#MyStory: I Gave My Boyfriend An *Erotic* Massage...

#MyStory: I Gave My Boyfriend An *Erotic* Massage...
Tanveer and I had been dating for 4 months. We were very much in love and had been sexually active with each other. He was a landlord who owned rooms that he’d rent them out quite often. It was almost a given that whenever the two of us were free and in the mood, we’d have sex in any of his vacant rooms.

One day, we were chatting over the phone and decided to meet up the next day. He happened to mention to me that because of excess gymming, he was having some body aches. I told him that I’d give him a massage the next day and that he’d feel much better after that. He is very fond of my massages.

When it comes to being experimental and kinky during sex, I was always the more wild one. So as I put down the phone, I decided that I’d make this massage a tad bit more interesting that the others I’d done for him so far. I then googled, ‘how to give erotic massages’ and had a plan in place!

The next day, we met in one of his rooms and started with a little chit-chat. As time passed, we lay down next to each other and by then we were ‘in the mood’. He hugged me tight and leaned in to kiss me. I pushed him back and made him lie down and climbed over him. We began to make out and just when things got a bit heated up, I went for the massage oil bottle that was in my bag.

Internal erotic massage

This was new for us. I had, until that day, massaged him using just my hands. That was good enough for him *wink*. I went about his massage step by step, just as I had learnt from the internet the previous day. I started with his shoulders and slowly made my way to his lower body. Here, I must add that his body was in such good shape thanks to all the gym workouts! By then, I realized that Tanveer was aroused again, and so was I.

As I continued the massage, I gradually realized that he got a bit too relaxed. He lay down quietly and stopped responding. I kept wondering why he didn’t seem turned on anymore. ‘Am I doing it wrong?’ ‘Is he asleep?’ ‘Was it that bad?’ These were some of the thoughts that came to mind.

When I was done with his lower back, I told him to turn around and face me. To my surprise, as he turned around, he gave me that ‘satisfied’ look, and said, ‘Baby, the massage was so good and so erotic that I actually climaxed!’

This was supposed to be a surprise for him, and in fact, it turned out to be such a surprise for me! I was still for a moment and didn’t know how to react to what he’d just said. I was too sexy for him, perhaps *wink*. Before I could say anything, he made me lie down and said, ‘Now it’s my turn to give you a massage.’ He took the bottle of oil and began massaging me. He was extremely good at it too and I was aroused in an instant. And this massage ended with us having sex like never before!

This turned out to be a day full of surprises. My plan was a success, and how?! This was so good that even today, three months after doing this erotic massage, we both still get butterflies in our stomachs each time we talk about it.

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