8 Fights Almost Every Married Couple Has Every Other Day!

8 Fights Almost Every Married Couple Has Every Other Day!

My sister has been happily married for six years now, and still, whenever I ask her what keeps her marriage strong and joyful, she literally can never point out a single thing. They had an arranged marriage and I have never seen a couple happier in that set-up! *touchwood* They just make a great couple. But I've seen them over the years and I think despite all that love, there are some silly, cute fights they have that just makes their bond stronger. Here are some such fights which only married couples can have and understand.

1. Who will switch off the lights before going to bed...

Sounds like a silly thing, but nobody wants to get out of bed after they're all settled in and comfy. And God forbid your partner tells you do it two days in a row, then all hell shall break lose!

2. You forgot to pay the bill... Again!

Come on! This is a legit fight. Skipping the last date is still okay, but the problem arises when the wi-fi, gas, electricity or water supply is cut off because of non-payment of bill. Phir toh bhagwan hi bachaye.

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3. Oh God... Shut your stupid alarm clock up!

Especially on a lazy Sunday morning, when the alarm goes off again and again and royally screws your partner's precious weekend sleep, toh ladai toh hogi hi!

4. Excuse me, I'm not opening the door for the maid early morning!!!

And just like the alarm clock, it's absolutely a huge deal for anone to get out of bed every morning to open the door for the maid. Especially if she comes in at 6 a.m.! Easiest way out? Fix your turns for every week and stick to the plan!

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5. The AC temperature fight!

22 is too cold, 25 is too hot and anything in between is unacceptable to both. Okay then.

6. Did you switch off the gas supply before we left for the vacation? No? Oh. Damn.

How could you not? And I agree... that is dangerous! But both of them should have checked it no?! But well, kaun samjhaye?!

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7. Stop watching TV and help me in the kitchen!

My sister and her husband have a cook who prepares their food. But she doesn't come on Sundays and that's when we see the classic fight aka 'saara kaam main hi kyun karun?!'

8. Yeah, you should have married your phone. Period.

I rest my case.

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How many of these fights have you seen married couples have? They're kinda cute, admit it!

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