Tips And Trends Every College Girl Needs For A Next-Level Fashion Look!

Tips And Trends Every College Girl Needs For A Next-Level Fashion Look!

This story was updated February 2019.

College isn’t just about attending lectures or hanging out at the cafeteria (although you might spend hours there). But what we are talking about here is a fashion situation, girls! It is possible that you open your closet every now and then and do not know what to wear before stepping out to the university. No worries there because that’s basically all of us! There are a lot of things you could (and should) do, but coming back to the question of wearing the smartest, most stylish looks possible to college, we know what it takes and so we bring to you an array of trends - old and new - to help combat the situation. Oh and also, there are fashion and dressing tips to help you get by! Ladies, get ready to reign in it at college and make heads turn. Read the latest fashion tips for college girl.

New Trends

Trends In Accessories

Repeating Old Trends

Stylish Dressing Tips For Girls 


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New Trends To Wear To College

Here are some amazing outfit ideas for college students. This will help you look trendy this season.

Feather Details

When Oscar de la Renta, Richard Quinn and Valentino collectively vouch for a fancy flight of feathers - you sit up and take notes. Loads of them. A major Spring 2019 trend from what we have seen on the fashion runways, feather details are here and to stay. And if a maximalist appeal is something you would rather stay away from, go for minimal marabou feathers at the hem of your skirt, the cuffs of your button-down or simply step out with a feather-endorsed accessory while going to college.


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Basic Monochrome

From this season’s trending earthy tones to the classic monochrome palette that always stays in vogue, tone-on-tone colour co-ords are a win-win in every situation. Wear to make a lasting impression on that internship? Check. To that outdoorsy brunch with the fam? Check. While travelling with college friends, on a date night or a vacay? Check, check and check. Step your fashion game up and fast with this colour play that is eternally timeless.


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The Colour Yellow

When Amal Clooney wore a canary yellow Stella McCartney dress to the royal wedding, it sold out in the next few days, causing one of the major and most witnessed fashion moments of the year. In a reverse effect and as a testament perhaps to Amal’s dressing prowess, our prayers were answered as yellow saw an upsurge on the Spring 2019 runways. From Etro and Marc Jacobs to Givenchy and Jacquemus, varied hues of yellow have been spotted on the catwalk and are bound to trickle down to the fast fashion brands too. Will we be indulging? You bet!


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IT Slogans

From leading international designers to Bollywood fashionistas, slogan-emblazoned merch has been everywhere and TBH, we can’t seem to get enough of it. Be it Alia Bhatt’s slogan sweatshirt (see here) or Khushi Kapoor’s Fri-Yay worthy looks that we would steal in a jiffy, the entire young crew of B-Town is going all out with outfits that have something to say and trust us when we say you should too, for there could be nothing better to wear to college.


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Classic Prints

That prints can be the saviours we need to upgrade our wardrobes at any point of time is a fact well-known, but whilst you delve into the latest quirky iterations, make sure you do not forget to don some classic ones - polka dots, winter florals, stripes and checks to name a few. Paired well with solid outfits in a single colour, classic prints can make for stunning OOTD/OOTN for a party, a dinner date or a fun hangout in college with friends. What’s more, you can also choose to wear them to your first interview for a work internship or a presentation in college to make a mark.


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Utility Clothing

College life can be tough as it is, with numerous assignments, field trips and of course parties (wink) to go to or plan. If you wish to make a fashionable sartorial statement while looking effortlessly chic and keeping comfortable, we urge you to delve into utility-inspired clothing. Fuss-free jumpsuits, sleek blazers, well-tailored trousers, a pair of smart leggings and tunics are just a few of the N number of things you can opt for while looking for clothing that is equal parts comfy and striking. It also helps that the same trend has been spotted on Spring 2019 runways of Proenza Schouler, Hermès, Fendi and several others.


