The Cutest, Most Adorable Wedding Moments From 2018!

The Cutest, Most Adorable Wedding Moments From 2018!

No matter how many heartbreaks you have had, you still cannot deny that true love exists. Weddings are proof that two people who are meant to be together will eventually find a way. 2018 was a year that celebrated this feeling of forever love and commitment to the fullest. A lot of weddings this year gave us some pretty darn special moments that the internet fell in love with. Here are the cutest, most adorable moments that have our hearts.

1. To Love Is To Feel Many Emotions


Image Credits: Zero Gravity Photography on Instagram

Awww... The picture of this groom crying at the altar went viral and seriously, what a beautiful, candid moment it was. 

2. Every Bride Deserves Some Pampering


Image Credits: Tanya Setia Makeovers on Instagram

No matter how much you and your bro fight, you know he's still your main man! This bride's picture with all her brothers fussing around her is just the cutest ever. 

3. Haldi, Friends, Fun, And Some Beer


Image Credits: 361 Degree Productions on Instagram

What a creative way to add some fun to your friend's haldi ceremony! And the bride's's just priceless. 

4. Pure, Unadulterated Love! 

best-shaadi-moments-2018- bride-groom-wheelchair

Image Credits:361 Degree Productions on Instagram

Two different car accidents that took place at the exact same location, left the bride and the groom with spinal cord injuries. They later bumped into each other at an event and sparks flew. Their beautiful wedding story went viral for the pure, unadulterated love that was evident in the pictures. 

5. And He Wouldn't Let Her Go


Image Credits: Design Aqua Studio on Instagram

There's something super cute about pictures of brides with their dogs. Clicked at the vidaai, this picture of the bride and her little one is so adorable. 

6. Breaking Norms For Her Daughter's Kanyadaan


Image Credits: Varun Suresh on Facebook

Rajeshwari Sharma, a single mother from Australia broke gender stereotypes and performed the kanyadaan of her daughter. The post, shared by a Facebook user, broke the internet and even politician Shashi Tharoor applauded the bride's mother.  

7. Love is all we need


Image Credits: StudioA Weddings on Instagram

This adorable couple broke down in each other's arms as a video of their memorable moments was played at the venue. Now isn't love all about creating beautiful memories?!

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