11 Little (But Important) Habits Of Every Happily Married Couple

11 Little (But Important) Habits Of Every Happily Married Couple

Whether you two fell in love and have known each other for years or met through your parents and had a short courtship period - getting married is a different experience for every couple. But what makes some newly-weds happier than the others is their daily habits. Here are 11 such little (but important!) habits of every newly married happy couple.

1. They make time to go for a walk at the end of each day.

Happy couples don’t crash on the bed after a tiring day at work. Instead, they go out for a walk and share all little and big details of their day with each other. This gives them the space to vent out and relax, every day.

2. Their day starts with love for each other!

Newlyweds can’t seem to get enough of each other any time of the day, but happiest are they who begin their day on a loving note. They lather their partner with kisses, hugs and smiles as soon as they wake up, for they know it sets the perfect tone for the rest of the day.

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3. They share at least one meal together.

For the couple that eats together, stays together. And any food that’s cooked, served and shared with love goes straight to the heart, or so we’ve heard them happily married couples claim.

4. They plan their weekend in advance

Happy couples don’t waste half their day lazing around in bed, and the other half cribbing over it. Instead, they plan whatever it is that they want to do - go for a movie, meet some relative, finish up some chores – and spend quality time whenever possible.

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5. They discuss money.

When you get married, you earn, spend and save together. It’s a great habit, then, to let your partner in on your total financial status from your earnings to your loans and expenses. Every happy newlywed couple realises that being honest about their financial status builds trust and transparency in the relationship.

6. They say what they don’t like and fight it out!

Even the happiest couples argue and fight as any two individuals with different upbringing, beliefs and thinking would. But couples who communicate even when they’re fighting, find ways to work beyond their differences and come out stronger and tighter than before.

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7. They bond with the others’ family.

As newlyweds, couples are also new to each others’ family. They, who make the effort to get to know each other’s family, build lasting relationships with both their spouse and his/ her family members.

8. They give compliments and make each other feel special.

Happy couples know that positive acknowledgement makes another person want to do more of something. So, whenever their partner does something for them, they compliment him/ her and make him/ her feel appreciated for it.

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9. They keep in mind things that annoy the other.

The one recurring complaint most married couples have of one another is of repeatedly doing that one thing that annoys them the most, be it throwing a wet towel on the bed, leaving dirty utensils behind or forgetting to switch off the lights. Happy couples have their share of annoyances too, but once reminded, they try to keep them in mind and that effort makes all the difference.

10. They reconnect through the day.

Sweet, little texts that don’t say much, but remind the other that he/ she is being thought of – that’s how happy newlywed couples stay in touch with each other through the day.

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11. They set team goals and celebrate little victories!

Happy couples take up team challenges and motivate each other to complete them, for they realise that they can grow together by supporting one another. They even make a huge fuss out of little victories accomplished, for they know the secret to a happy married life lies in celebrating little milestones, together.

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