach the butterfly motifs that we made earlier. Remember, that you don’t have to stick to a fixed-line. Everything will work as long as it has been placed diagonally. 
  • Tada, we are done!

Lastly, remember that it is your DIY project and you can apply the motifs and the ribbons as per your choice and aesthetics. That said, our PC-inspired dress is already in the making and would be ready anytime soon. How about you?

Featured Image: Instagram