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6 Pictures Every Bride MUST Get At Her Wedding!

Manasvi Abhishek Jaitly

Senior Wedding Writer

It takes months of planning that finally leads to your dream wedding. And at the end of it all, you only have cherished memories and pictures to look back to. From an emotional picture with your mother to the moment when he offers you a hand for the stage and the countless ceremony shots. You’re sure to have all of these but you may also miss out on a few essentials that you never thought about! So read this through and make a note, because these bridal pictures are what you need to complete your shaadi album.

1. A special something with your groom

Your photographer is sure to capture the moment where you both exchange jaimalas and all the details of the pheras, but you know what’ll make the album even more special? A romantic moment between the two of you or a capture that proves that you can have a lot of fun as a bride and groom too!

must have bridal pictures

Image: Bhumi and Simran Photography

Point 1-2

Image: Two Fireflies One Camera

2. Under the phoolon ki chaadar

Walking down to your Prince Charming…well that’s a moment that cannot be missed. A picture like this is priceless. That moment, that feeling, it’s a bride's most special walk and a candid capture like this one is so full of emotions. Don’t ever miss out on it.

must have bridal pictures

Image: Kuntal Mukherjee Photography

3. With the boys!

There’s something super fun about a gorgeous bride surrounded by all her brothers and guy friends! While your besties do get all the attention, there needs to be one with all the special men in your life too!

must have bridal pictures

Image: The Cheesecake Project

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4. And definitely the besties!

Aww!!! So cute this one is! I had all these super cute pictures with my bunch of girls on the mehendi and sangeet but I totally forget all about it during the shaadi! And I sure do regret it. So once you’re up and ready in all your bridal glory, this one shot is a must.

must have bridal pictures

Image: Jagat Studio

5. A moment alone

A quiet moment as the bride to be. Taking in all the calm before you make that walk towards the mandap. Just you in all your bridal glory, no forced expressions, no poses, just let your photographer capture you as you sit there, drowning in emotions, waiting for the baraat.

must have bridal pictures

Image: Sonder Frames

Point 5 - 1

Image: Bhumi and Simran Photography

6. One for daddy!

This is such an adorable capture. You know we’ll always have a lot of pictures with mom because she’s always there - getting you ready, wiping your tears, clipping your dupatta and posing in all those gorgeous clothes. So on your shaadi day, make sure to get an adorable click with the first man you fell in love with - daddy dearest!

must have bridal pictures

Image: Bhumi and Simran Photography

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Published on May 02, 2016
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