Paint The Day 'Yellow' - These Haldi Pictures Will Get You All Excited For The D-Day!

Paint The Day 'Yellow' - These Haldi Pictures Will Get You All Excited For The D-Day!

All your single life, you wait for that special day when you finally tie the knot with the man of your dreams. The day you become a bride is no doubt the most beautiful day of your life. So, what kickstarts the D-Day also needs to be super special, right? We are talking about the haldi ceremony, guys! Here are 10 pictures of brides on their haldi ceremony, and the happiness on their faces will get you all excited for your own wedding! Scroll on...

1. Flowers say what nothing else can!

We can feel the excitement and the happiness in this picture, can you?

2. Paint it yellow!

There's something special about the colour yellow. It just makes everything look double pretty! Not just on the haldi day, but otherwise too!

3. We can't say whose smile is prettier... It's a draw!

Mental note to self: Get a cutesy photo clicked with nieces and nephews on the wedding day!

4. Can we ever get enough of flowers?

The answer is obvious - No! And that too the bright and beautiful marigolds!

5. Nothing like a sister's love!

Fight and argue as much as you want, the truth is you'll miss your sister most after getting married!

6. Twirling in happiness...

...and spreading the joy!

7. The bride tribe is all set!

Can you even imagine what would you do without your bridesmaids!?!

8. When happiness just shows!

Look at that carefree laugh and you'll know how she's feeling!

9. Pink it up a bit!

Isn't pink and yellow the perfect haldi combination?! And oh that laugh has us going all dreamy-eyed! *Can't help but think mera time kab aayega!?!*

10. Din shagna da...

Just the best day of her life!

Featured Image: WhatKnot Wedding Photography

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