18 Wedding Photographers In Delhi We’re Following On Instagram & You Should Too!

18 Wedding Photographers In Delhi We’re Following On Instagram & You Should Too!

We eat, sleep and dream weddings and there’s no question about it. So, trust us when we say this...your wedding day will pass with a blink of an eye and soon you’ll be left with infinite memories and some gorgeous pictures that you will cherish forever. Therefore, there is no doubt that your wedding photographer is one of the most important people you are relying on for your big day. After all, it’s the photographer who is responsible for capturing all the drama, the emotions, excitement and the laughter from your shaadi

So, after you’ve finalised your wedding venue and picked up your dream lehenga, it's time to zero in on your photographer. If you are planning to get married in Dilwalon ki Dilli, we’ve handpicked some of the best wedding photographers in Delhi for you. Believe it or not, they are the best of the best and will ensure that your shaadi ki album is as dreamy as your wedding. 

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    18 Best Wedding Photographers In Delhi You Should Check Out!

    Admit it, ladies! You dream of having a magical wedding and drool-worthy wedding pictures. And why not! It’s your day and you shouldn’t compromise on anything, especially your wedding photographer. With so many options around, we understand your struggle and therefore, we’ve curated a list of best wedding photographers in Delhi. One look at their pictures and you would want to book them already. So, for that and all the inspo for your shaadi pictures, you need to follow them on Instagram.

    1. Ramit Batra Photography


    Is there anything that Ramit Batra can’t do? Well, coming from an engineering background, Ramit decided to not fall into the trap of the 9-6 job culture and followed his dream instead. His Instagram feed is a burst of colours with one beautiful capture after another. He is definitely your man if you are all game for a fun wedding photoshoot.

    Follow Ramit Batra Photography here

    2. Fotowalle - The Story Folks


    Run by the husband-wife duo Kanupriya and Parag Aurora, Fotowalle’s mantra is to create amazing candid images. They believe in capturing the spontaneity and the natural vibe of each wedding. From capturing fun couple portraits to classic family pictures, you can trust Fotowalle to deliver a perfect bespoke wedding story. It won’t be wrong to say that they are one of the best candid wedding photographers in Delhi. 

    Follow Fotowalle - The Story Folks here

    3. CoolBluez Photography


    We bet you already know about them. The celebrated photographers shot the Cheap Thrills bride and took the internet by storm. The husband-wife duo, Surpreet & Pawandeep, love to do things in the most creative manner and their bridal portraits are to die for. They also have expertise in creating pre-wedding concepts. 

    Follow CoolBluez Photography here

    4. Twogether Studios


    Our next pick is Twogether By Arjun & Praerna Kartha and they are the perfect choice for your dreamy pre-wedding pictures. With a penchant for fun photos, Arjun and Praerna will create behind-the-scene memories that will last a lifetime. So whether you want inspiration for the big day or you just wanna scroll through some happy pictures, this is the page to follow. 

    Follow Twogether Studios here

    5. Karan Sidhu Photography


    Known for putting his heart and soul into the wedding, Karan Sidhu will make sure you get better than what you had expected. If you love black and white pictures, believe us, Karan is the one you should follow right now! His bridal portraits are to-die-for. 

    Follow Karan Sidhu Photography here

    6. Naman Verma Photography


    Naman Verma is all about things which cannot be seen by the naked eye. Go through his Instagram feed and you’ll realise that he has an eye for detail which makes his pictures as beautiful as you can think. He specialises in conceptual photography and also has a knack for capturing beautiful candids. 

    Follow Naman Verma Photography here

    7. Photo Tantra


    The mix of photojournalism and glamour in their photography style makes them unique. With over 11 years of experience, this one is run by the husband-wife duo - Vinayak Das and Snigdha Sheel - and does justice to every single picture they take.

    Follow Photo Tantra here

    8. Mahima Bhatia Photography


    We completely love how she makes each and every bride she shoots look oh-so beautiful. Mahima specialises in the bride’s pre and post makeup shots. Also, her pre-wedding shoot ideas are quirky and so in trend. 

    Follow Mahima Bhatia Photography here.

    9. Safarnama Films


    We bet you’ll be awestruck by all the cuteness on Safaranam’s Instagram account. Be it cute couple photography or fun candid pictures that you are looking for, Safarnama is one page you should totally follow. 

    Follow Safaranam Films here. 

    10. Bhumi & Simran Photography


    Bhumi and Simran truly made us believe that pictures do say a thousand words. Whether it’s portraits or a family photo, they have a way of making every picture look gorgeous.  

    Follow Bhumi And Simran Photography here

    11. Dipak Studios Photography


    With 198K followers on Instagram, they are one of the best photographers in Delhi for weddings. While we completely drool over their dreamy bridal entry pictures, the pre-wedding shoots they’ve done are also unmissable. 

    Follow Dipak Studios Photography here

    12. Mohit Jaura Photography


    Undoubtedly, Mohit Jaura is one of the best pre-wedding photographers in Delhi. Don’t believe us? Well, go through his Instagram account and you will know why we say this. His pictures are all about living in the moment and we love that. 

    Follow Mohit Jaura Photography here.

    13. Shaadi Ok Please


    Run by a Delhi University graduate- Arnob Das, Shaadi Ok Please is over five years old. Arnob strongly believes in capturing every single moment of the wedding and every aspect of the bride, and it clearly shows in his photographs. 

    Follow Shaadi Ok Please here

    14. Portfolio Studios Photography


    Situated in Janak Puri, they are one of the oldest and best wedding photographers in West Delhi. The 511+ pictures on their Instagram feed are one more gorgeous than the other. Not only is each picture full of life, but they are also extremely stunning. It’s tough to describe just how amazing they are, and probably we will only do injustice. Check them for yourself. 

    Follow Portfolio Studios Photography here.

    15. White Frog Productions


    Be it a bride laughing heartily or her bridesmaids having a gala time, they believe in capturing every golden moment of the wedding, and they do it beautifully. Also, do check out their pre-wedding shoots. They are super fun! 

    Follow White Frog Productions here

    16. Vintage Films Photography

    Vintage Films Photography

    With over seven years of experience, they are one of the best wedding photographers in South Delhi. Their Instagram feed is a mix of colours, happy faces and fun moments. You’ll also find some very unique ways of capturing the moments on their ‘Gram as you scroll through it. Also, their bridal portraits are to-die-for. 

    Follow Vintage Films Photography here.

    17. Slice Of Life Pictures

    Slice of Life Pictures

    Whether you’re looking for candid pictures or awesome portraits, Slice of Life Pictures’ Instagram handle will take you back to all things pretty. The husband-wife duo, Abhishek and Nidhi, have an artistic and photojournalistic style of photography, and that clearly reflects in their pictures. 

    Follow Slice of Life Pictures here.

    18. Happyframes Photography

    Happyframes Photography

    Each frame captured by Happyframes is a celebration of love and togetherness. Be it their beautiful bridal portraits, cute couple pictures or stunning group photos, Happyframes Photography sure knows how to capture your precious wedding moments in utmost elegance and style. 

    Follow Happyframes Photography here

    Now that’s an overdose of gorgeous wedding pictures, isn't it? So, go ahead and pick your favourite.

    Featured Image: Instagram (CoolBluez Photography/Karan Sidhu Photography)


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