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Bohemian Vibes

In the mood to flaunt some boho-inspired clothing that takes all your friends by surprise? Get with it! Pick beaded outfits, tassels, feather-details and accessories like headbands that help give you give the desired vibe. Certainly not for the faint-hearted, a full-blown bohemian look can take your fashion quotient up by a notch. Minimalists can relax though - if you aren’t someone who likes to go OTT, pick one element of your entire outfit to be bohemian, going simple in the remaining separates.


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Minimal Appeal

Ever think of how a well-tailored blazer can basically take you places? Us too. The streamlined effects of minimalistic clothing are well worth flaunting, and once you try it out, you will know why it’s so sought after. Think a touch of Phoebe Philo’s Old Celine mixed with Bottega Veneta’s classic style, though you will not have to go too far to channel this timeless trend. Work a minimal look to college by stopping by a fast fashion brand store (read Zara, Marks & Spencer or H&M) to pick what you must.

Trends To Flaunt In Accessories

Accessories are one of the most important essentials every college girl needs to have. Here we have combined some trendy accessories girls need to flaunt in their college. 


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Minuscule Bags

When everyone from Gigi Hadid to Alia Bhatt sports a certain style of accessory, you know it’s in vogue. The minuscule bag/miniature bag/small bag, call it what you may, is a trendy little deet that looks fantastic. It may not carry all of your belongings (sorry, hoarders) but it is enough to carry the essentials - your phone, some cash and a bright lip colour!
Multiple Bags

We hear you when you say that miniature IT-bags are just not your thing, and so we brought another option to the rescue. Say hello to the raging trend of carrying multiple bags at a time. Seen at several places, runways of Chanel and Stella McCartney included, this trend entails flaunting two-three bags in a go, and while we usually believe in ‘the more the merrier’ approach, we prefer two at best in this scenario.

Basket Bags

Let’s just admit it RN: wicker basket bags are having a moment and you want to join in too. The old school, once-upon-a-time picnic basket bag is no longer restricted to a beach holiday or lunch by the riverside. It's 2019 and if it's any consolation, fashion is moving at an incredibly fast pace. So get your hands on one that you like and carry it everywhere.


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Feathered Sandals

Marabou feathers have been all the rage in past seasons too, not just clothing but accessories too, with international designers taking the plunge to feature incredible feathered accessories. What caught our collective eyes this time around were feather endorsed footwear-sandals and mules to be precise. Come summer, you can put your best foot forward in an offering that is inclined towards the trend. Are you ready? We know we are.

Old Trends To Repeat


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Dress Over Skirt

You love dresses. You love skirts. So, why not love them together? Yes, girls - the dress over the skirt trend has been a rage in the past seasons, and for all the right reasons.

And no, it is not some bizarre fashion trend that only a few can pull off. It is extremely comfortable (you can wear it to college) and it's oh-so-easy to put together. Here’s how you can nail the look by following a few tips:

  • If you are a beginner, start with A-line or shirt dresses. They are the easiest to pair up with long skirts and work like a charm.

  • If your dress is printed, choose a skirt in a contrasting solid colour. Ethnic prints and floral motifs are few of the options that make for a flattering appearance.

  • Avoid fitted dresses, opt for flared ones that provide volume instead.

  • Also, go the flared route with skirts as they usually look flattering with all kinds of dresses. Once you’re a pro, you can start experimenting with fitted maxi skirts as well.

  • Add ornate silver jewellery and Kolhapuris to complete the look.

Reversed Shirt

This might seem funny once you try to imagine wearing a shirt the other side around, but trust us, you can look hot by just following a few tips. After all, what’s fashion without the fun!

  • Choose a shirt that DOES NOT have the collar stays. For those of you who have no idea what collar stays/sticks are, here’s the detail - they are plastic (usually) panels put inside collars to keep them firm.

  • Opt for Mandarin collars or collarless shirts.

  • Tie up the ends of the shirt in a knot from the backside for a flattering appearance.

  • Pick loose or boyfriend shirts.


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Pins And Patches

Ripped denims aren’t the only rage, for cute patches and badges on your jeans have had major fashion moments in the past and can be pulled off even now. From ever-interesting emojis to various interpretations, patchworks are available in every form and are so cute that it’s really hard to resist them. If you are a resident of the DIY world, then you can easily find cute patches that are available online. All you need to do is bag the one you like and stitch/tuck/paste on your jeans.

