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This Badass Bride Ditched The Teary-Eyed Vidaai And Drove Her In-laws Back Home

This Badass Bride Ditched The Teary-Eyed Vidaai And Drove Her In-laws Back Home

Grand bridal entrances have been all the rage this wedding season. Not just that, we've noticed a trend that an amazing wedding entry is always capped off with an equally amazing send-off. Case in point, the sassy bride who decided to take the matter into her own hands - quite literally. Krithika Kumar turned the traditional vidaai ceremony into a badass exit. She took control over the car's wheel and drove her husband, as well as her in-laws, back home.

Three cheers for the boss bride!

Wasn't that a refreshing twist?

She said that she didn't really plan her grand exit, but was glad it turned out this way.

"Even though my parents thought that it won't be a very good idea for me to drive back home, my husband took a stand, gave me the keys and went and sat on the passenger seat. Once I sat down in the driving seat, my parent's eyes were beaming with pride. Not very often do you get to see a woman behind the wheel on her wedding day. My in-laws were super proud too." said Krithika.


The groom, Hardeep Barmi, said, "All I ever wanted was to have a wedding where I could make my own rules with my wife. I got the chance and I took it. I love it when she drives me around generally and when she wanted to do it on our wedding day, I guess I couldn't have had it any other way. You have to listen to the bride, you know? I have never seen our parents so happy and it's something that just happened. We didn't plan it but it became a thing."


That's not all. Right before the wedding, Krithika gorged on a bowl full of Maggi 'coz ...priorities! 


Brides-to-be, take notes. A well-fed lady makes for a happy bride!

Krithika and Hardeep had been best friends for seven years, till they finally realized they were meant for each other. What's better than finding a life partner in your best friend?

Hardeep proposed to the love of his life at the end of 2018 and their parents fixed a wedding date almost immediately. The couple had to plan a wedding in JUST 30 days. Krithika thought that this was an impossible feat until her hubby-to-be looked at her and said, "Baby, I think I can pull this off in a month only with you."



The bride and groom took control over the preparations and chose to do everything their way. They decided to have an Anand Karaj ceremony in a gurudwara, followed by a simple reception the next day.





If you're as invested in their relationship as we are, then here's a glimpse at their pre-wedding shoot...



Sometimes, tradition just needs an update. To all the brides-to-be – make your own rules and let your beautiful personality shine through on your wedding day.

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