The Smart Girl's Guide In How To Wear Stripes Like A Pro To Elevate The Fashion Game

The Smart Girl's Guide In How To Wear Stripes Like A Pro To Elevate The Fashion Game

When you think of a design element which is all around you, stripes instantly come to mind. There isn’t just one; from the popular Breton to the lesser known Roman version, there are various types of stripes found in our wardrobe essentials. And when it comes to the question of how to wear stripes, however, there are numerous styling tricks you may rely on. Pair your striped shirt dress with wide-legged trousers or wear your vertical striped dress as a solo version; the options are many. In just dresses, there are many types of stripes you may experiment with. From ways to style your vertical striped dress to wearing your horizontal striped dress right, we got you covered. So read on, and experiment till you find the version of stripes that work best for you.

Types of Stripes

Bollywood Celebs In Stripes

How To Style Striped Dresses

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Types of Stripes

Horizontal Stripes

One of the most popular and widely worn types of stripes, the horizontal stripes make for a chic wardrobe option. There is, however, the persistent myth that horizontal stripes make you appear wider, whilst the fact remains that if styled appropriately, these types of stripes are impactful and make for a great sartorial style. Wish to wear a horizontal striped dress or a striped maxi dress on your next outing? Go all out!

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Vertical Stripes

Known to have a slimming effect, vertical stripes are found in multiple pieces of clothing - think a vertical striped dress, top, pants and more. How to wear stripes? It’s simple- don them in a print on print fashion as you style the vertical stripes head-to-toe, or go for a pair of solid bottoms to keep the emphasis on the design element of the striped essentials.

Hairline Stripes

As the name rightly suggests, hairline stripes are the thinnest types of stripes there are, their diameter usually equalling the breadth of a hair. Since single hairline stripe would be difficult to spot, the patterns around these types of stripes include many of them clubbed together to form a bolder version of the stripes.

Breton Stripes

The Breton stripes are something we all have in our wardrobes. One of the most popular types of stripes, the Breton stripes were initially introduced in 1858 as the uniform for all French navy seaman, with the original design including 21 stripes, one for each of Napoleon Bonaparte’s victories. It was much later that designer Coco Chanel included Breton stripes in her 1917 nautical collection, drawing inspiration from the sailors at the French Riviera.

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Roman Stripes

This type of stripe is all about brightly coloured stripes in contrasting colours, varying in thickness to give the impression that a number of colours are being used. Used mostly in home furnishings, these stylish stripes are also seen in a number of clothing pieces, think a vertical striped dress, horizontal striped dress or a striped shirt dress.

Chevron Stripes

Chevron stripes, also spelt as cheveron, are V-shaped stripes that may be inverted. Think horizontal stripes but in a zig-zag sort of fashion. Chevron stripes are known to have been present in army clothing in the past, appearing on insignia in plenty. These days, they are plenty of clothing articles where you may find them; from a stylish, striped shirt dress to a striped maxi dress.

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Originally found only on pants and men’s suiting, pinstripes, as the name suggests, are extremely thin stripes (not wider than about 1/18 inch) that run parallel to each other. Now seen in pants, blazers, jackets, overcoats and rest, these types of stripes are a mainstay in fashion. From a workwear look to a casual outing, you can pair them accordingly to work in your favour.

Chalk Stripes

While the pinstripes are clear and sleek, the chalk stripe is a distressed variation of it. Included in the formal types of stripes though used extensively in informal clothing as well, the chalk stripe features broken gaps, giving the stripe a fuzzy effect. How to wear stripes that are the distinct chalk stripes? Add an outerwear over your basic jeans and tee, taking your style up by a notch.

Candy Stripes

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Nothing we say about candy stripes can define the colourful, vibrant offering that are these types of stripes. With various designers like Jason Wu and Laura Kim incorporating candy stripes in their collections and street style icons giving in to the frenzy all through S/S 18, there is hardly any doubt that the trend made its mark, and is still going strong.

Bollywood Celebrities In Stripes

We’ve always wanted to experiment with conventional patterns like polka dots, chevrons and stripes. In this edition, we show you some outstanding style inspirations on how to style stripes from our favourite Bollywood divas. They, along with their amazing stylists, make stripes fun and trendy! From styling a striped shirt dress to a vertical striped dress, we have it all! Read to discover more.

1. The Bold And Beautiful!

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Deepika Padukone shows us how to work a pair of pants in bold broad stripes flawlessly. She’s paired it with a simple double-breasted blazer with a shiny lapel and pockets. The rest of the look is clean- swept-back hair, a pair of classic black pumps and minimalistic jewellery. We would love to try this one out for our formal look.

2. The Sky, Snow & The Earth!

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Our forever favourite Sonam Kapoor looks super stylish in this sophisticated combination. The wide pleated culottes in a natural shade along with the off-shoulder top and delicately embroidered waistband - all blend so well. The tan shoes and the sunglasses add just the right hint of charm to her look!

