In Our Own Way! Here's A Beautiful Reminder Of What Dating Looked Like In 2020


The year 2020 will certainly go down in history. While it was a year when humanity faced unprecedented setbacks and uncertainty, it was also the year we realised just how resilient we are. When the lockdown was announced in March, we had no idea what the future would hold. Life as we know it changed forever. We could no longer meet a large group of friends for a weekend brunch. Going for a gig or a concert was out of the question. And going out and meeting new people seemed like a distant dream.

But despite the trying times we found creative ways to date, #InOurOwnWay. After-work happy hours with our colleagues went virtual. Online ludo became a family bonding activity. And banana bread became an essential part of our diets. With ‘social distancing’ and ‘flatten the curve’ becoming the latest additions to our vocabulary, we also found a way to deal with the growing social isolation. Because social connection transcends physical boundaries and distance.

So what if we couldn’t ‘accidentally’ bump into our ‘perfect’ partner in a chance encounter? As the world adjusted to the new normal, we redefined--nay, revolutionised--the idea of dating, flirting and everything in between, with a little help from Tinder! Instead of waiting for life to happen to us, we took matters into our own hands. Tinder’s new music video, In Our Own Way, celebrates this very spirit of Gen Z of not only surviving, but thriving, in the face of a global health crisis! Check out the video here.

Inspired by real-life stories of members of the Tinder community, the video brilliantly captures how we found fun, engaging ways to meet new people and find love. In the one and a half minute long film, we see couples exploring fun ways to connect with each other. One pair finds a way to make a mundane hopscotch date memorable, another finds a way to recreate what would have been a flirty poolside date--with inflatable kiddie pools. Can’t do dancing at the club? No problem! One of the couples figures out a way to have a dance party--without stepping out of their homes. And when public transportation isn’t safe, the duo in the video decides to explore the city on bikes. 

Gone are the days when our entire lives planned out for us--thanks to Tinder, we’re taking control of who we want to establish connections with, when we want to meet them, and how often. No conditions, no pressure! Because dating is an extremely personal endeavour--everyone’s experience is uniquely their own. At Tinder, the idea of you being unapologetically yourself is not only encouraged, it is celebrated! So swipe your own into your next adventure, whether it’s a socially-distant picnic date, or a virtual cooking session. Because when it comes to human connection, the possibilities are endless!

*This is a sponsored post for Tinder