7 Step Guide To Give The Hottest Massage To Your Partner, One That He'll Never Forget!

7 Step Guide To Give The Hottest Massage To Your Partner, One That He'll Never Forget!

We're all stuck at home these days because of the 21-day lockdown owing to the coronavirus pandemic but who said we have to sulk all day. You can actually use this time to slow things down, catch your breath and spend quality time with your loved ones. Most of the time we're so caught up in the rat race that taking time out for ourselves and the people we love gets sidelined. 

So have breakfast dates with your husband and cook up a storm in the kitchen together. You can even make mundane tasks like cleaning the house fun when you're doing it together. However, everyone needs some time off- your hubby too deserves a treat (oh, not that kind) sometimes. So pamper him with a long relaxing massage

8 Tips On Giving The Most Relaxing Massage To Your Partner

So, dim the lights, bring out the essential oils and light the candles and make him feel extra special cause a good sensual massage feels as good as an orgasm. 

Start With The Face


Use two of your fingers from each hand and gently press into his temples for several seconds simultaneously. After this, you can glide them to the cheeks, making circular motions as you inch down their face. You can even lightly trace their lips with your index finger because the outer edge of the lips are packed with sensory neurons which are sure to excite surges of pleasure.

Inch Down To The Neck

After the face, move on to the neck and stimulate the thyroid gland which regulates bodily functions including energy and sex drive. Start by tracing the Adam's apple and use fluid motions. You can even brush the hollow area of the throat with your lips and tongue. Yeah, it'll drive him wild.

Don't Forget The Lower Back


In acupuncture, they believe that actually it is the kidneys than are the source of sexual energy which is found in the lower back. Knead your palms in the lower waist to generate heat in the skin and trace your fingertips from the base of the spine upwards. There'll be nothing more soothing than this.

The Palms And Ears Need Attention Too

Gently massage the inner section of his palms but start from the outside and move inwards for the best build-up. You can even squeeze his earlobe with your thumb and forefinger and trace the C-section of his ear with your tongue.

The Stomach Is Important Too


Make small circles around his navel and apply pressure from his stomach to the base of his penis. Remember, to adjust the pressure as and when you hear moans because this may be a tickle sensitive area too.

Down To The Legs

The thighs deserve their own attention and a whole lot of pressure. There's a place behind the knee which has super-sensitive nerve endings which you can massage with your fingertips and then kiss and lick the area too. Even the ankle needs your time so slowly go down the calf and to the ankles and massage there.

End With The Feet


There is a direct line from the feet to other erogenous points on the body so graze your knuckles from his heel to the pad of his foot just beneath his toes. Use strong pressure to avoid tickling him. For an added touch, pull the big toe towards you and give it little kisses.

So what are you waiting for? Turn the mood lighting on.