3. The Chilled Out One!

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For the girls who like to keep it cool, look at Alia’s super fly outfit as you take notes. The striped crop is just the cutest and something we all would like to own. Those loose trousers and the fun plimsolls makes this outfit fun and super comfortable!

4. The Adorable Shirt!

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Prachi Desai shows us how to wear the ordinary and make it look different by putting a unique spin to it. Here, she’s wearing a striped shirt with a quirky ladybug motif on one side. High-waisted pants and strappy heels make her look suave and yet so fun!

5. The Skater Skirt Story!

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Aditi Rao has revolutionized her style over the years and she loves to surprise us with a new look every now and then. She looks simply stunning in this high-waisted striped skirt, teamed with a lacy white top and red stilettos. A look we’re definitely stealing for the next party!

6. The Focal Point - Shoes!

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Who said you only have to wear stripes in clothes. Break the rule and put on striped shoes with a plain outfit. Parineeti Chopra looks sexy in this black ensemble and those shoes surely stand out! You could also try carrying a bag, wearing a pair of shoes or flaunting a hair accessory in striped patterns.

7. The Formal Finesse!7 how to wear stripes

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Anushka Sharma sure knows how to wear stripes subtly. She wears wide-legged pinstriped pants with a halter midnight blue top and a classy watch to top it all. Hair pulled to one side, the dewy makeup and that polished poise - the right concoction of suave and formal!

8. Fun And Frolic ATW!

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Shraddha Kapoor looks like a darling in this outfit. And why wouldn’t she? She shows us how to do a stripe-on-stripe look in this cute ensemble.  A neat ponytail and perfect green heels to match the outfit, it’s a totally playful and fun look!

9. The Conservative Striped Dress!

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Kareena Kapoor Khan looks captivating in this simple striped outfit. The arrangement of vertical and horizontal stripes makes this outfit super interesting! The tribal necklace and matching pumps give a very old-fashioned vibe to this look! And we’re loving it!

How To Style Striped Dresses

Striped essentials, including striped dresses, include a number of tips and tricks that make them easier to wear and flaunt with effortless ease. Ever think of wearing a striped shirt dress or a vertical striped dress or just a striped maxi dress? Well from wearing a black and white striped dress to a horizontal striped dress, we got you sorted!

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Shiny Sequins

Be it a horizontal striped dress or a vertical striped dress, shiny sequins can uplift your style game in a jiffy. Not to forget, they are the perfect fix for an on-point party outfit!

Bright Accents

If shine and ubiquitous glitters aren’t your calling, go all out with bright accents that do not glimmer instead. Think vivid colours that elevate your striped shirt dress or just intricate details that make sure your striped maxi dress is the centre of attention.

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Added Layers

Layers on the go? Yes, please. An additional layer, be it a shrug or a jacket, works wonders for your outfit. Should you choose to wear a solid jacket over your horizontal striped dress, it will also create a balanced overall look that is in sync with your style.

Double Stripes

Thinking of going big? Make it twice the fun with double stripes, i.e, two kinds of stripes in your dress. You will find a number of dresses that feature two kinds of stripes, but in case you don’t, add some striped layers to double the fun.

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We have said it before and we will say it again, sneakers and dresses work great together there isn’t any reason for you to not pair your horizontal stripes dress or your vertical striped dress with your sneakers.

Do's & Dont's

As is with every outfit, there are a number of do’s and don’ts when it comes to styling and wearing striped dresses. Here, we take you through them so that you can style your striped dresses in the best way possible, and avoid making a fashion faux-pas.


  1. Experiment with the different types of stripes, mixing and matching them with solid coloured outfits to provide balance.

  2. Vertical stripes work wonders in wide-legged trousers. If you are looking for a smart workwear option, you could try it out.

  3. Striped accessories for the win? Why not! Pick striped handbags, scarves and shoes if you would rather have a timeless accessory.

  4. Say yes to layers! Add a jacket to layer over your striped clothing essential, say a striped shirt dress or a vertical striped dress, in order to balance your look while staying stylish.  

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  1. Stay away from wide horizontal stripes that make a certain part of your body seem disproportionate. Instead, opt for balanced stripes while shopping for a horizontal striped dress or any other outfit of your choice.

  2. The higher the contrast in colours of the stripes, the more widening the gap in horizontal stripes. Make sure to keep a distance from colours that are too contrasting.

  3. Avoid wearing body hugging clothing whilst opting to wear horizontal stripes.

  4. Avoid head-to-toe stripes unless it’s a vertical striped dress, a horizontal striped dress, or a striped maxi dress.

Shop Striped Dresses

Now that you know all there is about striped dresses, go right ahead and shop some chic vertical striped dresses, horizontal striped dresses and more!

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