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11 Ways To Transform Your Hair With Temporary Hair Styles!

11 Ways To Transform Your Hair With Temporary Hair Styles!

Looking at changing up your hair game without going for something permanent? We’ve all been their ladies. Here are 11 uber chic ways to change your hair without dyeing your hair that will make sure you are the talk of the town, all year around. We got your back with these temporary hair dyes!

Temporary Hair Style 1. Change your part


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You’ll be amazed to know how different you are going to look once you flip your hair to the other side. If you are used to your hair falling on the side, try a middle part and behold the difference. Changing your part will also add volume to your hair, so it’s a win-win!

Temporary Hair Style 2. Try a new hairstyle

2 change your hair - try a new hairstyle greek hairdo

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A different hairstyle always works wonders, especially, if you leave your hair open or tie it up into a ponytail for the most part. Break the monotony by trying these different hairstyles that you can sport every day.

Temporary Hair Style 3. Accessorise!

From floral headbands to elegant hair gems - hair accessories are the easiest pick-me-up for a drab hair day. Go old school and bring out them ribbons; tie your ponytail with a gold, silver or even black ribbon and bow it out!

Temporary Hair Style 4. Add oomph with extensions

4 change your hair - use hair extensions

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Love the ombre trend but aren’t sure if you want to dive in? Try ombre hair extensions, that way you don’t make a permanent commitment but can still figure out if this is the look you’d like to go for. No harm, no fowl!

Temporary Hair Style 5. Get a new haircut


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When was the last time you left it up to the hairstylist at your fave salon? It’s been forever, we are guessing. It is time ladies, chop the locks! Okay, we will level with you, ask your hairstylist to ease up the volume, get some splicing and layers done and maybe if you’re feeling particularly gutsy, get bags or even a bob! The world is your oyster.

Temporary Hair Style 6. Use hair chalk

6 change your hair - use hair chalk

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Rainbow hair and mermaid hair all over your pinterest and instagram feed? You can hair chalks a whirl for a temporary colour job. How cool is that?

Temporary Hair Style 7. Tie it up in a high ponytail


"you look like toulouse in these" - @thejoshliu 🙏🏼

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Channel your inner Ariana Grande and go for a higher-than-high ponytail if you have a long mane. If you have shorter hair, try the hidden ponytail trick; divide your hair into 2 vertical sections. Tie the top section into a high ponytail and then tie up the rest of your hair in another ponytail right below the one on the top. Voila!

Temporary Hair Style 8. Add texture for beachy waves

8 change your hair - beachy waves priyanka chopra

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Take your hair from meh to hurray by giving it a boost with the help of a sea salt spray. Beachy waves are the go-to summer look. and can add life to limp and thin hair instantly, so go for it, ladies!

Temporary Hair Style 9. Try the wet hair look


Wet beachy glam last night #vmas

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From Kim Kardashian to Priyanka Chopra, most of the celebs love this red-carpet look. You can sport this trend at all your night outs - either leave your hair open in cascading waves or go for a sleek wet slick back ponytail.

Temporary Hair Style 10. Use hair styling tools

10 change your hair - hair styling tools

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If you have straight hair, use a curling iron to jazz up your usual hairdo - slightly curl your locks or go for pretty ringlets. If you have curly or wavy tresses, straighten it for a chic and sleek look. It’s all about the subtle changes that can transform your look.

Temporary Hair Style 11. Faux bob for a fresh change

11 change your hair - faux bob emma watson

Image: Shutterstock

If you are scared to chop off your hair to a bob but absolutely love the hairdo, fake it till you make it! To slay the faux bob look, you can check here and here. It’s super easy to do and you’ll look gorgeous, believe us. *Wink*

Published on Jan 22, 2018
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