8 Hacks & Styling Tips To Wear All Those (Hardly Used) Party Clothes Every Day!

8 Hacks & Styling Tips To Wear All Those (Hardly Used) Party Clothes Every Day!

Have a wardrobe full of party dresses that you seem to wear only during...well, parties? We've all been there, girl. If the numerous piles of party clothes in your wardrobe and the fact that you can't wear them anywhere else continue to bother you, we got just the thing you need! Read on through our style tips and fashion tricks that will allow you to wear all those party outfits effortlessly at work, while out with friends and everywhere in between. Read on to wear them repeatedly in stylish ways. 

Add a jacket or blazer on top


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We are all aware that party clothes call for those sexy cami tops, lace dresses and sultry outfits, which works just fine. But how exactly do these clothes fit into our daily lives? It's simple! Add a chic blazer or a jacket on top to balance your look and take it from sexy to sophisticated. Be it a party top teamed with a pair of trousers or an oh-so-sexy dress, anything looks great with a well-tailored blazer on top. 

Wear your dress with jeans, leggings or stockings


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Love that floral mini dress to death but don't know how to carry it off at work? There is a solution and it doesn't take much. To make your favourite party OOTN safe for work, wear it with a pair of leggings, or take into account the dress+denim trend that has been raging for quite some time now. For an even sleeker look, you can opt for chic stockings instead. 

Pair your party dresses with tees underneath


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If you feel that adding a jacket or blazer on top has been done to death, we urge you to consider this: wear a fitted button-down or a tee under your cami top or off-shoulder dress to make it work-appropriate in a fashionable manner. Chic and smart, it is bound to take you from the desk to drinks with the team in no time. 

Style your dress as a skirt


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Off-shoulder party dresses might not work in every setting, say to the class, to work or in a semi-formal setting, but there is no reason for you to not don it as a skirt! Wear a shirt or a tee over your dress, and tuck it inside a belt to make it appear like a classic skirt and button-down combo. Thank us later, go try it now!

Cinch the waist for a formal look


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Whether you are wearing a summer jacket or a shrug on top of your party clothes or are dressed up in an A-line party dress, cinching the waist will undoubtedly help you present your best fashion game wherever you go. 

Team sequins and bright hues with solid colours


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If you thought a sequinned top or a heavily embellished dress couldn't be worn to work, think again! Style your party-worthy piece of clothing with a solid colour to balance the look, think a monochrome blazer or a pair of black trousers or a skirt to bring about the balance. 

Accessorise right


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The right accessories, read a pair of shoes, a scarf and jewellery, is sometimes all you need in order to dress to impress. Go the minimal route with brogues that are always in vogue, or accessorize using those earrings you had kept stowed away. 

Change your hair and makeup


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Yes, you read that right. Changing the way you style your hair and makeup according to the setting can make a great difference to your overall look. Opt for braids, ponytails and the numerous new hairstyles to give your look a fresh appeal. 

Ready? Get set go!

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