Wide-legged Trousers

Did anyone say comfort? Because that’s exactly what wide-legged trousers are all about. No amount of praise is enough for the versatility that this piece of clothing holds. Tops, shirts, crop tops, kurtas - you just name it and it can be paired up with wide-legged trousers. Plus, they’re way comfier and breezier than your skinny jeans, giving you the opportunity to stay fashionable and feel comfy at the same time. What else would you need!


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Print On Print

This is one classic trend from the past that should be on your fashion bucket-list. Matching and pairing different prints and even clashing ones can be a lot of fun. And you’ll look amazing too! Keep in mind the following tips for nailing the print on print trend:

  • The easiest tip is to choose colours that come from the same palette. (For example, if you choose blue, then pick different tones of blue. The key is to match colours and not prints. Choose colours that complement each other.)

  • Mix textures, prints from the same family and also the fabrics.

  • If you choose a bold print and wish for a look that’s not very maximalist, balance it out with solid neutrals.

  • The easiest way to rock the print on print trend is with matching co-ords. Think tailored blazers and skirts, boxy tops and wide-legged trousers and more.

Cropped Clothing

This trend rocked the fashion world when it made a huge comeback a few years earlier. And there’s not even one reason for you to not sport this trend (even if you don’t want to show your belly. Umm.. yes, it’s possible!). Follow these tips for finding your perfect one:

  • If you don’t want to bare your waist, pair them up with high waisted trousers and flared skirts.

  • You can experiment with high-low crop tops if you don’t want to show your back. Such crop tops have a longer hemline at the back to give you the desired look.

  • Introduce a third piece of garment in your outfit to cover up and layer if you don’t want to show too much skin. Capes, shrugs, blazers, jackets or breezy outerwears do the trick.

  • You can also try wearing crop tops with overalls and dungarees. (No stomach show!)


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Nothing speaks bohemian better than pom-poms and tassels. Earrings, bags, shoes and apparel- they can be found everywhere. What’s more, you can totally trust them to make you stand out from the crowd and add a bit of vibrant colour to your attire, especially if the rest of your outfit is minimal.


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Tops & Blouses

If there is one thing that never goes out of style, it’s a suave top. With an array of colours, silhouette play, design elements, prints, and patterns to choose from, there is no reason for you to avoid wearing this failsafe outfit that always leaves a mark. If you would rather wear new styles that are in-vogue, shop fashionable tops that take your style by up a notch here. You are welcome, you guys!

Fashion Tips For College Girls

1. When it comes to clothes for college girls ,it's all about comfort, so before you step out of the house to go to college, remember to not wear anything that will leave you feeling uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

2. Create a balance in your looks. Pair colours wisely, stay away from loud prints that do nothing to enhance your OOTD and be on the lookout for anything that might excite you.

3. Speaking of which, don't shy away from experimenting! Be open to new college looks that could work in your favour.

4. Arrange your wardrobe in an orderly fashion - it's going to be of no help to you if all your clothes are jumbled up together and you can't find whatever you wish to wear at the right time.

5. Give away old clothes, especially the ones you know you will never be wearing again, to someone who might need it more.

6. Opt for new trends that come in with the latest fashion cycle, but don't be blinded by them either. An outfit may fall under a raging trend and yet not excite you enough, and that's okay! Even when shopping the latest trends to wear to college, pick looks that you know you will be comfortable in.


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7. While out shopping, take help from your friends or any person you look up to for shopping advice. Not only will you get a second opinion about what you wish to buy but you can also be super sure of your new purchases!

8. Remember to always mix and match. Team your high-end buy with an item you shopped for from the streets while street shopping. The exemplary mix of these two purchases is definitely bound to make you stand out from the crowd at the university.

Hope you liked the above fashion tips for college girl. Now, you are ready to rock a fashionable look of your choice at college? You go, girl!

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